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This post details Episode 3 (Final) of Bristia Season 2. This episode is added in v19.15.44 (Korean live server). It is time for a final showdown with Renauld and his Blood Navy, and free Bristia from the occupation of Vespanola...

Heiran finds Kano crying alone, while J.D takes leave to confront and attack Kess. Edward explores Tigres Prison B5F and spies Renauld and Advisor Tony talking about how Montoro had a laboratory in B8F/B9F for his biological experiments. Edward realizes that Montoro moved to the New Continent because he succeeded. Renauld decides to attack Kielce once a messenger tells him Kess has been killed by J.D.

Renauld decides to attack the Resistance first, before taking on the Government General, but his advance is hindered by J.D who brought the zeppelin to attack. Renauld decides to secretly wipe out the Royal Guards as well, when the latter arrives. However, Kess appears and reveals that his alliance with Renauld is just an act. The Royal Guards have taken out Renauld's back-up in Tigres Prison. A fight breaks out, and you finally defeat General Renauld.

Kess reveals that he planned on betraying Renauld all along, and had Marchetti confine Raven and Grace to keep it secret. When Jack left to find Jurgen, Kess convinced him to rejoin the fight for independence. Marchetti lied previously about not having met Kess after his disappearance. In fact, Kess visited Marchetti and told him about his plans to pretend to side with Renauld. He foresaw that the Republicans will ask for the zeppelin forcefully. Kess promised to get Veronif away from Simon if Marchetti cooperates by keeping the plan secret and developing the heavy rifle. He also wanted Marchetti to pass the controls of the zeppelin to J.D when the latter arrives.

As you spread the news of victory in Kielce, Edward recalls the plaza where he met Selva 12 years ago. But it turns out that it was another woman he met in the plaza. Selva reveals that they met 13 years ago at the port... Oops. Kess presents medals for the heroes of the war, and pledges his gratitude by joining your family.

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated until July 31, 2013. See GMオーキスの『新アイテム』紹介ブログ! for GM's introduction and screenshots.

Tyrant Sabre
Sabre • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 325
[Weapon Block] Trigger 10%, Penetration +5, Immunity -10

Tyrant Slayer
Great Sword • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 484
[Containment Attack] Trigger 5%, Penetration +10, Stun 5%, Immunity -10

Tyrant Javelin
Javelin • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 295
[Focus] Trigger 10%, Penetration +10, Critical +10, Immunity -10

De Lafite Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Grandies

Tyrant Dagger
Dagger • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 210
[Lucky Strike] Trigger 5%, Penetration +10, Immunity -10

Cape Pattern Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • J.D

[KR] Lyndon Box: Rosa
Lyndon Box (until Aug 08, 2013) features Rosa Character Card and a new costume set for Marchetti. See 마르체티 코스튬 for more screenshots.

T3Fun has updated the game servers to v18.85.13. See Patch Notes - July 24, 2013 for details. New features include:

This update introduces the new field boss - Breeze, which drops Elite Bristia Weapon recipes. However, the drop rate seems rather low. You can see some players bitching about getting only White Gold Bars on several Japanese blogs, e.g. 新レイドBOSSブリーズはオワコン! and 【グラナドエスパダ】新MAP ブリーズ討伐 レベル150クリア.

For Liung's bonus stat points, see ロンの攻撃力比べてみた for comparison of STR vs. INT.

[SG] QA Testing v19.23.40
IAH Staff Tokki is recruiting for QA Testers for Singapore server's upcoming update here:
We are proud to inform you that v19.23.40 Brestia season 2 is coming your way and this will be one of the biggest patch ever! New continent, New stances, characters, raids, dungeons and more!
That is a huge patch. I wonder if IAHGames will lock selected content again like they did for a few updates previously.

Bristia Season 2 Blog Header
Replaced the blog header with a new one for Bristia Season 2. All character renders are by RyanReos.

It has been almost 7 months since my previous journal post. When the server transfer was completed in January, all items in the inventory and vault had their enchantments removed. It took T3Fun 4 months to get their act together to restore the lost enchantments. [1(They wasted no time in releasing cash-milking Lyndon Box, however.) I submitted 6 tickets now, and yet after waiting almost another 3 months, nothing was restored. There wasn't even any response other than automated e-mail replies ("Thank you using customer service. etc etc."). I hate spam, and I'd like to be patient, but this is starting to get vexing.

Anyway, there were play-time (AFK) events every month since. The featured rewards for the latest Playtime Event 7 required 2,000 points, which amounts to 333 hours of game time. After almost 3 weeks, I finally got Evil Shotgun Costume and Evil Rod Costume.

