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Both Singapore servers (Bach and Rembrandt) will be merged on Oct 15, 2015 into the new server Avalon (non-PK). Players with a family in both servers must choose 1 to keep. See the official notice here .

Firstly, IAHGames removed the online forums. Then, they stopped updating and eventually removed the website itself. After that, they even stopped using their social network. All they have now is... Facebook! Really? You can't even maintain a website/forum? There are also frequent complaints about bugged new characters (Bane, Silver Flare Lynn) and disconnections.

Out of the 3 English official servers, it seems Europe server is the only decent one. So if you are a new or returning player without an existing account, I recommend going on the Europe server.


the beginning of the end

See also Server Merge FAQ 1.

oh well..i hope my sea account still good

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