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twGE Halloween Event 2009

Taiwan GE introduces Dragon Weapons Part 3 and Halloween Event 2009.

Sierra is visiting the lands beyond Bahamar Swamp, and offering Halloween missions. You can check the time limit by talking to Sierra. You can take up to 3 quests per day, during the event period of Oct 21 to Nov 11, 2009. If you do not complete the quest, it still counts towards your maximum allowed daily quests. You are required to have 10 free slots in inventory. Completing the mission grants you the basic reward, and if you set a new record (probably means the shortest timing), you can choose a bonus reward.

Monster Mission: Sierra will randomly determine monster type and number of kills. You must complete the hunt within 30 minutes. Families below Lv.15 can choose to accept a low-level mission instead.

Boss Mission: Kill Jormongard (aka Garim, 約爾孟岡德) in Vegas Javier (哈比耶爾草原) within 1 hour.

Basic Rewards
Completing the mission within the time limit grants you the basic rewards.
  • Halloween Hat x3 (first completion)
  • EXP Card - Lv.60 x6 (low-level mission), Lv.80 x4 (low-level mission), Lv.90 x5 (high-level mission), Veteran 14m EXP x3 (boss)
  • Witch Lollipop (buff-related)
  • Bloody Coffin (2-day): back costume grants ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
  • Revenant (2-day): back costume grants ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
  • Deadly Cross (2-day): back costume grants ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
Bonus Reward
Whenever you set a new record (probably in terms of timing), you can choose a bonus reward.
  1. EXP Card (as above)
  2. Bloody Coffin (permanent, no stat) back costume
  3. Revenant (permanent, no stat) back costume
  4. Deadly Cross (permanent, no stat) back costume
Server-Record Reward
If you hold the best record for the entire server for any one of the 3 mission types, you also get Premium Treasure Chest (30-day).

Update: This event seems to be universal for all GE editions. Both sGE and kGE are also having it, although details may differ slightly. See sGE's Monster Race (Oct 29-Nov 19) and SNW's Semana de los Muertos (Oct 28-Nov 4).

See also Halloween 2009 blog entry for SNW/sGE.


Dragon Dagger (AR32), Shaggy Wolf Hair (m/sco), Lv.96 Elite Armor Costume (sco), and Explorer's Hat (any stock) have been added. See also Birds & Roses.



Xaphobiterian said…
Really nice Event,
Let's wait and see what we'll have at SNW.

I liked the new hair, scout male,
the female one i din't like it.

Ty for the info ;)
Ashardalon said…
It seems sGE will be having a similar event. See
Xaphobiterian said…
Yes, it seems to be the same or very similar style.
We have to wait and see what K2 is preparing for us =P

I didn't like the new faces, the coolest one is for female scout imo, and I'm curious about the destiny scroll, I hope you have a question to confirm that the person really wants to be taken next to the friend =P

Ty again =)
Ashardalon said…
SNW seems to be having the same thing as well for Oct 28-Nov 4. See Semana de los Muertos.