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Here is my entry for another Sword of the New World forum contest. It's based on a screenshot I took after an Ice Gate raid, while running to save warp point in Frozen Wastes. Of course, the final version below was subjected to some editing and image manipulation. Click on image for full-size view (1024 x 768). For contest details and other entries, see v4.1 Loading Screen Contest.

Update: See v4.1 Loading Screen Contest Winners!

GE-China 《新卓越之剑》 has introduced a preview for their upcoming patches in cGE official articles, 2010年中国地区更新计划揭晓 and 2010年开发展望. With the combined efforts of The9 and IMC Games, the future of GE has been laid out, allowing cGE to have faster updates. Tentatively, there will be a new patch every 1-2 months. The following preview is to let players know what to expect in 2010 for cGE.

The following is my translation of the 5 previews. Some names are English approximations at best. I will correct them as soon as there is an official English rendering of the name. This blog entry includes a few Chinese characters, in case you see gibberish and wonder what it is.

Automatic system, daily missions, Dark Emilia, Asoka, and new armors!
  • Automatic System: New system introduced to ease monotonous grinding. You can set the automatic system to search for monsters, use potions, use skills, feed pets, etc., allowing you to play while chatting or browsing the Internet...*
  • Daily Missions: You can gain level without grinding. Everyday, there are missions in each town to hunt specific monsters, find NPC, patrol the town, etc. for EXP and other rewards.
  • Upgrade System: Are you tired of being unlucky at upgrading equipment? Are you frustrated at being stuck at the bottle-neck of having only +9 weapons?** The new system will make it all easier!
  • Colony War: New system has no limitation. Once Colony War begins, all clans/factions/guilds can join in to capture a colony. Number of colonies has been revised, and different field maps have different colony maps. Chain colony system introduced.
  • New Characters: Dark Emilia (Reckless Emilia) and Asoka are available for recruitment.
  • New Armors: Against greater evil, Elite Le Noir is helpless. New armors (Greek Kroma) will be available.
  • Holy Water Chamber: Holy Water Chamber raid mission will be added.
  • Abyss of Death: In the Land of the Dead, a gate emits the mists of death, leading to the abyss where the 4 elemental kings and a dark demon king resides.
  • Constellation Stances: New expert stances added for wizard (Darkness), elementalist (Magic of Occultism/Occultism Assistance), and scout (Enhanced Tactics).
Note (*): Uh, I assume this is a cGE-specific client feature...
Note (**): What the **** is wrong with these gamers who complain about having only +9 weapons?

Catherine revived? A plot in Dr. Torsche's Mansion? Recruit Catherine Torsche, have more constellation stances, expert accessories, and uncover the secret of the Otite of Wind.
  • Recruit Real Catherine: Catherine Torsche was kidnapped by the Ten Nobles who faked her death and brain-washed her into becoming a heartless assassin.
  • Torsche's Mansion Basement: Return to Dr. Torsche's Mansion and enter its basement mission to uncover the secret of the Otite of Wind and stop the secret plot of the Ten Nobles.
  • Constellation Stances: New expert stances will be added for lute (Prelude), cannon (Demolition Burst), shotgun (Superior Blaster), and blunt (Crusader).
  • Expert Accessories: New expert-exclusive accessories - rings, earrings, belts, gloves, and boots.

The princess Valeria arrives. Prepare to pioneer the New World in Castilla! Explore the Greek-styled ancient ruins.
  • Recruit Valeria: Princess Grabriella's twin sister has been imprisoned since her youth for political reasons. Free and save the princess!
  • Castilla: The discovery of Castilla has been hushed up for 50 years. Now the Queen has sent for a 2nd expedition to Castilla. Explore the beach, the mines, and the Greek-styled ruins to uncover the mysteries of Castilla.
  • Constellation Stances: New expert stances will be added for polearm (Tronada Cruz), sabre (Bloody Feast), and crossbow* (???).
Note (*): It looks like the next stance to be revealed will be for crossbow...

Expand pioneering efforts to the west of the New World. Unseal the devil's armor! The battle between good and evil!
  • New Character: 格兰蒂斯 (Gelandis?), an experienced noble whose silhouette alone is charming enough to make girls drop their panties*, will be available for recruitment. He is indispensable in the fight against the devil.
  • Devil's Citadel: After Bahamar and Caebolan, the pioneering efforts expand westward. Do the ancient gods reside in the old citadel? It has become the den of evil, where the fight has never ceased!
  • Devil's Armor: Banned by the church, crafted with demonic crystals, and built with seductive features.** The armor is said to be infused with the devil's soul, causing the user to sink into darkness and become the devil's puppet.
Note (*): Okay, the article didn't exactly mention panties... but the meaning is close enough. He is supposed to be a handsome dude who mesmerizes young women.
Note (**): The picture placed next to this part is the concept art for Blue Serpent costumes. Maybe it is a new armor series based on the costumes, not unlike how the costume versions (e.g. Olga Patricia, Rose Patricia) of Greek Kroma were introduced way before the armor series itself.

