Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Both SNW (Oct 28-Nov 4) and sGE (Oct 29-Nov 19) are also having the event previously mentioned for twGE. For details, see Semana de los Muerte (SNW), Halloween Monster Race (sGE), and Halloween Event 2009 (twGE). I will just post some things not mentioned in the 3 articles linked above...

The Strolling Witch is located in Auch (D6, Channel 1 ONLY), offering standard rewards, bonus rewards, and server-record rewards. SNW has the same standard/bonus rewards as sGE (see Halloween Monster Race), but server-record rewards are probably different. The stats of the 2-day back costumes were mentioned previously here, and the ones for bonus rewards are permanent with no stats.

[ ]

There seems to be 7 possible missions in all - 3 low-level (available to family level 1-15), 3 high-level, and 1 boss. The exact mission is randomly determined within its category (low-level, high-level). The following missions are taken from SNW, but it should be the same for sGE as well. (If it isn't, please leave a comment.)

  1. [Lo] Elite Striped Spider x60 (Al Quelt Moreza Nartex) + Elite Vedanobah x60 (Al Quelt Moreza Nartex)
  2. [Lo] Elite Phobitan Imp x110 (Tetra Hill, Tetra Ruins) + Elite Lazim x45 (Tetra Hill)
  3. [Lo] Elite Gavi di Gavi x60 (Porto Bello) + Elite Merman x30 (Porto Bello)
  4. [Hi] Grim Reaper x40 (Ferruccio Wall) + Plain Phobitan Imp x115 (Lago Celeste)
  5. [Hi] Swamp Spider-Crab x110 (Bahamar Wetlands) + Villain x75 (Topolo Durga)
  6. [Hi] Diseased Capybara x95 (Abertal) + Skeleton Raptor x150 (Ustiur Zona Cuatro, Skeleton Dungeon 3F)
  7. [Boss] Jormongand x1 (Vegas Javier) ... See Garim's Nest for details.

[ ]

Use the Witch's Pocket Watch (you get 3 per mission) to get the time, so that you can complete the mission marginally before your previous record in order to get the bonus reward and make it easier for the next mission. Note that if you give up on the mission, it still counts towards your daily limits (3). Since it is about kill counts, you may squad with other players for faster kills.

Update: The Witch's Candy is a non-tradable buff item affecting all active characters for 1 hour (3,600 seconds), granting EXP +20%, Stance EXP +20%, and Movement Speed +10%.

[ ]

Unfortunately, you cannot dump these event back costumes into the Costume Collection Chest. Thanks to SnowHusky and lolathe for providing more info on the low-level hunts.

Since sGE has updated to v3.5, the portraits.bmp file inside ui.ipf has also been updated. Compared to Head Icons v3.4, there are 3 new icons - chicken pet, Mifuyu, and Reckless Emilia. Click on the thumbnail below for a full-size view of the file, converted to .png format.

Free Image Hosting at

More AFK time were spent in Via Fluvial and Bahamar Wetlands. Visca (Grace) reached Veteran Lv.4, while Anahita (f/sco) reached Veteran Lv.10. They looted another Snail Shell and encountered several Swamp Spider-Crab Leaders (Lv.105). One of them dropped a Green Rough-Stone, which was then refined into a stupid Peridot, wasting my reputation points...

[ ]On the subject of crabs... someone was dumping unwanted items in town. Curious about one of the drops, I picked them up. I have never seen Crab Claws before, maybe because I was always AFK when training in Gigante Beach. I assume it is useless like Deflated Beach Ball...

Thelandira (f/mus) tried to upgrade her armor to +7, wasting 200 Upgrade Accelerators, 5 Lacquer +5: General, and 1 Lacquer +6: General. She failed and the armor was upgraded back to +6. That's 400m+ vis wasted on just one +7 attempt alone. So lame.

The experts made 4 visits to Bellem's Relics, and recovered Shaft Hammer and other Lv.84 elite junk. The treasure hunters found their 28th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1: Vampiric Edge, Elite Imperial Shooter, and Elite Kaladbolg. They failed in their 2nd hunt this week though.


Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 4 disconnections experienced this week.

