Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

cGE v3.5 Update

China GE has a page dedicated for v3.5 据点风云 Update. Some of their stuffs are quite different from other editions of the game. IMC seems to allow cGE a lot more rights to customize content. There are too many things to translate, so I won't bother for now. I will just note some interesting points below.


Arsene Circus Raid
The Ringmaster's Key apparently can unlock the chest, which may drop Elite Le Blanc (DR30), Elite Le Noir (DR32), and Lv.100 Elite Weapon (AR32) recipes.

If Hellena dies, the reward is still Dragon Heart Recipe.

Colony War
Occupying certain instanced colonies can grant bonus drop rate and EXP rate. The leader of the occupant clan/faction can summon a specific boss on the map, which drops Lv.100 chips, veteran chips, and constellation symbols. The summon can be done once per day, but not during war period.

I'm not sure how much of this will be the same for sGE, which is due for v3.5 Update on Oct 22. See here.

Master's Martial Arts
This section seems pretty standard to what is already known.

Trump Weapons
Trump Weapons have ATK 30%, ATK Speed 20%, and ATK Rating +3, usable only by experts. (Yes, it is AR+3!) A failed upgrade results in a Veteran Enchantment Chip. The ticket recipe requires Ambrosia x4 and Mega Talt x200 instead. (No Mystery Powder has been mentioned.)

New Items
Crystal Wings has been added, along with Lv.96 elite armor costumes, and some accessories.

Misc. Patch Notes
Fishing mini-game has been deleted. The fishes can be bought from NPC instead.