Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

  • Initialized Achievement system.
  • Modified Achievement UI.
  • Achievement score 10,000+ can earn Queen of Pioneering Grandma Card.
  • Improved Quest UI.
    • Included drop rate of quest items.
    • Removed Shortest Path tab.
    • Indicated story pages required by quests.
  • Added Purple Hat for Kevin to Dressing Room.
  • Added Codename L to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Started Blind Attendance Check Event for 10/9-07/10, 2015.

  • Added new premium wings - MW-917P, Gold Butterfly, and Blue Butterfly.
    • Available from Custom Wing UI. MW-917P Wing Coupon can be acquired from Clock Tower Auto Baron mission.
  • Modified some Armonia scenario quests.
    • Episode 1: Nerf boss and buff NPC for "I Will Save Them" mission.
    • Episode 2: Added extra Tokens of Virtue reward. Reduced Holy Water required from 10 to 2, Blue Armonium Ore from 5 to 2. Reduced DEF 50 of Dullahan Cabeza.
    • Episode 3: Nerf monsters. Reduced required amount of Holy Water, Blue/Red Armonium Ores.
    • Recruit Patrick: Reduced required amount of Holy Water, Mysterious Steel Piece. Nerf monsters.
    • Episode 4: Modified monster stats. Extra Tokens of Virtue. Reduced required amount of Holy Water.
    • Episode 5: Modified monster stats. Reduced required amount of Blue Armonium and quest items.
    • Recruit Van: Reduced monster stats.
  • Modified monsters in Armonia maps.
    • Increased Penetration (?) for some monsters.
    • Reduced respawn time for Iron Hammer monsters.
    • Reduced respawn time for monsters in Armonia Latina.
    • Reduced EXP award for monsters slightly.
  • Modified raid bosses in Armonia maps.
    • Increased time for Mass Destruction of Mady, Cray, Hassen, Appear, Ubeth, etc.
    • Added physical recovery pattern for Gloom, etc.
    • Added movement speed buff.
    • Increased time for Navas' Call of Nightmare.
    • Reduced probability of Navas' Redemption buff.
    • Oscuras disables Soul Crystal usage (?).
    • Removed Helpless debuff when HP is below 50%.
    • Increased time for Blood Smell.
    • Armonia bosses drop Elemental Jewels.
  • Modified long text to display "...".
  • Modified Bristia scenario quests involving Kess.
  • Reduced Item enhancement and failure achievements from rating 33 to 30.
  • Added Mid-Autumn Event for 3 weeks.

  • Added new characters - Judith & Empyreum Judith .
    • Empyreum Judith is available in Lyndon Box . She has no job skill ring.
    • Added all other skill rings to Ring Box of Genos.
  • Added Recruit Judith quests.
    • Must have recruited Sariel and completed Armonia Episode 2 scenario.
  • Added quest completion achievements.
  • Modified icons for some boxes (e.g. Rose Wing Box).

  • Modified various Asphodel items for Armonia quests to be in Misc inventory. The item can be now be sold.
  • Fixed improper marking in Farm window.
  • Fixed quest procession problem for Armonia Episode 3 scenario.
  • Modified squad info image for Sariel.
  • Fixed awkward location for Sariel's cube in mission.
  • Modified materials to make Enhanced Quasar Ring.
  • Modified 300 million acquisition achievement.
  • Fixed tooltips for Over Limit and Reload Action skills.