Granado Espada (Europe) will be closing its servers on August 01, 2013. See Interruption of Service. Their Face Book says:

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you, that we will no longer service Granado Espada Resurrection for Europe. Our team thanks all of you for being such a great community.
But there is also good news. Our friends at T3Fun will open their doors now to European fans as well and welcome all new players with a special event which will help you to level up faster.

Not really surprising. Their website and forum seems horribly lacking in updates. The publisher (RNTS) just lacks the interest to promote the game. Ironically, the private server Rogue GE seems to be more alive than it.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!, Episode 12

Granado Espada (Europe) was launched on Jan 25, 2013. (See GE Europe Launched.) This makes it the shortest lived server to date, closing in 6 months. Since they linked to T3Fun's Road To Master event, there probably won't be a database transfer; players would have to restart to acquire new masters.

This mission was revised in v18.29.20 for Granado Espada Online. See also 地獄のクリサリス. For the older version of this raid mission, see Gate of Hell Guide.

Mission Information
Location: Coimbra Nimrod Bridge (I5)
Entry Cost: Restored Hell Valley Key x1
Participants: 1
Duration: 40 minutes
Frequency: Depends on time spent to clear the previous mission -
  • 1 per day (1-9 min)
  • 1 per 2 days (10-19 min)
  • 1 per 3 days (20-29 min)
  • 1 per 4 days (30+ min or fail)
You can acquire the restored key from Federigo in City of Auch (I9) by trading in 1 Rusty Hell Valley Key and 2 White Gold Bars. Rusty Hell Valley Keys drop in El Ruina de Memoria.

Shooters are recommended, as the boss has a large area damage skill, making it difficult for melee attackers to avoid it. Chrysalis also has very high RES, so magic attackers are disadvantaged.

A. Start Point
You begin the mission here. The entire map has Grim Reapers roaming around. As you move forward, they will follow you, so clear them off when there are too many.

Grim Reaper • Lv.130 Undead • Heavy Armor • None • Medium
HP 9,659 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 4,860 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 120
Penetration 10 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 50, Ice 50, Lightning 50, Mental 50

B. Blades & Reapers
There are 3 paths here - left, middle, and right. The middle path is filled with Rotating Blades. Both left and right paths are guarded by Grim Reapers. One of the side paths is also cursed. Going through that path will inflict a debuff which will slow down the time it takes to complete the mission.

Rotating Blade • Lv.150 Object • Soft Armor • None • Medium
HP 68,784 • ATK Rating 75 • ATK 47,430 • DEF Rating 75 • DEF 102
Penetration 0 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 90, Ice 90, Lightning 90, Mental 100

To discover which side path is safe, click on the sign board in front of the middle path. It will display the warning: You will experience a curse of hell if you cannot solve the riddle., as well as the clue on which path (left or right) is safe to go through. The clue is randomly selected, and can be any of the following:
  • Soul Bringer - Sword
  • Soul Bringer - Main-Gauche
  • Punisher - Rifle
  • Punisher - Pistol
  • Advance Garde - Pistol
  • Ludin - Blue
  • Ludin - Red
  • Barrel - Liquor Bottle
  • Barrel - Tattoo
  • Grandma - Eye Patch
  • Adelina - Eye Patch
  • Sharif - Wound
  • Claude - Wound
Alternatively, you can just use [Protection Field] and run through the blades.

C. Gerero
Gerero waits here. His area skill can knock down and inflict [Enervation] status, so spread out the characters when attacking him. Once he is dead, a zone notice will announce: Chrysalis has appeared.

Gerero • Lv.130 Demon • Heavy Armor • None • Large
HP 19,320,000 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 30,375 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 150
Penetration 20 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 70, Ice 70, Lightning 70, Mental 70

D. Chrysalis
The final boss waits here. He is immobile. His normal attacks deal physical damage.

Chrysalis • Lv.130 Demon • Soft Armor • None • Large
HP 67,620,000 • ATK Rating 70 • ATK 108,000 • DEF Rating 70 • DEF 150
Penetration 30 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 90 • RES - Fire 90, Ice 90, Lightning 90, Mental 90

His [Craymel Mosfog] skill can deal quite a lot of damage, but has a long casting time. So leave the buffer outside of the area, and once he starts casting, move the attackers back to the safe area. Return to attack when his skill is over. Repeat until he is dead.

Gerero usually drops 1-3 Veteran Enchantment Chips. Chrysalis drops only the roulette chest. Bonus roulette costs 5,000,000 Vis. The following roulette table comes from v18.29.20 game client.

