Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Halloween is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. The word Halloween is first attested in the 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Even ("evening"), that is, the night before All Hallows Day.

The day itself is typically associated with Samhain, a Celtic festival that marked the end of harvest. In Irish legends, the Cath Maige Tuired took place on Samhain. The deities Morrígan and Dagda met and had sex before the battle against the Fomorians. In this way, the Morrígan became a sovereignty figure and gave the victory to the Tuatha Dé Danann ("people of Danu"). After being defeated by the Milesians, these pagan deities became one with the sídhe, living on in popular imagination as fairies.

The Irish myths which mention Samhain were written in the 10th and 11th centuries by Christian monks. This is around 200 years after the Catholic church inaugurated All Saints Day and at least 400 years after Ireland became Christian.

Jack-o'-lanterns are typically carved pumpkins named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called jack-o'-lantern or will-o'-the-wisp (ignis fatuus, Latin "foolish fire"). These lights are also called ghost-lights or corpse candles. Sometimes the phenomenon is classified by the observer as a ghost, fairy, or elemental. Scientifically, the lights are explained as photon emissions produced by organic decay due to the oxidation of phosphine and methane.

Ryuk (Kurt) reached Expert Lv.10, while passively collecting more Ancient Runes. Gloriana (Female Soldier), Geryon (Trooper), and Mistilteinn (m/fig) also reached Lv.100, bringing the family up to Lv.47+0. The weekly Griffon mission dropped only Symbol of Leo. Team Arena missions yielded 2 Symbols of Libra and Symbol of Cancer. These new additions completed our existing 2nd and 3rd symbol sets.

For a very long time now, we were constantly harassed by a beggar asking for 10,000 vis in Coimbra, and we finally gave in and threw some money at him, asking him to go away. He claimed to be a royal guard of Ciam, on a diplomatic mission to Katai. Somehow, the clueless guy ended up in Granado Espada instead. We told him that we didn't care and he should go away, but he won't listen and continued chatting. This "renowned fighter" had his wallet and id papers stolen by a bunch of thugs. We agreed to recover his stolen stuffs, if he would just go away. After defeating those thugs, we discovered that they were part of a gang led by Flatulus (Gracielo), who cheated by taking drugs during the fight. We told the kick-boxer to go away to nurse his wounds as he just got his head bashed in, but at least he got his stuffs back.

However, he did not take the hint, and started asking about Ferruccio's Legacy. We told him we didn't know about any stupid legacy, and that maybe he should ask Invierno about it by going away to the Frozen Waste. Maybe Montoro had been talking to him as well, since he pulled the same scam with another thick-headed martial artist (Baek Ho). Then, Fritz showed up uninvited (again), and we told him that he can go away too and take the other guy with him. The cheeky old man ignored us and told the Ciam fighter that he should team up with Flatulus (Gracielo). Since Flatulus (Gracielo) was currently in our family, we hurriedly said, "No way. You should make your own fortunate by going away."

But he thanked us for accepting him into our family, and gave us some Shiny Crystals. We told him, "Thanks for the crystals, but now kindly please go away." He shamelessly walked right into our quarters and stuck his butt on the couch. Later, Gloriana (Female Soldier) came back after training in Errac, and shouted at him, "Hey you! That's my spot! Go away!" But he seemed to be hard-of-hearing, so the tired soldier had to stand by the side, glaring at him. Thus, we named him Phlegethon (Irawain) after the river of flame in the Greek Underworld, since we got the feeling that he would be getting toasted and sent to the Underworld fairly soon...

Thelandira (f/mus) took the new guy along to Tetra Ruins and Dr. Torsche's Mansion for a bit of training while doing the monster hunts for the witch. Adorabelle (f/ele) revisited the Haunted House again. Since each Haunted House mission lasts for 5 minutes, she had to spam [Thunderstorm] skills for 1 whole hour for every 12 keys possessed. She managed to use up all 24 keys before succumbing to sleep. This Halloween 2011 event is getting a bit dull and repetitive after a while, but then so is everything else... Those back costumes just take up already limited inventory space. It was kind of a nuisance that they made a non-stackable item as a common drop. We weren't sure at this point if we should bother collecting more keys. It was getting somewhat boring.

There was a bug that was fixed during this week's maintenance, which some players exploited to gain selective control over the random rewards (especially, Event Ring Box). In Singapore servers, exploiters were banned for 15 days (first time) or permanently (repeated). See Exploitation of Halloween Event Box. Recovery of a permanently banned account will cost USD200-600. [Source] Kaching! In Taiwan servers, exploiters were also banned, with Wayi releasing a list of some banned players - see 《GE王者之劍R》停權名單 10/07-10/19 and 10/20-10/24. The bug was also fixed during their maintenance this week. See 10/26《GE王者之劍R》伺服器開機公告.

