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The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

These daily quests were added in v23.97.53 for Armonia Final Episode update. In addition, there are also the following changes:

  • Degenerate status only accumulates when you are fighting a boss monster.
  • Priest Baruch does not trade Holy Water of Armonia for 2 White Gold Bars anymore.
  • Elohim Box gives 2-5 random crests (including Dark Priest and Sacred Priest) instead of only 1 Dark/Sacred Knight Crest. 
  • Priest Joel can refine Red Armonium Ore in 30 minutes instead of 5 hours.
  • The various Armonia daily mission guides have also been updated. See Missions page for details.

Armonia Daily Quests - Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3 • Episode 4 • Episode 5

Also called Lords of Wrath or Ruler of Anger, this mission was added in v23.90.87 as part of Armonia Final Episode. Featured loot include Abyss Pieces, Recipe - Armonia Necklace, and Page - Placidez.

This mission guide is based on v23.97.53 game client.

Mission Information
Location: Armonia Apostadero (E4/E5)
Frequency: 1/day
Participants: 3-12
Duration: 30 minutes
Entry Cost: None
Requirement: None

Both Singapore servers (Bach and Rembrandt) will be merged on Oct 15, 2015 into the new server Avalon (non-PK). Players with a family in both servers must choose 1 to keep. See the official notice here .

Firstly, IAHGames removed the online forums. Then, they stopped updating and eventually removed the website itself. After that, they even stopped using their social network. All they have now is... Facebook! Really? You can't even maintain a website/forum? There are also frequent complaints about bugged new characters (Bane, Silver Flare Lynn) and disconnections.

Out of the 3 English official servers, it seems Europe server is the only decent one. So if you are a new or returning player without an existing account, I recommend going on the Europe server.

T3Fun has launched its Web Item Shop , probably because it requires less coding than changing the contents of the cash shop. It includes new School Look Costumes, which were available for free in Europe server as part of play-time event. See Europe Update & School Look Festival for details.

There are 3 old pets re-released at obscene prices:

In 2013, Acorchado Pet was released in Cash Shop as a package with 200 Pet Food... for 14,900 T-Coins. See Powerful Package Items for details.

In 2014, Rhinoceur Pet was available in limited quantities in Tools of the Trade event for 180 Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizers, which costs a 13,500 (180 x 75) T-Coins. See Journal Entry for 2014 for details.

In 2015, Diablo Pet was released at super-low drop rate in Lyndon Box (450 T-Coins) along with Elizabeth.

If they really need to milk players, at least do it at decent prices. Increasing the price by 4 times is just ridiculous. This was what they did last time when they removed Enchant Boosters and Imperviums from Cash Shop and added them to Feso Shop at several times the original prices... Now they are doing it again.

T3Fun is probably testing to see how much money they can milk from players... but quadrupling the price of an item (e.g. Acorchado Pet) is just disreputable corporate practices. Such practices are the reasons why I cannot recommend the American server to new/returning players...

Recruit Sariel quests were added in v25.44.07. You will need the following items:

  • Caborum x1: Old Journal 3 x25, Cabosse x100, Honey x20, Clear Rum x20, Beet x20.
  • Essence of Corruption x20
  • Magical Amethyst x10
  • High Quality Suede x10

This guide has been updated according to American game client (v26.60.82).

Synopsis :
Vincent confronted Sariel in Kielce port as the latter was supposed to be protecting the Pope. Sariel is a sneaky person whose existence is a secret, often melting into the surrounding. Vincent marked Sariel with some stinky resin. After fighting Sariel, Vincent accused him of being in Kielce for its departed souls.

Sariel, the last son of Weasley family, tried to save Jurgen with his "rod of love", but the latter escaped. So you got Sariel drunk instead. He mistook Barrol for a pig somehow.
You tracked Sariel to Bristia Scar and disrupted his attempt to absorb the departed souls. Vincent revealed that Sariel changed after returning from somewhere with his brother.

Sariel accused Van of being the sole survivor who murdered his comrades. Navas appeared and put a stop to his plan to punish the "son of darkness". You proved yourself to him by killing King of Greed, then he got himself arrested by Armonia soldiers soon after.

Caisse told you that the Pope was murdered. As part of the intelligence agency, Sariel was suspect of the crime. The crime scene was allegedly fabricated. Sariel wrote an encoded letter. The reply letter revealed that the punishers were taking action, so Sariel wanted to flee from her wrath by staying in your family.

Europe server has implemented one of the better events from Korean servers:

  1. Basic Access = Experimental Gear (30 days)
  2. Daily Quests & Family Level = Evil Weapon, Strata Devil Weapon, Elite Le Noir, Greek Croma, etc.
  3. Continuous Attendance = Selected Cash Shop Items (Soul Crystal, Enhancement Booster, etc.)
  4. Long Attendance = Medals, Heavenly Character Card Box
  5. 1-Day Reward = +7 Armonia Weapon (1 day), Angel/Cursed Weapon Costume, etc.

Attendance is counted by completion of the daily quest, and family level includes the faction bonus (+3). To complete the daily quest, you need to collect Red Seed (quest item) x10 by killing monsters that fit a randomly selected criteria:
  • Wildlife monsters in field maps.
  • Wildlife monsters in mission maps.
  • Demon monsters in field maps.
  • Demon monsters in mission maps.
  • Lifeless monsters in field maps.
  • Lifeless monsters in mission maps.
  • Undead monsters in field maps.
  • Undead monsters in mission maps.
Reed Seed (quest item) drops on the floor when you killed the specified monsters in the specified maps. (If the quest asks for Wildlife in missions, Wildlife in field maps will not drop them.) Once you have 10 Red Seeds in your quest inventory, the monsters won't drop any more Red Seed. Red Seeds can be freely picked by other squad members, depending on the squad loot rule.

For new families, the event items can also drop in quest-related missions. So if even Rank 1 missions are too difficult, you can get them from these missions. Make sure you fail the mission so you can redo it another day.
  • Human: Domingo's Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza (AR2), Ramiro's First Dungeon (AR3). 
  • Wildlife: Domingo's Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza (AR2), Ramiro's First Dungeon (AR3), Jack's Stone Pit (AR?).
  • Demon: Grace's Suspicion of Tetra Ruins (AR16).
  • Undead: Carlos' The Secret Dock (AR16).
  • Lifeless: Catherine's Intruder Alert (AR33).

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Armonia Final Episode Patch Notes (v23.97.53) says:

The “Strata Devil Weapon Recipe” can be obtained from “Naraka’s Alchemy Table” with a certain chance.

Alchemy Table of Naraka can be accessed from the Alchemist Jenia in Viron (F7). Unlike the standard alchemy, this does not consume any Vis. I attempted this 200 times using 200 Pieces of Naraka - Lu, Beel, Al, Mo, Ma, Than, and He. The result is:

Roulette Item Amount Rate
Piece of Naraka 122 61%
Symbol of Naraka 78 39%
Recipe - Strata Devil Weapon 0 0%
Recipe - Broom of Little Witch 0 0%

Most of the time, you will get 1 Piece of Naraka for using 7 Pieces of Naraka. LOL! We can conclude that the average rate for weapon recipe is less than 0.5%. The difficulty in enhancing weapon in Armonia Final Episode is supposed to be offset by the ease of getting weapon recipes and materials... Yet this is the typical bull shit we get from IMC game design.

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.