Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added Leticia's Feso Gift Box to Cash Shop.
    • Drops 2 Moon Stones plus random bonus item.
    • Bonus items include 100/500 Growth Stones, 1/3/5/10 Moon Stones, Heavenly Character Card Box, Time Ore Box, Prospe Weapon Recipe, Total Status Ampule, etc.
  • Wearing certain Chef medals allow you to get Wolf Meat, Beet, Cabbage, or Golden Apple as drops when killing monsters.
    • This stacks with Panfilo's job skill effect.
  • If a faction occupy more than 10 colonies, payment will be made in Elemental Jewels.
  • Modified usage of Ring Box.
  • Modified text for food recipes.
  • Delete existing Pioneer Manuals when talking to Leonele during certain parts of Viron scenarios.
  • Modified Heaven's Altar Protection mission. The player who deals the most damage to the gate will get the buff.
  • Modified Armonia Final Episode scenario's The First Devil quest, relating to quest items.
  • Modified quest items relating to Judgment Day scenario.
  • Added Reaper Sariel to Heavenly Character Card Box.

  • Modified some stances and skills. See table below.
    • Also remove minimum range for skills of various stances, e.g. Rapida Espada, Bloody Feast, Furious, etc.
  • Fixed overlapping text in Barracks.
  • Modified achievement for crafting AR36 weapons.
  • Modified probability of monster debuffs in Viron Clock Tower Basement.
  • Started Burning Midnight Oil Event for 1 week.

Kurt/Edward Before Change After Change
Grim/Soul Reaper (Lv.11) - Physical Penetration +10
Diable Before Change After Change
Roasting Light armor 100% Light armor 125%
Jullian Light armor 125% Heavy armor 150%
Asche Light armor 125% Heavy armor 150%
Freeandis ATK 1400% ATK 1600%
Croisement Before Change After Change
Attacher Bullet - x1.5 damage with Shooting Trigger
Arme Piste - x1.5 damage with Shooting Trigger
Composee Botter - x1.5 damage with Melee Trigger
Cul-de-sac - x1.5 damage with Melee Trigger
Rosa Secreta Before Change After Change
Stance Basics Ignore DEF 50% Ignore DEF 25%
Espada/Sable Volar Soft armor 200%, cast time 3s Soft armor 150%, cast time 5s
Electronic Hare Before Change After Change
Magic Earthquake Radius 8m Radius 10m
Frenzied Thunder Cool 25s Cool 15s
Crazy Dance Cool 50s Cool 30s
Hare Dance - Add Lightning RES -10
Psychic Rev Before Change After Change
Magic Earthquake Radius 8m Radius 10m
Beyond Natural Radius 8m, cool 25s Radius 10m, cool 15s
Psycho Dance Cool 45s Cool 30s
Rev Dance - Add Mental RES -10
Cutlass Before Change After Change
Get Set x2 damage by critical rate x3 damage by critical rate
Romina/Rescue Knight Before Change After Change
Resuscitation Range 100, 25 SP, cool 0s, resurrect 1 Range 1000, 300 SP, cool 20s, resurrect 3, invulnerable after resurrection
Cobra Before Change After Change
All 4 ATK Skills - x1 to 1.5 damage when drunk
Battle Cook Panfilo Before Change After Change
Grill Duration 90s Duration 300s

  • Added new character - Risky , available in Lyndon Box which includes her costume set.
    • Manipulation skill rings are added to Ring Box of Chester. She has no job skill ring.
  • Increased drop rate of Knight Crests, reduced drop rate of Priest Crests.
  • Added Armonia Blessing - Evasion and Blocking.
  • Modified NPC related to Clock Tower Basement.
  • Modified character voice relating to Quasar stance.
  • Started 나의 선물을 받아라 Event for 6 weeks, relating to Rank 1-5 missions and Clock Tower Basement, as well as Play-Time Event.

  • Added new personal raid mission "Lucifer Castle Garden" to Solo Raid Manager NPC in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.
    • Randomly determined boss (?) - Arbremon, Sauterelle, Mantara, Demonic Jurgen.
    • Free entry 1/day. Additional entries (max 4/day) for Home Premium Service, Mission Rank5 VIP, and Mission Rank5 VVIP.
  • Added Sorang Card reward for hunter June Favor 150+ in Lucifer Basement Lab.
  • Modified party missions.
    • There will be 5 difficulty ratings - General, Veteran, Expert, Master, High Master.
    • Difficulty of existing missions are equivalent to Expert rating, except for Armonia 2nd Holy War which is equivalent to High Master.
    • Consumes activity points based on difficulty rating.
    • Reward varies based on difficulty rating.
    • Modified some monster AI in missions.
  • Modified Valeria Vendetta's Stylish Sunglasses due to changes in how one-piece costume works. Unequip it if experiencing display bug.
  • Fixed issue where faction level not marked in UI info.
  • Fixed issue of (Demonic?) Castilla mission with enhanced monsters.
  • Started Halloween Event , featuring Navas Wings and Vampire Costumes.
  • Started Enchantment Tranquilizer Discount Event for 30% discount in Feso Shop.



HM party missions drop Expert Chips. Boss has approx. AR 103, DR 85, HP 150m.