For Singapore servers, the drop rate of Spirit Coins was apparently reduced over there, as an administrator (Xanxus) cited the following reasons:

This Halloween Event is a freebie event where players only need to play, to exchange for premium items. The previous rates were found to be too easy and had to be reduced. Comparing to S2, we have almost twice the duration of event. After the exploit was discovered, IMC helped to remove the exploit, and also to stem the overload of the premium items in the game. Please consider that our duration for this event is longer than S2, and that you will also have enough time to get the premium items. [Source; bold mine]

For Sword 2, we have tested the Haunted House mission after the maintenance to find no significant difference in coin drop rate. The Sara's Bewitching! (Singapore) event was originally due to run for 4 weeks (later reduced to 3 weeks). This suggests that Sword 2's Willow the Witch event will run for only 2 weeks, although G1 gave no official end-date for the event. If this is true, then the event witch will probably be going away by next week's maintenance. It will be advisable for pioneers to use up their event keys and coins before then.

The Halloween Mass Orgy Event at Dr. Torsche's Mansion Savage Garden (ch1) turned out to be a lag-fest as expected. The boxes were handed out at the end by sending a specific private message to the hosting G1 staff... and wait. We waited for about 30 minutes, and was then auto-summoned to the G1 staff who opened a trade window to give out the boxes... We didn't get anything special out of our boxes though, just the following:

AM's Touch
Triumph Potion (1 hour) x5
Socket Flux x10
Strength Potion x5
Enchant Sedative x10
Upgrade Accelerator x20
Jeepers Creepers
Pink Lollipop x20
Red Lollipop x20
Soul Crystal x20
Bloody Coffin (2 days) x3
Witch's Hat x1
Enchant Sedative x20
Sweet Candy x50

As expected every fortnight, The Devourers introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) -  Quinzel's Penderie & Raiden's Angel III. The new items are Blue Serpent Costume (f/sco), Phshi Rastere Costume (f/mus), Arcanero Plate Costume (m/fig), Pigeonne Hair (Valeria), Angel Azriel's Wand (AR33 special rod), and Dragon's Scales Sabre (AR32 sabre).

Some of this week's broadcasts were brought to our attention.

And they claimed back here that the association with the known scammers/thieves is no longer true. Rubbish to the 12th power.

Magic Circle 22 (Korea) has been released, available from Oct 27 to Nov 24, 2011. Other featured items include Cruz Character Card, 100 Ring Boxes, 50 Socket Fluxes, 3 Rose Wings Coupons (90 days), Pet Box (Capybara) + 200 Pet Food, and Advanced Home Premium Service (15 days).

Le Verseau De La Liberte • Body Costume + Hat • Vincent Rio
Le Belier De La Passion • Body Costume + Hair • Eduardo

I was expecting something new... Both costume sets were previously released in Imperial Wheel (Japan) last year. Disappointing. See the links above for previous Imperial Wheel releases.

I guess the really new thing in this month's Magic Circle is Cruz Character Card. If you have paid attention to NPC in-game, you will remember him as the guy in Castilla Garrison 1, who offers to help you "cheat" Castilla Episode 1 quests. He will become available in v9.13.0.

The main article to look at is the PlayForum article - 크루즈 - 근접 캐릭터 대역습의 선봉장 (Korean), which also compares him to Asoka and includes embedded videos. The article considers him to be designed for PVP. I'm not interested enough to do a full translation, so I will just put some basic information about him below. See also Cruze 克魯茲 (Chinese) and [Test server] 新 NPC 간략 정보 : 크루즈 (Korean).

Cruz has the following stats: STR 80 • AGI 20 • CON 70 • DEX 30 • INT 60 • CHA 40. He starts at Lv.60. He can wear both fighter and scout leather armors. His personal skill [Fast Move] consumes 3 Ancient Star Orbs to grant Movement Speed +75%, Shooting Damage -20%, Magic Damage +20%, ATK Rating +1 for 21 seconds at Lv.11.

Cruz has an unique sword+sword [Furious] expert stance. Normal attacks consist of 5 hit splash on 5 targets. His skills have 15-30 seconds cool-down time, with a self-buff which grants ATK Rating +1. For more details, see 크루즈 - 근접 캐릭터 대역습의 선봉장 (Korean), [Stance] Furious (English) or [Expert] Furious 狂怒莫敵 (Chinese).

Basically, he is Mr. Slow for having AGI 20. As Mr. Recycled Animations, he gets a team buff with Ms. Recycled Animations (Asoka), granting ATK Rating +1 and DEF Rating +1. You can also find more discussions and video links about him at New RNPC Cruze + Stance (IAHGames).

There is also a wedding dress costume available for female fighter in the Dressing Room (Korea). It is not officially released yet. (This is not part of this month's Magic Circle.) See 여파 웨딩드레스. I will expect more wedding costumes for other basic characters soon... It will be hilarious if there is one for Andre.