I received an e-mail warning from PhotoBucket...

Every free account with Photobucket is allotted 10 GB of monthly bandwidth and our records show that you have less than 3 GB of bandwidth left to your account.

So I'm moving the image files for this blog template to ImageShack instead. If it doesn't load, blame them.

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Oct 23-27, 2009. Besides the following items, it also includes Elite Le Blanc - Wizard (DEF 168, DR 30) and Elite Geniaruleano (DEF 160, DR 29).

[ ]

Hron's Treasure Trove - Discontinued
It seems like sGE can't decide exactly how to distribute these jGE items. They were placed in ABS, then Hron's Treasure Trove, and now, they are changing the distribution channel again...

No. Hron's Treasure Trove are discontinued from V3.5. However, there are plans in place to release the rest of the costumes. More details to be released on a later date. [Source]

There is still no news on whether Sword of the New World will ever see any of these jGE items from Imperial Wheel or Coimbra Shuffle!!.

Singapore GE has released v3.5 Update. See v3.5 Double Terror and v3.5 Patch Notes. You can download the full client (4.8GB) or manual patch (80MB) here. For older version update articles, see Version Updates. As a baseline to compare the cost of the new cash shop items, Mystery Powder (MP) costs 220 G-Points.


New Colony War
Colony War now takes place in a mission map. Boss monsters can be summoned from the colonies except during Colony War. They drop Veteran Enchantment Chips and Constellation Symbols. Millions of feso will be given out when colonies reset at the end of the month.

New Combination Buffs
New team buffs have been added - Marine Heroes (Alejandro + Adelina + Soho), Reboldoeux Militia (Panfilo + Andre + Brunie), and Gigantic Blaster (Lorch + Grace + Scout).

Master's Martial Arts
This expert stance book will be available after completing a mission involving 16 bosses (Lv.110-122), requiring a Master martial artist character. It uses Symbol of Gemini and Symbol of Libra. See Book of Wind for the quest and complete stats of bosses. Note: You must complete this quest to recruit Reckless Emilia in v4.0.

Sacred Chaos Requiem
New premium dungeon (Lv.116-127) have been added, including a Shelter (non-PK) version. Sacred Gate Keeper drops Dragon Heart Recipe, Lv.96 Elite Armor Recipes, and Constellation Symbols. The mini-boss Sacred Vespanola Soldier (Lv.125) drops Dragon Heart Recipe and Lv.96 Elite Armor Recipes. The normal mobs drop Magical Amethyst, Liquefied Gas, and veteran boots/gloves. See Dem's further notes on the dungeon here. The 1-day pass costs 2,750 G-Points (i.e. 12.5 MP) in the cash shop.

Rumin Exchanger
A Rumin exchanger has been added next to Claire in Auch.
  • 3 Normal Rumins = 1 random Major Rumin for 500k vis... same rate for all Rumins
  • 3 Major Rumins = 1 random Great Rumin for 20k feso... Spodumene/Obsidian 5%, Others 9%
  • 3 Great Rumins = 1 random Ore for 10k feso... Red/Yellow 10%, Blue/Green 40%

New Necklaces
Lv.96 Karjalainen can craft new necklaces from recipes (20m vis) available in Zeia (Errac). They can be enchanted with Max HP 500-1000, Max SP 50-100, and Str/Agi/etc. +1. For example, Created Physical RES Necklace is mentioned here to require Physical RES Necklace x1, Magical Stone x50, Cast Iron x50, Lv.96 Enchantment Chip x25, and Elemental Jewel x3.

Type 2 Faces
Type 2 Faces are now available for musketeers and scouts at character creation. Fighter, elementalist, and wizard will receive their Type 2 Faces only in v3.5.23. Face change service will be available in v4.0.22, costing 500k feso each.

Skill Point Reset
You can now reset the skill points of all stances with Skill Point Reset Manual, available in cash shop for 3,300 G-Points (i.e. 15 MP). The reset can then be finalized by talking to any NPC in the Master Room.