Join the 4th character promotion! New raid mission! Ancient divine weapons revealed!
  • High Master Promotion: The 4th character promotion of High Master* will be available, providing more AR/DR, HP, and Max SP. You can freely assign stat points.
  • 贝拉斯特斯 (Bellastes?): This place is full of mysteries, containing the secrets of the ancient civilization. Even the royal guards have been sent from countries thousands of miles away to seize its secrets.
  • Divine Weapons: Divine weapons from the ancient civilization reappears in the New World. Rumored to have the power to slice through space/reality, these weapons are so glorious that even constellation weapons appear pale before them.
Note (*): The 4th promotion level is called High Master (宗师), as confirmed in the promotion scroll already listed inside existing datatable_item_etc.ies file (v3.4). The 5th promotion is called Grand Master (大宗师?). For references, the existing promotion levels in cGE are called 精英 (Veteran), 专家 (Expert), and 大师 (Master).

Sword of the New World has replaced Portmanteau VI with Portmanteau VII in the cash shop. The new boxes include the following items:

  • Spit Cliantes Costume (m/mus) - Andre's Portmanteau VII only
  • Kaelienalbno Costume (wiz) - Karj's Portmanteau VII only
  • Wild Layered Shaggy Hair (m/mus)
  • Fairy Wings (90 days)
  • Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • EXP Cards
  • Angler Spinelle
  • Pet Box (Panpan)
  • Great Stones
The following unreleased costumes/hairs are already inside v3.4 client, so we can probably expect them in future Portmanteau boxes.
  • Female Cow Suit - F/Basic [M&S]
  • Male Cow Suit - M/Basic [M&S]
  • Piernoente - Fig [96E]
  • Camaryllis - Mus [96E]
  • Inviardeco - Sco [96E]
  • Geniaruleano - Ele [96E]
For v3.4 hats and hairs, see the list of new items in Evora v3.4 Data.

Item of the Month: May 2010
The item of the month has been changed to 10 Ring Boxes. With 40% discount, the 10-box bundle now costs 897 Gold.

According to 新キャスト「アスカ」について, Asoka will be added to GE Japan on April 27, 2010. It seems like Asoka is set to be Mifuyu's sister in jGE. See also the related in-game event 異国からの刺客.

Her voice actress is Tomatsu Haruka (戸松遥).

According to the forum topic here, the recruitment quest can be started only by using Veteran Andre, Grandma, Claude, Kurt, or Adelina the Pirate to talk to Asoka. She will then offer 2 options to gain her character card.
  1. Kill Betelgeuse x15 in Secret Tower 2F and Jormongand (aka Garim) x3.
  2. Collect 5,000 quest items which are dropped by special skeletal monsters.
See also ミフユを追う影.

For players who can't find their way around even with a map... here is a screenshot of the trigger spot for Calyce's Beginning of the Truth quest to gain Sagitta manual. For quest guide and map, see Book of Wind.

After some training, Maimonides (m/mus) reached Veteran Lv.4, Soteira (Helena) reached Lv.87, and Sylune (Calyce) reached Veteran Lv.1. This resulted in the new family level 32+3. Meanwhile, Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Expert Lv.3, and looted Elite Dragon Coat Recipe from Lv.110 Elviot (drop rate 1/200,000).

Romina used 2 Secret Keys in Arsene Circus and received 6 Veteran G EXP Cards twice. After 2 false starts, the family successfully completed their first solo Team Arena with the help of mission-starter families.

After completing 7 Team Arenas this week, the family added Symbol of Capricorn and Symbol of Scorpio to their collection (6/12). There were also a few rings, such as Prompt Action, Cat's Eye, and Protection Field.

The family acquired 11 Rough Stones this week, but the only HQ jewel refined was HQ Tanzanite. This is consuming too much reputation points, so the family probably will refine only yellow and red stones from now on.

ZeraST, who previously ran STNW Source (now defunct), has returned to the game and is now hosting a new website for UI skins, including his new dark reaper skin (see below).

Visit Sword UIs for your skinning needs today.