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for Oct 26 to Nov 02, 2011. Other featured rewards include La Flamme De L'Amour Du Rubis (AR33 fire bracelet), Evil's Desires Costume (great sword), Evil's Aversion Costume (elemental bracelet), The Loyalty of Terhea Costume (sword), Fate of Castilla (DR31 metal armor), Magic Earrings, Magic Belt, etc. The new items are listed below. Click on the images below for full-size view.

Dual Structure Dagger
Dagger • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 196
ATK +10% vs. Life/Daemon/Golem/Human/Undead • Penetration +6 • Critical +10

Sword of Ex Machina
Sword • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 261
ATK +10% vs. Life/Daemon/Golem/Human/Undead • Penetration +6 • Block +5

Miquelet Steam Bayonet
Bayonet • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 392
ATK +10% vs. Life/Daemon/Golem/Human/Undead • Penetration +5 • Critical +10

The Disaster of Aquichtus
Weapon Costume • Shotgun

Evil's Tension
Weapon Costume • Crossbow

Black Banshee Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Reckless Emilia
Click on picture on the right for full-size view. [Source]

Gold Bone Frame Armor Costume
Body Costume • Female Fighter

Ludin Recruitment Set
Ludin Character Card • [Efreet] Stance Book • Elemental Penetration Ring

Beronif Recruitment Set
Beronif Character Card • [Hermetisme] Stance Book • Diary of Beronif

Lionel Recruitment Set
Lionel Character Card • [Punisher] Stance Book • Leadership Ring

In v9.12.1, Dr. Torsche's Basement mission will be revised. See the original PlayForum article - 체험 그라 현장, 리뉴얼된 토르쉐 저택의 지하실 미션 for more screenshots and videos. First introduced in v4.0.5, this mission is popular due to its fixed drops of Veteran Enchantment Chips. Since then, the availability of chips has increased, and coupled with the cumbersome process (i.e. matching numbers from stones) of the mission, there is a need for revision. See also Ellearn's Diary: 리뉴얼 토르쉐 저택, 지하실 미션.

Mission Information
Location: Dr. Torsche's Mansion Savage Garden (E2)
Duration: 60 minutes
Frequency: 1/day
Entry Cost: 1 White Gold Bar or 100 Otite Pieces
Participants: 1-4 families
Requirement: Completed Catherine Torsche's Recruitment Quest

The room monsters have been changed to the following:
  1. Walter, Pyg
  2. Helena, Pyg
  3. Sasha, Pyg
  4. Lloyd, Pyg
  5. Walter, Helena, Pyg
  6. Sasha, Lloyd, Pyg
  7. Walter, Helena, Sasha, Lloyd, Pyg
Go to the 2nd room (E4, E9) and revive Victor with 50 Otite Pieces. Victor is needed to remove the corridor barricades and activate the final gates (H4, H9) leading to the bosses. He will also help you to attack enemy monsters. If Victor dies, you can revive him with another 50 Otite Pieces.

VICTOR • L115 Golem • Light Armor • No Attribute • Medium
HP 4,007,062 • ATK Rating 59 • ATK 20,703 • DEF Rating 59 • DEF 155
Penetration 50 • Immunity 0 • Elemental Penetration: All 0 • Elemental RES: All 30

To remove the barricades leading to the next rooms, let Victor reach them first. Make your way towards the last room (H4, H9) along with Victor. Clear monsters as fast as possible to prevent them from piling up. Characters with spammable skills are recommended. If Pyg is casting a skill, use a skill to disrupt it to avoid its huge area of effect. Use [Anti-Magic Shell] to provide more resistance against Sasha's attacks.

When Victor touches the final gate (H4, H9), it will activate. You may then enter the gate to fight the respective boss. Left path's gate (H4) leads to Wight (B5), while right path's gate (H9) leads to Gwraig (B9).

WIGHT • L135 Golem • Soft Armor • No Attribute • Medium
HP 1,635,600 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 36,872 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 154
Penetration 50 • Immunity 0 • Elemental Penetration: All 0 • Elemental RES: All 70

GWRAIG • L135 Golem • Light Armor • No Attribute • Medium
HP 1,635,600 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 43,147 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 248
Penetration 50 • Immunity 0 • Elemental Penetration: All 0 • Elemental RES: All -50

As the statistics suggest, Gwraig is best tackled with magic users, while Wight is best tackled with melee and shooting characters. [Magic Barrier] skill may also help to negate Wight's attacks. Wight and Gwraig will drop 5 Veteran Enchantment Chips, 5 Gold Bars, and 3 Honor A Cards.

