[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

kGE v4.1.3 Update

Korean GE has released new update preview for v4.1.3 here. Actual details may be changed, and some things may be lost in translation. Discuss at IAHGames forums here.

1. New Raid Mission: Arsene Vault
To create a mission lobby, you must have completed Hellena's recruitment quest and use her as leader to talk to the NPC. It seems that other participants need not meet those requirements. Reputation points are consumed, and you can only do this once per day. The difficulty and rewards are higher than the normal Arsene Cirus Raid.


2. Trump Armor
These 5 types of DR 30 armors will be added to the game. There is no metal armor for this series yet. They are Expert exclusive and use Veteran Enchantment Chip (v4.1.7). The recipes drop in Arsene Vault (v4.1.7). Improved Elite Trump armors will have HP +1500 and SP +150 (v4.2.4).

3. Elemental PvP Buffs
These buffs work only on PvP. The potions must be manufactured (possibly by Panfilo?). The new ingredients drop in Errac, Caebolan (Chaos Requiem), Bahamar, "Alkuelteu" (?) Dungeon, and "Toreuswe Promotion" (?).

  • Water: Damage +10%, vs. Fire +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Fire: Damage +10%, vs. Air +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Air: Damage +10%, vs. Earth +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Earth: Damage +10%, vs. Water +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Mental: Damage -10%, vs. Water/Fire/Air/Earth +10%

4. Consume Item Slot Bar
A new item slot bar has been added for easy item consumption. The bar can be placed vertically or horizontally. Hot-keys are assigned to the standard numberpad.

5. Cannon Constellation Stance
Available for Claire and Jose, requiring Symbol of Sagittarius. The stance is said to provide unique variety of roles for the users. I can't understand the rest of the text block...

6. Instrument Constellation Stance
A buff stance available for Rio, requiring Symbol of Virgo. You must complete the quest in Al Quelt Moreza, possibly the Holy Water Chamber quest.

7. Raid Mission - Griffon
Griffon will be instanced. The mission starts at the Egg in Vegas Javier.

8. Eighth Barracks
The 8th barrack (quarter) has been added.

9. Scout Weapon - Rosario
Rosario allows scout to heal better. It can have up to 2 sockets.

10. 3rd Socket for Armor
Armors can now have up to 3 sockets.

11. Request Office Merger
The request offices of the 3 towns will be merged into one.

12. New Costumes & Hats
New costumes and hats for male fighter, female fighter, Lisa, and Viki. See Imperial Wheel for Aug 2009 and Sep 2009 for the costumes of Lisa and Viki.


13. Next Update...
The following will be mentioned in the next update.
  • Shotgun Constellation Stance: Gemini
  • Blunt Constellation Stance: Taurus
  • Sabre Constellation Stance: Cancer
  • Raid Mission - Argus
  • Expert Accessories - Earrings