Imperial Wheel IX (jGE) has been released for April 23-27, 2010. The news article 「インペリアルホイール 第9弾」開催!! includes some concept art. See also jGE Costume Catalogue for more art. Other rewards include Draconic Shotgun and Elite Le Blanc - Elementalist.

Body Costume + Hat
Grandma Exclusive

Body Costume + Hair
Calyce Exclusive

Lightning Bracelet • Expert Exclusive
ATK 277 • ATK Rating 33
Lightning ATK +40

Great Sword • Expert Exclusive
ATK 458 • ATK Rating 33
Mental ATK +40

Crossbow • Expert Exclusive
ATK 369 • ATK Rating 33
DEF Penetration +10

The names above are taken from the data-tables of jGE client. These seem to be the first set of constellation costumes. It looks like the game designers ran out of flowers for names...

Nacre, also known as mother of pearl, is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by some mollusks as an inner shell layer. It is also what makes up pearls. It is very strong and resilient.

Nacre appears iridescent because the thickness of the aragonite platelets is close to the wavelength of visible light. This results in constructive and destructive interference of different wavelengths of light, resulting in different colors of light being reflected at different viewing angles.

Romina used 2 Secret Keys in Arsene Circus, and received 3 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips... twice. The circus this week yielded Elite La Ventisca Recipe. Athena (f/fig) finally learnt Mighty Cruz, and spent some time with Adorabelle (f/ele) in Errac Dias and Eastern Bahamar Underground Cave. Athena (f/fig) reached Expert Lv.3, while Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Expert Lv.2.

Meanwhile, Adorabelle (f/ele) joined a raid on Einwind in the Silent Maze Sanctuary.

Sword of the New World has introduced Portmanteau VI boxes to replace Portmanteau V. The new boxes contain the following:

  • Kronian Thanatos Costume (m/sco) - Andre's Portmanteau VI only
  • Nana Artozeia Costume (f/ele) - Karj's Portmanteau VI only
  • Fairy Wings (90 days)
  • Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • Exp Cards
  • Angler Spinelle
  • Shaggy Wolf Hair (m/sco)
  • Pet Box (Panpan)
  • Great Stones
Sith, a buffer pet (Lv.11 Intensify, Lv.11 Fortify, Lv.10 Divine Blessing), has also been added to the cash shop for 2,500 Gold, which is enough to buy 28 Great Stones (i.e. 2.8m feso). Like the Pigling, this is extremely expensive, considering that other GE editions sell them for 500k feso.1

EXP +100% Event
Base EXP has been increased by +100% until April 28, 2010 to celebrate 3-year community anniversary.

Item enchantments have certain limits and rarity values. Note that the following do not apply to unique items (e.g. Light of Arch Angels, Bracelet of Poseidon). The data is retrieved from datatable_itemopt.ies file (v3.4). See also Enchantments: Armors.

All weapons (except shields and tools) can have these generic enchantments.

Weapons (General)
Min Max Rarity
ATK 5% 40% 8
ATK Speed 5% 30% 8
ATK Rating 1 3 150
Human ATK 20% 100% 200
Wild Beast ATK 20% 100% 100
Daemon ATK 20% 100% 100
Undead ATK 20% 100% 100
Golem ATK 20% 100% 100
Dinosaur ATK 20% 100% 100

The enchantments below are for melee weapons only (except shields).

Melee Weapons
Min Max Rarity
Critical 3 10 9
Poison 3% 12% 9
Stun 3% 12% 9
Fire ATK 5 50 9
Ice ATK 5 50 9
Lightning ATK 5 50 9
Mental ATK 5 50 9

Ranged weapons refer to bayonet, rifle, pistol, cannon, shotgun, and crossbow.

Ranged Weapons
Min Max Rarity
Critical 3 15 10
Accuracy 3 20 10
Fear 3% 10% 10
Darkness 3% 10% 10
Fire ATK 10 50 10
Ice ATK 10 50 10
Lightning ATK 10 50 10
Mental ATK 10 50 10

Magic weapons include rod, staff, special rod, lute, and bracelet.

Magic Weapons
Min Max Rarity
Max SP 5% 25% 4
Status* 3 10 4
Elemental ATK* 10 80 4

Note (*): Status refers to Burn (fire bracelet), Freeze (ice bracelet), Shock (lightning bracelet), or Darkness (rod/staff/lute/special bracelet).
Elemental ATK refers to Fire ATK (fire bracelet), Ice ATK (ice bracelet), Lightning ATK (lightning bracelet), or Mental ATK (rod/staff/lute/special bracelet).