It seems like you can move back to the start point from the boss room, after the first boss is dead. When both bosses are dead, a warp gate to the treasure room (B7) will appear. You may then open the treasure chest with the key (available from Bounty Hunter's Guild Shop) to receive roulette reward. The roulette rewards 2 items per family, plus 1 bonus item for 2,000,000 vis. Possible roulette rewards include:
  • Elite Le Noir Recipe (DR 32)
  • Artisan's Gloves Recipe
  • Artisan's Belt Recipe
  • Dragon Heart Recipe
  • L100 Equipment (AR 30, DR 27)
  • L92 Elite Armor (DR 28)
  • Silver Earrings
  • Cut Necklace (RES 7%)
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Rare Grade Gem (e.g. Seeds of Rafflesia)
  • ... and as usual, Honor B Card
  • ... not forgetting everyone's favorite loot, Portable Ancient Star Orb Box

New Madness for Reckless Emilia
[Madness] stance has also been revised in v9.12.0. See 폭주 에밀리아, 제 2의 폭주가 시작된다! (Korean) for more information. The stance information has also been updated at Blue Moon Waltz.

Thelandira (f/mus) and Ryuk (Kurt) reached Master Lv.9 and Expert Lv.9 respectively, while passively collecting more Ancient Runes. Nurarihyon (Baek Ho) and Alicia (Female Auch Infantry) also reached Lv.100.

We completed 6 Team Arena missions, and looted Symbol of Aries and Symbol of Scorpio. The weekly Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Virgo and Symbol of Leo.

After the second maintenance this week, a mysterious witch arrived at Reboldeaux Queen's Gate (F10/G10). See Halloween 2011 (updated) for more details on this event. So Thelandira (f/mus) donned the ugly Halloween Pumpkin Hat, and agreed to let Sara the Witch trick us into hunting some random low-level monsters.

After collecting a few keys, the witch sent us to Haunted House missions. Since the Hallow Apparitions (L100 Undead) have high physical defense (DEF 600), Adorabelle (f/ele) and Soteira (Helena) went in and annihilated them with [Tenseness] skills. Each mission lasts for 5 minutes, but Cerdotado (Pigling) continued to loot the Spirit Coins even after the time ran out. We looted about 350-400 coins per mission. Since our inventory was getting full, we decided not to trade the coins for boxes for now.

There were 6 disconnections this week.

X5s of Port Coimbra has kindly released some converted model files (84 MB) for Granado Espada characters and items. People who wants to mess around with modelling may be interested.

Click for download link

I don't want this to go to waste so here is a zip file containing (most) Granado Espada models in obj format (and .mtl textures). Some models also include a 3ds Max file. [X5s; Source]

[v9.5] Recruitment of QA Testers (SG)
Meanwhile, IAHGames is recruiting Singapore residents for testing v9.5 during Nov-Dec 2011.

Archangel is an angel of high rank found in various religious traditions, particularly Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The names of archangels are also different in different traditions, but the commonly named archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.

The most influential proposition on Christian angelic hierarchy belongs to The Celestial Hierarchy by Pseudo-Dionysus (ca. 5th century). In this work, archangels belong to the 2nd lowest order of angels. The established hierarchy, in order of authority, is:
  1. Seraphim
  2. Cherubim
  3. Thrones
  4. Dominions
  5. Virtues
  6. Powers
  7. Principalities
  8. Archangels
  9. Angels
Thomas Aquinas, in his Summa Theologica, also affirmed this angelic hierarchy.

Rafflesia is a type of parasitic flowering plant, first discovered in Indonesian rain forests and named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1818. In some species, the flower may be over 100 cm (39 inches) in diameter and weigh over 10 kg (22 lb). The flower smells like rotting flesh, and is thus called "corpse flower". The plant has no stems, leaves or true roots. It contains approximately 28 species, all found in Southeast Asia.

Siren is a bird-woman who lures sailors with enchanting voices to shipwreck on rocky coasts in Greek mythology. Roman poets placed them on an island called Sirenum Scopuli. Their number is variously reported as between two and five. Sirens combine women and birds in various ways. In early Greek art Sirens were represented as birds with large women's heads, bird feathers and scaly feet. Later, they were represented as female figures with the legs of birds, with or without wings, playing a variety of musical instruments, especially harps. Later Sirens were sometimes depicted as beautiful women, whose bodies, not only their voices, are seductive.

The most famous story is related in Odyssey, commonly attributed to Homer. The Greek hero Odysseus was on a voyage home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. Odysseus instructed his crew to plug their ears with wax, and to tie him up on the mast. This allowed him to hear the siren's songs without being lured to his doom. Previously, the Argonauts got passed the Sirens due to the musician Orpheus drowning out their voices by making his own music with his lyre.

Granado Espada of Singapore, Taiwan, and United States servers are having the same Halloween event. However, the event NPC are located in different maps for different servers. As usual, Singapore server provided the best event article.

