[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

sGE v3.5.14 Update

Singapore GE has released v3.5 Update. See v3.5 Double Terror and v3.5 Patch Notes. You can download the full client (4.8GB) or manual patch (80MB) here. For older version update articles, see Version Updates. As a baseline to compare the cost of the new cash shop items, Mystery Powder (MP) costs 220 G-Points.


New Colony War
Colony War now takes place in a mission map. Boss monsters can be summoned from the colonies except during Colony War. They drop Veteran Enchantment Chips and Constellation Symbols. Millions of feso will be given out when colonies reset at the end of the month.

New Combination Buffs
New team buffs have been added - Marine Heroes (Alejandro + Adelina + Soho), Reboldoeux Militia (Panfilo + Andre + Brunie), and Gigantic Blaster (Lorch + Grace + Scout).

Master's Martial Arts
This expert stance book will be available after completing a mission involving 16 bosses (Lv.110-122), requiring a Master martial artist character. It uses Symbol of Gemini and Symbol of Libra. See Book of Wind for the quest and complete stats of bosses. Note: You must complete this quest to recruit Reckless Emilia in v4.0.

Sacred Chaos Requiem
New premium dungeon (Lv.116-127) have been added, including a Shelter (non-PK) version. Sacred Gate Keeper drops Dragon Heart Recipe, Lv.96 Elite Armor Recipes, and Constellation Symbols. The mini-boss Sacred Vespanola Soldier (Lv.125) drops Dragon Heart Recipe and Lv.96 Elite Armor Recipes. The normal mobs drop Magical Amethyst, Liquefied Gas, and veteran boots/gloves. See Dem's further notes on the dungeon here. The 1-day pass costs 2,750 G-Points (i.e. 12.5 MP) in the cash shop.

Rumin Exchanger
A Rumin exchanger has been added next to Claire in Auch.
  • 3 Normal Rumins = 1 random Major Rumin for 500k vis... same rate for all Rumins
  • 3 Major Rumins = 1 random Great Rumin for 20k feso... Spodumene/Obsidian 5%, Others 9%
  • 3 Great Rumins = 1 random Ore for 10k feso... Red/Yellow 10%, Blue/Green 40%

New Necklaces
Lv.96 Karjalainen can craft new necklaces from recipes (20m vis) available in Zeia (Errac). They can be enchanted with Max HP 500-1000, Max SP 50-100, and Str/Agi/etc. +1. For example, Created Physical RES Necklace is mentioned here to require Physical RES Necklace x1, Magical Stone x50, Cast Iron x50, Lv.96 Enchantment Chip x25, and Elemental Jewel x3.

Type 2 Faces
Type 2 Faces are now available for musketeers and scouts at character creation. Fighter, elementalist, and wizard will receive their Type 2 Faces only in v3.5.23. Face change service will be available in v4.0.22, costing 500k feso each.

Skill Point Reset
You can now reset the skill points of all stances with Skill Point Reset Manual, available in cash shop for 3,300 G-Points (i.e. 15 MP). The reset can then be finalized by talking to any NPC in the Master Room.

Destiny Scroll
Use this new item to summon your friend (who can accept or decline) for help. If you or your friend is on a certain "summon-banned" map (e.g. mission maps, Errac maps, Forgotten/Ancient Territory maps), the summon will not work. You can summon your friend to Island of Fire (except Bellem's Ruins and Inside the Crater), and maybe even to Ustiur/Bahama, where a new player normally need to clear a certain level or instance to venture to the next map. The scroll costs 300 G-Points (i.e. 1.4 MP) in the cash shop.

Refined Key [Room of the Dead]
If you completed Marcelino's crafting quests, you can get him to craft a refined key for Room of the Dead by using the normal key and a moonstone (10k feso). The crafting has only a 50% chance of success. The refined key allows you to enter an instanced solo mission to avoid competition with other players. Spawn rate of Frenzied Ravyn and drop rate of Viscount Ring remain unchanged. See Celesti's experience with the refined key here - 11 refined keys crafted out of 18 keys, 2 Frenzied Ravyn out of 11 refined keys, and no ring drop.

New Events v3.5
There are 3 new events associated with this update.
  • Cash Shop Promotion (Oct 22-25): Get Combat Manual (1-day) and Field Manual (1-day) free for every Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass purchased from Cash Shop.
  • Conquista de Los Tres (Oct 30-Nov 1): Free items for every purchase of specific cash shop items.
  • Halloween Monster Race (Oct 29-Nov 19): Help the Witch hunt down monsters!

Update: Added link for Celesti's refined key notes here. The Tool Merchant in Bahia Beach now sells Frozen Marlin (5,000 vis each) for Claire to summon her teddy bear.

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Coming Up Next...
Expect sGE to update to v4.0 in Q1 next year! The Power of Darkness stance will be released then.

IMC has provided the earlier version of 3.5 for IAH so I'm afraid the wizard stance will only be out when we go V4.0 in Jan/Feb 2010. (Dates are again, tentative) [Source]

Meanwhile, Sword of the New World is aiming to release v3.4 before the end of 2009...

We are recommending that if you have a memoir book you USE it before 3.4 releases (which will be sometime before the end of the year). [Source]

Update: Added the costs of the new cash shop items, using Mystery Powder as a baseline for comparison.