Tlazolteotl (Ania) became the latest Veteran after training in Topolo Durga, where she looted a Fire Orb from an AFK family. Fire Orbs are dropped by the shotgun-wielding Hoodlum and Elite Hoodlum (Lv.100) in Topolo Durga at 1/10,000 rate.

Thereafter, she went to Andre in Reboldeaux, and found out that the gay lord was a member of Violakea, a society fighting Stratavista. She confronted him about what Violakea was going to do with Ferruccio Espada, but was interrupted by Emily. Apparently, Andre was invited to the New World by Dilos Latemn, and Dignite costumes were commissioned by Fritz.

The family refined 11 rough stones, and the only HQ jewels produced are HQ Pearl and HQ Zircon. Elite Rescue Suit Recipe was looted from Arsene Circus and Adorabelle (f/ele) won the firecracker bid for Symbol of Gemini from Team Arena.

The masters tried Secret Tower once more together with another family, but this time, they finally avoided getting disconnected in 2F since they did not hunt the elite ghouls. Betelgeuse dropped Elite Rescue Suit Recipe, which was later given to the anonymous provider of the Weird Thing Keys. It seems like the disconnection issue is with fighting and dragging mobs. But with Monster Model Render Quantity set to minimum, it is really difficult to find the 3 elite ghouls without moving slowly and thus dragging mobs. Hm. It looks like the family have to test 2F again some day, this time in solo mode.

Athena (f/fig) trained in Eastern Bahamar Underground Cave and reached Expert Lv.2. It was really annoying, since there is episodic lag with ping of 1 minute or more. Meanwhile, the Secret Guard family started training the new elementalist Anesidora (another name for Pandora), who was named after the first woman to unleash evils upon the world in Greek mythology. She was promoted to Expert in a few days.

G1-Neume revealed some news about the next Sword of the New World update in Next Major Update Details forum topic.

It will include all updates from the Korean version from 3.5 to 4.1.2. It will NOT include Sorceress Emilia (that name may change) as we've previously announced. I also want to point out that we have received the next major update and are working to put it on our Montoro Test Server as we speak. We intend to release this to a limited closed beta in the near future.1

The few tit-bits he revealed so far are mostly features of v3.5, so I will link them to existing feature articles in sGE below. Costumes are linked to the respective screenshots.
For more v3.5 sGE features, see sGE v3.5.14 Update. For kGE Patch Notes v4.0+, see Book of Wind: Patch Notes.

More updates on stances and skills here.

Portmanteau VI
In addition, Portmanteau VI boxes will include Sith.2 I will assume this means Sith will be replacing Panpan.

Item enchantments have certain limits and rarity values. Note that the following do not apply to unique items. The data is retrieved from datatable_itemopt.ies file (v3.4). See also Enchantments: Weapons.

The following table is for leather and metal armors.

Leather & Metal
Min Max Rarity
DEF 4 20 8
Evasion 3 15 8
Movement Speed 4% 20% 7
Fire RES 5 15 7
Ice RES 5 15 7
Lightning RES 5 15 7
Mental RES 5 15 7
Mind RES* 5 15 7
Max HP 5% 25% 100
DEF Rating 1 3 150

The following table is for coats and robes.

Coats & Robes
Min Max Rarity
DEF 3 15 8
Evasion 2 10 8
Movement Speed 4% 20% 7
Fire RES 5 20 7
Ice RES 5 20 7
Lightning RES 5 20 7
Mental RES 5 20 7
Mind RES* 5 20 7
Max HP 4% 20% 100
DEF Rating 1 3 150

Note (*): Mind RES refers to the resistance against abnormal status (i.e. debuff). A text error results in it being displayed as Mental RES. So any armor displayed with Mental RES may actually be having Mind RES instead.

The enchantments below are for shields only. Some unique shields can have higher racial ATK reduction (max. -40%).

Min Max Rarity
DEF 1 5 6
Fire RES 1 8 6
Ice RES 1 8 6
Lightning RES 1 8 6
Block 2 10 6
Human ATK -5% -25% 150
Wild Beast ATK -5% -25% 150
Daemon ATK -5% -25% 150
Undead ATK -5% -25% 150
Golem ATK -5% -25% 150
Dinosaur ATK -5% -25% 150
DEF Rating 1 2 200

The enchantments below are for Selva's Arm Shield only.

Arm Shield
Min Max Rarity
DEF 1 5 6
Block 2 10 6
Lightning RES 1 8 6
ATK Rating 1 1 150

Tools include controller, whistle (aka caliburn), and hammer.