Read [Halloween Event] Sara's Bewitching! (SG). I will just add a few extra tips on this event below. See also 活動《萬聖節活動》公告 (TW) and Willow the Witch Needs Help (US). Thail servers are also having the same event. See Patch Update ประจำวันพุธที่ 26 ตุลาคม 2554 (TH). See also a Taiwanese player's event guide - 【官方活動】萬聖節活動.
The monster hunt quests are given only during even hours (e.g. 2pm, 4pm), while Haunted House mission is accessible only during odd hours (e.g. 1pm, 3pm). Only the hour matters, the minutes are not important. Both require a character wearing Halloween Pumpkin Hat.

The monster hunts involve a random monster, such as:

  • 70 Little Plaque Etons (L25 Daemon) in Tetra Ruins
  • 30 Visage Noirs (L32 Daemon) in Tetra Ruins Golden Road
  • 70 Zombie Mermen (L41 Undead) in Porto Bello The Deck or The Cabin
  • 100 Haunted Candles (L55 Golem) in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Savage Garden or Reception Hall
  • 200 Sentinels (L58 Golem) in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Reception Hall
The witch will reward each hunt with 1 Key to Haunted House (not tradable), 1 Witch's Candy (not tradable), 5 Sweet Candies, 5 Water Sprays, and 5 Chocolates. Witch's Candy was previously given in Halloween 2009.

Haunted House is a solo mission for 5 minutes. Kill Hallow Apparitions (L100 Undead) for Spirit Coins (not tradable). They have very high physical defense (DEF 600), but low resistances (Lightning RES -50 • Mental RES 11). Thus, it is recommended to use magic characters, such as elementalist. The monsters respawn after a few seconds, so spam [Tenseness] or similar area skills, then loot the coins before the next wave. A single mission can earn you about 300-400 coins. Trade the coins to the witch for Halloween Boxes. See the article linked above for possible drops.

Note that pets can continue looting in the few seconds after time ran out and before you are removed from the mission map.

Halloween In United States
Sword 2 Halloween 2011 includes a few other Halloween-related events.

Halloween Party: AM will award players with new Halloween Boxes and new AM's Touch Boxes at Dr. Torsche's Mansion during Oct 29-31. The party gives away 2 new types of boxes - AM's Touch and Jeepers Creepers. They are known to drop the following:

AM's Touch
Triumph Potion (1 hour) x5
AM's Boost x10
Strength Potion x5
Soul Crystal x20
Enchant Sedative x10
Upgrade Accelerator x20
Socket Flux x10
Citadel Pass (1 day) x3
Rose Wings (7 days) x3
Shiny Crystal Chest x5
Veteran Enchantment Chip x20
Constellation Box
Dragon Heart
Dragon's Fury Rifle
Recipe - Magic Leather Belt
Recipe - Elite Schvarliere Armor

Jeepers Creepers
Pink Lollipop x20
Red Lollipop x20
Soul Crystal x20
Bloody Coffin (2 days) x3
Revenant (2 days) x3
Deadly Cross (2 days) x3
Enchant Sedative x20
Sweet Candy x50
Halloween Pumpkin Hat
Witch's Hat
Pet Box (Red Tiger)

Forum Contests: Design a costume contest is available during Oct 16-28, 2011. Top 10 winners will win a Dragon Weapon of their choice. Read rules and submit entries Sword 2 Halloween Costume Contest 2011. There is also a pumpkin carving contest during Oct 14-24, 2011. Top 3 winners will win 12,500, 8,000, and 6,000 Gold respectively. Read rules and submit entries Sword 2 Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011.

Gold Promotion: Purchase Gold and get free Bloody Coffin, Revenant, and Deadly Cross back costumes during Oct 17-23, 2011. See Spooky Back Costumes for details.

Halloween In Korea
The in-game event involves hunting some mobs for freebies - Halloween Pumpkin, Halloween Candy, and Socket Flux (Event). See 할로윈 in 그라나도 에스파다! for details. See also the official event notice.

Halloween In Japan
A monster-spam event for Pre-Veterans, Experts, and Masters... plus Halloween Pumpkin Hats... See GMピノッキの突発ハロウィンイベント「モンスターパニック」開催のお知らせ for details.

There is nothing much to report lately, since we are mostly AFK after running a couple of missions. Ryuk (Kurt) reached Expert Lv.7 and Empedocles (m/ele) reached Lv.100, while passively collecting more Ancient Runes. Since last week, Thelandira (f/mus) started bringing a low-level character along to Errac, and now we start to see a few others doing it too...

Anyway, we finished the collection of the first rune set, and are working on the next set. But looking at the market prices of cash items now, it just seems exorbitant. In fact, we still haven't finish upgrading Dragon's Fury Crossbow from 2 weeks ago. Even if we are to craft the Constellation Weapons, it will take some time to process for them to be fully functional.

