Updated Recruit Cherlyn, Recruit Amy, and The Smyphonia Episode 1 Scenario quest guide...   ♥♥♥    

Imperial Wheel S has been updated for Jan 23-29, 2014.

Sierra Support Set
Vigilar Broomstick + Upgraded Nature Ring
 - Broomstick • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 335
 - Penetration +5, Mental RES +10

Rascel Recruitment Set
Rascel Character Card + Tyrant Sabre + Tyrant Sword Breaker
King of Targa costume (Rascel) + Rascel's Natural Hair (Rascel)

Illusion Recruitment Set
Illusion Character Card + Upgraded Illusion Garde Ring

Catherine (Summon) Support Set
Recipe - Strata Devil Controller + Devil's Dream x200 + Symbol of Naraka x100

Pet Box (Snow Golem)
Max HP +20,000, Immunity +15, Reduce Damage Taken 15%,
Movement Speed +7%, All RES +15, Fast HP/SP Regen

Nena Support Set
Tyrant Halberd + Upgraded Invertir Ring

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