Destiny Scroll
Use this new item to summon your friend (who can accept or decline) for help. If you or your friend is on a certain "summon-banned" map (e.g. mission maps, Errac maps, Forgotten/Ancient Territory maps), the summon will not work. You can summon your friend to Island of Fire (except Bellem's Ruins and Inside the Crater), and maybe even to Ustiur/Bahama, where a new player normally need to clear a certain level or instance to venture to the next map. The scroll costs 300 G-Points (i.e. 1.4 MP) in the cash shop.

Refined Key [Room of the Dead]
If you completed Marcelino's crafting quests, you can get him to craft a refined key for Room of the Dead by using the normal key and a moonstone (10k feso). The crafting has only a 50% chance of success. The refined key allows you to enter an instanced solo mission to avoid competition with other players. Spawn rate of Frenzied Ravyn and drop rate of Viscount Ring remain unchanged. See Celesti's experience with the refined key here - 11 refined keys crafted out of 18 keys, 2 Frenzied Ravyn out of 11 refined keys, and no ring drop.

New Events v3.5
There are 3 new events associated with this update.
  • Cash Shop Promotion (Oct 22-25): Get Combat Manual (1-day) and Field Manual (1-day) free for every Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass purchased from Cash Shop.
  • Conquista de Los Tres (Oct 30-Nov 1): Free items for every purchase of specific cash shop items.
  • Halloween Monster Race (Oct 29-Nov 19): Help the Witch hunt down monsters!

Update: Added link for Celesti's refined key notes here. The Tool Merchant in Bahia Beach now sells Frozen Marlin (5,000 vis each) for Claire to summon her teddy bear.

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Coming Up Next...
Expect sGE to update to v4.0 in Q1 next year! The Power of Darkness stance will be released then.

IMC has provided the earlier version of 3.5 for IAH so I'm afraid the wizard stance will only be out when we go V4.0 in Jan/Feb 2010. (Dates are again, tentative) [Source]

Meanwhile, Sword of the New World is aiming to release v3.4 before the end of 2009...

We are recommending that if you have a memoir book you USE it before 3.4 releases (which will be sometime before the end of the year). [Source]

Update: Added the costs of the new cash shop items, using Mystery Powder as a baseline for comparison.

Korean GE has released new update preview for v4.1.3 here. Actual details may be changed, and some things may be lost in translation. Discuss at IAHGames forums here.

1. New Raid Mission: Arsene Vault
To create a mission lobby, you must have completed Hellena's recruitment quest and use her as leader to talk to the NPC. It seems that other participants need not meet those requirements. Reputation points are consumed, and you can only do this once per day. The difficulty and rewards are higher than the normal Arsene Cirus Raid.


2. Trump Armor
These 5 types of DR 30 armors will be added to the game. There is no metal armor for this series yet. They are Expert exclusive and use Veteran Enchantment Chip (v4.1.7). The recipes drop in Arsene Vault (v4.1.7). Improved Elite Trump armors will have HP +1500 and SP +150 (v4.2.4).

3. Elemental PvP Buffs
These buffs work only on PvP. The potions must be manufactured (possibly by Panfilo?). The new ingredients drop in Errac, Caebolan (Chaos Requiem), Bahamar, "Alkuelteu" (?) Dungeon, and "Toreuswe Promotion" (?).

  • Water: Damage +10%, vs. Fire +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Fire: Damage +10%, vs. Air +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Air: Damage +10%, vs. Earth +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Earth: Damage +10%, vs. Water +20%, vs. Mental -10%
  • Mental: Damage -10%, vs. Water/Fire/Air/Earth +10%

4. Consume Item Slot Bar
A new item slot bar has been added for easy item consumption. The bar can be placed vertically or horizontally. Hot-keys are assigned to the standard numberpad.

5. Cannon Constellation Stance
Available for Claire and Jose, requiring Symbol of Sagittarius. The stance is said to provide unique variety of roles for the users. I can't understand the rest of the text block...

6. Instrument Constellation Stance
A buff stance available for Rio, requiring Symbol of Virgo. You must complete the quest in Al Quelt Moreza, possibly the Holy Water Chamber quest.

7. Raid Mission - Griffon
Griffon will be instanced. The mission starts at the Egg in Vegas Javier.

8. Eighth Barracks
The 8th barrack (quarter) has been added.

9. Scout Weapon - Rosario
Rosario allows scout to heal better. It can have up to 2 sockets.

10. 3rd Socket for Armor
Armors can now have up to 3 sockets.