We got Symbol of Cancer out of 2 Team Arena missions. Everything else is crap as usual... Honor Cards, Tokens, ASO Box, what have you... We looted Ogre's Long Sword Recipe in Errac Tierra Noche, and got Claude to craft the great sword, since we really got nothing to show as picture this week. It came out with a lame +2 and 1S.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Penderie & Raiden's Angel II. Quinzel's Penderie II includes Violeita Costume (Crazy Emilia), Bristian Colonel Cut Hair (Eduardo), Caeromia Costume (Ania), Clivia Sprite Costume (f/mus), etc. Raiden's Angel II includes Angel Guriel's Gaiters (AR33), Dragon's Fury Shotgun (AR32), Piece of Naraka - Beel, etc. There was also a promotion for free Belle de Jour Costume (Torsche). Violeita Costume is selling in several hundreds of millions in vis prices, so it is unlikely now that Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) will have a costume to go with her hat.

There is also an in-game event for Oktoberfest Celebration in Ustiur Base Camp, giving away some new boxes. The time is horrible for us, so we couldn't make it for freebies and screenies.

There are 4 disconnections this week. Meanwhile, we are busy away from Granado Espada, watching Supernatural, Primeval, Terra Nova, and Falling Skies. The torrents are available from EZTV.

In v9.11.0, [Darkness] debuffs will be revised. See 뜨거운 감자 다크니스, 드디어 변화가 시작된다! for details. The article uses L12 [Deep Sleep] (110% base chance) as a testing skill. The changes are as follow: 

  1. Intelligence (INT) of caster will affect debuff probability. For example, a wizard with INT 70 will have a total chance of 110 * 70 / 100 = 77%. 
  2.  Buffs that resist debuffs will also affect debuff probability. For example, if the target has 20% debuff resistance, the chance will be (110-20) * 110 / 100 = 99%.
  3. All characters with [Darkness] stance will have their ability statistics reset. 

Characters & Statistics
So what does this mean for the various characters and their statistics builds?

Character INT CON Debuff Max HP
M'Boma 70 90 77% 70,940
M'Boma 100 60 110% 55,970
Emilia the Sage 80 70 88% 58,916
Emilia the Sage 110 40 121% 46,055
Wizard 70 70 77% 60,230
Wizard 100 40 110% 46,915

The Max HP listed above is based on Master Lv.10 with Family Lv.41, using maximum-HP enchanted Crafted Necklace, Magic Earrings, Magic Belt, Magic Gloves, Magic Shoes, Custom Wings, Enhanced [Darkness] Rings, Boost Potion, L12 [Principal], and L12 [Strategy] (aka [Melee Enhancement]).

All characters gain +33% debuff chance when INT increases by 30 points, while max HP drops by approximately 13,000 to 15,000. As such, [Darkness] users should invest in INT after v9.11.0 update. Note that Emilia the Sage mentioned here is the original one with base INT 80, and not "Emilia the Sage 2" released for Singapore edition with base INT 70.

[Darkness] vs. Resistance
Debuff resistance will lower debuff chance. The following test is based on M'Boma against a target with [Rouse] (aka [Escape Artist]; L11 resist 11% for 16.5 seconds) and/or [Ignore Harm] (L10 resist 50% for 240 seconds).

Caster Rouse Lv. Ignore Harm Lv. Debuff
INT 74 - - 81%
INT 104 - - 114%
INT 104 11 - 103%
INT 104 - 10 62%
INT 104 11 10 51%

Note that [Redemption], [Wanted Action], and [Frost Shield] skills also grant complete debuff immunity for a few seconds. The following graph shows Emilia the Sage (INT 110) against the various resistances.

Note that INT can be boosted further with necklace (+3), belt (+3), rings (+4), earrings (+3), and Status Ampule (+3). One item of note is Will of Argus (earring) which grants INT +10.

Why Use Emilia the Sage?
Highest chance to debuff due to base INT (80)
Access to [Enhanced Tactics] stance in v8.10.0
Access to [Incantation] stance to resist enemy debuffs
Role: Debuff + Buff

Why Use M'Boma?
L11 Power of Absinia: More HP, DEF Rating +1 for 20 seconds
Highest HP due to base CON (60)
Role: Debuff + "Tank" (sort of...)

Why Use Wizard?
L11 Energy Shield: Absorb damage, DEF Rating +1 for 58 seconds
Access to [Telekinesis] stance to deal noteworthy damage
Access to [Incantation] stance to resist enemy debuffs
Role: Debuff + Damage

...What About Normal Emilia?
Normal Emilia is not mentioned in the article, but she has base INT 60, so she is even worse than M'Boma when it comes to inflicting debuffs. She should probably stick to CON build instead. That way, she can function as a scout buffer with bonus magic buffs and reasonable HP. If she uses INT build instead, she is going to be out-matched by Emilia the Sage. [Whole Cancellation] should be still useful for her though. So her role is better suited as a scout replacement.