Tools Min Max Rarity
Max SP 10% 25% 4
Summon ATK Rating 1 2 200
Summon DEF Rating 1 2 200

The enchantments in the table below are for gloves, leather gloves, hard-leather gloves, and chain bracers. Veteran gloves are unique items, and instead have different maximum limits:
  • Mystic Gloves [DEF 3] DEF +10, ATK Speed +15%, Max SP +10%
  • Assassin Gloves [DEF 2] ATK Speed +20%
  • Aiming Gloves [DEF 6] DEF +10, ATK Speed +15%, Accuracy +10
  • Schvarlier Gauntlet [DEF 9, ATK Speed -4%] DEF +10, ATK Speed +15%

Gloves Min Max Rarity
DEF 1 5 6
ATK Speed 1% 10% 6
Accuracy 1 5 6
Max SP 1% 10% 100

The enchantments in the table below are for shoes, leather boots, hard-leather boots, and chain boots. Veteran boots are unique items, and instead have different maximum limits:
  • Mystic Shoes [DEF 3] DEF +10, Movement +15%
  • Assassin Boots [DEF 2] Evasion +10, Movement +20%
  • Tracking Boots [DEF 6] DEF +10, Max HP +10%, Movement +15%
  • Schvarlier Grieve [DEF 9, Move -5%] DEF +10, Movement +15%

Boots Min Max Rarity
DEF 1 5 6
Movement Speed 1% 10% 6
Evasion 1 5 6
Max HP 1% 10% 100

What Is Rarity Value?
is a number that denotes the frequency of an enchantment. A higher number denotes infrequency. I'm still uncertain about how exactly Rarity converts to chances (%) of enchantment.

Note that Rarity applies to the enchantment types (e.g. ATK Speed), not to enchantment values (e.g. 5%, 28%). So it seems that the chances of getting high enchantment values maybe the same as those of getting low enchantment values. If this is true, once you get DEF Rating enchantment, you are as likely to get DR+1 as DR+2 or DR+3.

DEF Rating +4 Armors?
There are Lv.84 elite armors with DR+4 in sGE, but those came from an old in-game event where the armors were auctioned off for assorted cash shop items. They were probably made by GM who modified the enchantment tables internally to allow for DR+4. You can't do this normally.

The family was not as active this week, in order to help another family with Secret Guard. The experts spent some time in Frozen Wastes, and Tlazolteotl (Ania) gained a few levels in Topolo Durga. The treasure hunters found Rod of Armageddon as their 45th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1.

A new preview has been released by kGE here.

0. April's Fool Fake Preview
A fake preview as an April's Fool joke features Princess Gabriella, Simon Ayende, and Sir Lyndon. The princess has Lord of Elements, Magic of Occultism, Occultism Assistance, and Enhanced Tactics. Simon is basically Garcia with better stats. Sir Lyndon is basically fighter with better stats.

1. New Character: Valeria
Valeria, Princess Gabriella's twin sister, has been added. The royal twins were born in Vespanola. Valeria was confined in Underground Joaquin. After 16 years, her presence is known by Sir Lyndon and Simon. As a healer, she can use Rosario. She has access to First Aid and a new stance called 이노켄티오 (Innocentio). Some skills target large numbers and supposedly, provide better healing capabilities than scout.

Update: See kGE Screen Board for screenshots of Innocentio.

2. New Mission: Underground Joaquin
New Underground Joaquin Mission has been added, which has monsters much higher-level than those in the old dungeon. It is near the place where Valeria was confined. Is the secret of the Prison de Joaquin about to be revealed?

3. New Stances: Bloody Feast & Tronada Cruz
Bloody Feast, the dual-sabre expert stance, is now available for Adelina, Adelina the Pirate, Panfilo, Panfilo the Battle-Cook, Najib Sharif, Kurt, Eduardo, and Asoka. It can be acquired from Emilia with Symbol of Cancer.

Tronada Cruz, the polearm expert stance, is available for fighter, Claude, Jose, Alejandro, Reboldeaux Soldier, and Coimbra Trooper. It can be acquired from Emilia with Symbol of Aries.

Update: Corrected mistranslations of stance names - Tronada Cruz and Bloody Feast. See the links for kGE screenshots of the stance/skill descriptions. Also, according to Merriam-Webster, Tronada is Spanish for thunderstorm.

4. Spring Event
kGE seems to be having the same Spring event as Sword of the New World. See Spring Fever Festival.