[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

kGE Preview: Valeria

A new preview has been released by kGE here.

0. April's Fool Fake Preview
A fake preview as an April's Fool joke features Princess Gabriella, Simon Ayende, and Sir Lyndon. The princess has Lord of Elements, Magic of Occultism, Occultism Assistance, and Enhanced Tactics. Simon is basically Garcia with better stats. Sir Lyndon is basically fighter with better stats.


1. New Character: Valeria
Valeria, Princess Gabriella's twin sister, has been added. The royal twins were born in Vespanola. Valeria was confined in Underground Joaquin. After 16 years, her presence is known by Sir Lyndon and Simon. As a healer, she can use Rosario. She has access to First Aid and a new stance called 이노켄티오 (Innocentio). Some skills target large numbers and supposedly, provide better healing capabilities than scout.

Update: See kGE Screen Board for screenshots of Innocentio.


2. New Mission: Underground Joaquin
New Underground Joaquin Mission has been added, which has monsters much higher-level than those in the old dungeon. It is near the place where Valeria was confined. Is the secret of the Prison de Joaquin about to be revealed?


3. New Stances: Bloody Feast & Tronada Cruz
Bloody Feast, the dual-sabre expert stance, is now available for Adelina, Adelina the Pirate, Panfilo, Panfilo the Battle-Cook, Najib Sharif, Kurt, Eduardo, and Asoka. It can be acquired from Emilia with Symbol of Cancer.


Tronada Cruz, the polearm expert stance, is available for fighter, Claude, Jose, Alejandro, Reboldeaux Soldier, and Coimbra Trooper. It can be acquired from Emilia with Symbol of Aries.

Update: Corrected mistranslations of stance names - Tronada Cruz and Bloody Feast. See the links for kGE screenshots of the stance/skill descriptions. Also, according to Merriam-Webster, Tronada is Spanish for thunderstorm.

4. Spring Event
kGE seems to be having the same Spring event as Sword of the New World. See Spring Fever Festival.



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