Additional v9.11.0 Patch Notes
  1. Each Master level grants bonus HP equals to (CON * CON / 7.5) + 500.
  2. Movement speed limit has been improved. [Madness] stance can allow even faster movement.
  3. RES penalty for INT 50 or less has been removed.
There are also 2 articles you may want to read up on - Revised Arsene's Secret Vault v9.10.1 and Revised Secret Tower v9.9.1. I may or may not translate them, depending on how much free time (and motivation) I have available.

The Move function is set to a specific coordinate, moving the character(s) through the shortest possible route. You must be using user-defined hot keys, then insert the following line into the hot key (.xml) file.

<HotKey Name=" Move To Helena Room " Scp="Move(61, -10783, -9)" Key="MINUS" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="NO" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="NO" />

The sample command above will move the character(s) to Helena's Room in Arsene Circus raid mission, where you need to trigger her response. The hot key is set to the minus key (-). This is useful for players who use alternate/mule families to start Arsene Circus raids. This hot key will move the character down the corridor, turn corners, and go straight to Helena's Room to trigger her dialog, then stay there as an anchor since the room is free of mobs. It makes it slightly more convenient to manage the alternate/mule family. Obviously, you need to be on the correct map (e.g. Arsene Circus) for this to work.

This function is useful mostly in zones with disabled zone maps. For other zones, you can simply click on the zone map to move to any given spot. You can find other coordinates by typing /where into the chat window. The destination should not be blocked from the starting location (e.g. portal). Note that you cannot change hot keys while the game client is running. You will need to restart the client.

The following coordinates will move a character from from the 1st room (via Queen's Gate) in Reboldeaux Culverts (i.e. sewers) to the 4th room where you can create room for Arsene Circus:
  1. Move(3200, -9995, -64)
  2. Move(-7300, 9970, -80)
  3. Move(1500, 6900, 46)

There is nothing much to report this week, as we are mostly offline or AFK. Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Master Lv.9 in Castilla Tower of Chaos, and finally got Grief Eye from Elminor of Chaos. Adriana's reward consisted of nothing more than 1 Honor C Card and 3 useless medals. Alustriel (ETS) and Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.6 and Lv.3 respectively, while collecting Ancient Runes - 29 Ti, 1 Te, 47 Ar, and 1 An. Icarus (m/wiz) also reached Lv.100.

During the bit of active time, we drag ourselves to complete a few solo runs of daily missions like Arsene Circus, Torsche's Basement, and Accursed Occulta. We got Elite Daemon Slayer Recipe, but otherwise, the loot is just typical (mostly chips). Even the weekly Griffon mission dropped only Symbol of Taurus. We had another first encounter this week, murdering a random Murdur Vordoi (L120 Daemon) for its Piece of Naraka.

As usual, some time after each game update, things will always settle down into a boring repetition. There is no official information on the next update, but our guess is that it will be v8.5 like several other editions, and released probably around Jan-Feb 2012. Whatever, we will just slowly take our time with stuffs at our pace.

Cash items remain more expensive in the market than we find acceptable, and the spell of bad luck seems to be still in the air. There are 5 disconnections this week.

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. This mission works in the same way as the normal Rafflesia mission, except there are also 3-5 Sabre Tigers (L115 Life) roaming around. So just use the same tactics. Kill the mobs (L108 Life) for Rafflesia Petal which can buff up to 3 families. Use scout as leader to get the buff so the attacking characters can continue to deal damage.

If you have problems managing the mobs , assign families to kill only mobs for the DPS families. Scouts should stay out of the boss' areas of effect. The Torso (and some mobs) can only be hit by ranged characters, so avoid bringing melee characters.

Like normal Rafflesia, the boss has 2 skills - one knocks characters outwards, and one pulls them inwards. Run out of skill area if possible, so you won't get drawn in and die beneath Queen Eater, making resuscitation problematic. Kill Queen Eater Legs first, followed by Torso (considered flying), and then finally Egg.

Rafflesia can inflict [Confusion] status which disables skill usage. This can be removed with Refresh Mind from [Tactical Assistance] stance. Likewise, [Poison] status can be removed with Recover from [Medic] stance.

Since this party mission is similar to the field raid version, see Wiki of the New World: Raids for more recommendations or tactics. See also クエスト/ラフレシア 党.

These 2 player-designed costumes seem to be customized for Taiwan edition of the game, similar to Steel Griffin & Scarlet Admiral for Russia edition. ANNASERBIRA family designed Amis Malataw Costume Set (body costume + hat) for female wizard, while TZA family designed Lion Dance Costume for male musketeer.

They originated from the 2009 design competition for Taiwan edition. See 原創服飾設計大賽入圍作品公告 for the concept arts of the 10 finalist entries submitted to IMC. The 2 implemented costumes below should be the winning entries.

Here are some interesting background information for those who are unfamiliar...

Amis (阿美族) are an indigenous people of Taiwan, one of the thirteen recognized people of Taiwanese aborigines. They are polytheists, and worship a pantheon of deities, including the sun god Malataw (馬拉道).
Malataw is the patron deity of the Amis. He is the creator of nature, and also serves as a war god. As such, the local F16 fighter jets were customized with his holy symbol. An Ami chant was also used in the song Return to Innocence by Enigma.