Roulette Reward Ratio Rate
White Gold Bar (2) 7000 7.22%
Portable Ancient Star Orb Box 7000 7.22%
Elite Le Blanc 30 0.03%
Lv.100 (DR27) Armor 7000 7.22%
Lv.92 Elite Armor 7000 7.22%
Lv.96 Elite Armor 6000 6.19%
Le Noir 4000 4.12%
Lv.100 (AR30) Weapon 7000 7.22%
Lv.92 Elite Weapon 7000 7.22%
Lv.100 Elite Weapon 450 0.46%
Recipe - Shadow of Abyss 10 0.01%
Recipe - Revelation of Abyss 10 0.01%
Essence (1) 8000 8.25%
Essence (3) 7500 7.73%
Veteran G EXP Card (2-20) 8000 8.25%
Expert G EXP Card (2-20) 8000 8.25%
Shiny Crystal Chest 8000 8.25%
Constellation Box 5000 5.15%

Introduced in v9.5, all Time Piece (aka Time Paradox) missions come in 2 versions - normal and broken. You can select which type in the room creation window. Broken Time Piece mission is easier, but rewards less crystals from its roulette. This raid mission is mainly for collecting Strata Devil Weapon materials and for making Evil Weapons (ATK Rating 34) - sword, polearm, javelin, or rapier.

Mission Information
Location: Viron (E7)
Frequency: 2/day
Duration: 60 minutes
Participants: 1-12
Entry Cost: Free (1/day), 200 Shiny Crystals (2/day)
Requirement: Must have [Time Crystal] Death Wraith quest to receive roulette reward

In v23.63.43, you can redo the mission by paying 200 Shiny Crystals. The maximum number of participants for Time Piece missions was reduced from 24 to 12.

[NA] Play Time Event 7: Evil Rod/Shotgun Costumes
T3Fun has started another monthly playtime event. Until July 21, you can get 1 point for 10 minutes spent in-game. Evil Rod Costume and Evil Shotgun Costume costs 1,000 points each.

In addition, until July 17, Spy Olivia and some AR34 weapons are available in Lyndon Box.

[TW] City Defence Battle Event
Until July 24, players may talk to event NPC to start an event mission 1/day, which involves defending home colony and Adriana, as well as destroying enemy colony. There are 3 levels of difficulty. The highest level reward includes:
  • Recipe - Enhanced Will of Argus
  • Hope of Argus
  • Recipe - Enhanced Garim Belt
  • Garim Belt
  • Elite Le Noir/General Plate
  • Enchantment Chip Veteran/Expert
  • Red/Black Lollipop
  • Growth Stone
  • Shiny Crystal Chest
  • First Class Spider Steak
The web game 光之武器第十彈-雷德的光之標槍、珮歐的光之權杖 includes AR34 weapons, Angel Staff Costume, Indigo 9 Rifle/Pistol Costumes, [Soul Bringer] stance book, Elite Dignite Armor (DR31), etc. Bonus rewards are 10 Enchant Tranquilizers (100 times) and Pyrite Bangle (200 times).

[KR] Mission Attendance Event
Until July 31, do a daily quest from Reboldoeux Notice Board (NPC) to get Expert G EXP Card, Training Card G (Event), or Melee/Magic/Shooting Enhancement Ampule (Event). There will also be bonus attendance rewards - J.D costume (14 days), Grandies costume (21 days), and some real-life items for perfect attendance. See also the notice - [이벤트] 출석 미션 이벤트 오픈.

In addition, Character Package - Sorang is available in cash shop until July 11. The package includes recipes for Prosper Knuckles and Prosper Leg-Guard (AR33).

Veil will be available for recruitment in v18.89.99. His unique [Twin Sting] stance is already learnt upon character creation. See あてにならないタイムアタック (Jap) for kill speed comparison of Veil, Calyce, and J.D.

After Veil escapes the prison, he tells his story as his followers clear off the remaining guards. He was a Bristia Army Captain during the Three-Year War. When Kess' father surrendered Bristia to Vespanola, Veil and his troops left the army to become the Resistance. When Kess broke through the night siege and disappeared (as told by Olvia here), he came to Veil alone. Veil's followers betrayed him, and Kess took him prisoner.

You return with news to Red Hat Pub, finding Heiran, J.D, and Kano in peril. Kess orders his soldiers to capture everyone. After defeating the soldiers, you meet with Veil again. Veil joins your family to secure allegiance of the Resistance to the Liberation Army. As the temporary commander of the Liberation Army, Heiran gives out orders. Selva and Edward will watch Renauld in Tigres Prison. Raven and Grace will watch Kess. Since J.D got nerfed, he can only baby-sit Kano.