Lion Dance (舞狮) is the traditional Chinese dance, in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume. Lion dances are especially common during Chinese New Year, since the practice was allegedly originated from the myth of Nian (年兽), a fearsome beast who was frightened away by the loud music accompanying the lion dances. 

Lion dances can be broadly categorised into three styles - Chinese Northern (北獅), Chinese Southern (南獅), and Taiwanese (臺灣獅). The Chinese Northern dance was used as entertainment for the imperial court and elsewhere. The Chinese Southern dance is usually performed as a ceremony to scare away evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune. The Taiwanese dance integrates with martial arts. The focus on martial arts is very different from the Chinese southern dance whose fancy style is more suitable for circuit shows.

Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Master Lv.8 inside Castilla Relic mission. While collecting Ancient Runes, Alustriel (ETS) and Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.5 and Lv.2 respectively. Holy Water Chamber mission dropped Dragon Heart Recipe. The weekly Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Aquarius. We also completed 8 Team Arena missions, and looted Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Leo, and 2 Symbols of Cancer. We only managed to join 2 party missions this week:

  • [Fury Griffon] Le Noir Recipe, L84 Elite Armor + 2 L84 Elite Armors
  • [Fury Sharffenberger] L92 Elite Armor Recipe, White Gold Bar + 2 L92 Elite Armor Recipes 
We started doing Torsche's Basement missions with a subsidiary family... and found out that there is a hidden timer ticking after the treasure chest appears. If you don't open the chest quickly, the mission will end without roulette. Another run ended with disconnection. All other raid missions yielded crap for us as usual, but at least someone else got a Serpent Spear (polearm) from Joaquin Underground Prison. We have our first encounter with Great Fordoi (L120 Daemon), since it was never there when we went to do random checks on it previously. People have been locking its timer down for Pieces of Naraka apparently.

After 2 months of evaluating Halcyon clan, we decided that it wasn't the right clan for us and so we left the clan. There have been some difficulty in finding people to join in missions during our active time, especially those missions that are too much trouble for too little loot if attempted alone. The party missions are also moved to a time when we couldn't really participate. Then a few new members are simply people we could not abide for various reasons. Since there is no overwhelming justification to put up with them, we refused to remain in their presences.

We tried to +7 upgrade Golden Feet (gaiters) again after maintenance... and it continued to fail. It bled our vis coffers dry again. Raging, we passed the gaiters to a friend for upgrade... and it finally went +7. So, this Golden Feet (gaiters) used a grand total of 960 Upgrade Accelerators, 20 Lacquers +5: Veteran, and 44 Lacquers +6: Veteran to achieve +7 upgrade. This is so messed up. We don't even want to know how much vis that cost us to buy all those cash shop items... We nearly decided to upgrade the gaiters without cash shop items, let it break, and forget all about the martial artists.

Even its sockets are cursed. We used 6 Socket Flux to open all 3 sockets for The Wits of Gemini (knuckle). The Golden Feet (gaiters), however, took 33 Socket Flux to accomplish the same thing. So the damned L100 Elite Gaiters costed way more than our Constellation Knuckle. Sigh. We are just glad the gaiters is over and done with, so now we can move on....

As expected, The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar for 250 Gold each. Quinzel's Penderie includes Dragon Heart, Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Naraka, Blue Serpent Costume (m/mus), Violeita Hat (Crazy Emilia), Caerunis Costume (Nar), Rose Camellia Costume (f/fig), etc. Raiden's Angel includes Angel Ezekiel's Zweihander (AR33 great sword), Dragon's Fury Crossbow (AR32 crossbow), Piece of Naraka - Lu, etc. See Quinzel's Penderie & Raiden's Angel for details and screenshots. We traded 2 Master Explorer Packs (30 days) for Dragon's Fury Crossbow, but we will leave the upgrading and enchantment for next week instead.

The highlight of the new boxes is, of course, the new series of Angel Weapons. However, pioneers should note that the Angel Weapons in G1 servers are the nerfed versions that also appeared in Singapore servers. The nerfed ones have lower base ATK and do not always have the innate enchantments. Compare Angel Ezekiel's Zweihander (Singapore) with Angel Zweihander (Japan). See also 국내에 매직 서클이 있다면 해외엔 이들이 있다! (Korean). Since IAHGames couldn't get the pre-nerf Angel Weapons, it is a foregone conclusion that IMC won't give them to G1 as well. It will be prudent to assume that all upcoming Angel Weapons in G1 servers are the same as those in Singapore servers. Interested pioneers can find more information on these nerfed weapons in The Wordwood: Granado Espada Items.

There were 6 disconnections this week. There was an emergency maintenance this week as well, which pretty much screwed Medusa over.