11. Request Office Merger
The request offices of the 3 towns will be merged into one.

12. New Costumes & Hats
New costumes and hats for male fighter, female fighter, Lisa, and Viki. See Imperial Wheel for Aug 2009 and Sep 2009 for the costumes of Lisa and Viki.


13. Next Update...
The following will be mentioned in the next update.
  • Shotgun Constellation Stance: Gemini
  • Blunt Constellation Stance: Taurus
  • Sabre Constellation Stance: Cancer
  • Raid Mission - Argus
  • Expert Accessories - Earrings


Mountains of Ararat is the place that Noah's Ark came to rest after the flood, according to Genesis 8:4. Traditions associated this place with Mount Ararat in present-day Turkey. The Book of Jubilees, considered canonical by Ethiopian Orthodox Church, specifies that the Ark rested on one of the peaks called "Lubar".

Tachyon is a hypothetical sub-atomic particle that moves faster than the speed of light. Such particles have been implied in Bosonic String Theory and Quantum Field Theory. However, no experimental evidence has yet been discovered to prove or disprove its existence. On a less serious note, Takion is a DC Comics character, who is a member of the New Gods.

The veterans spent some AFK time in Via Fluvial. Maimonides (m/mus) and Empedocles (m/ele) reached Veteran Lv.3, while Anahita (f/sco) reached Veteran Lv.9. The experts made 5 visits to Bellem's Relics, and looted Assassin Dagger, Shaft Hammer, and other Lv.84 elite rubbish.

Trying to fix the Errac Entry problem, I even reinstalled the game client (v2.4), and auto-patched it overnight to v3.0. It didn't help. But the problem was fixed after maintenance. It was probably the result of disconnection while in the midst of a quest dialogue. Thanks to Lorelle for the information!

That doesn't excuse hanging my client
and kicking me out of Errac for a week, you bucket-head!

So the experts returned to Errac, and finally got 5 Ancient Runes - Ti for Occulta Dungeon. The second set of runes required for the Necroshaman quest will have to wait until they are higher level. Now, it is just waiting for v3.4 for Lorenzo's Diary drop rate to increase...

Taiwan GE introduces Dragon Weapons Part 3 and Halloween Event 2009.

Sierra is visiting the lands beyond Bahamar Swamp, and offering Halloween missions. You can check the time limit by talking to Sierra. You can take up to 3 quests per day, during the event period of Oct 21 to Nov 11, 2009. If you do not complete the quest, it still counts towards your maximum allowed daily quests. You are required to have 10 free slots in inventory. Completing the mission grants you the basic reward, and if you set a new record (probably means the shortest timing), you can choose a bonus reward.

Monster Mission: Sierra will randomly determine monster type and number of kills. You must complete the hunt within 30 minutes. Families below Lv.15 can choose to accept a low-level mission instead.

Boss Mission: Kill Jormongard (aka Garim, 約爾孟岡德) in Vegas Javier (哈比耶爾草原) within 1 hour.

Basic Rewards
Completing the mission within the time limit grants you the basic rewards.

  • Halloween Hat x3 (first completion)
  • EXP Card - Lv.60 x6 (low-level mission), Lv.80 x4 (low-level mission), Lv.90 x5 (high-level mission), Veteran 14m EXP x3 (boss)
  • Witch Lollipop (buff-related)
  • Bloody Coffin (2-day): back costume grants ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
  • Revenant (2-day): back costume grants ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
  • Deadly Cross (2-day): back costume grants ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
Bonus Reward
Whenever you set a new record (probably in terms of timing), you can choose a bonus reward.
  1. EXP Card (as above)
  2. Bloody Coffin (permanent, no stat) back costume
  3. Revenant (permanent, no stat) back costume
  4. Deadly Cross (permanent, no stat) back costume
Server-Record Reward
If you hold the best record for the entire server for any one of the 3 mission types, you also get Premium Treasure Chest (30-day).

Update: This event seems to be universal for all GE editions. Both sGE and kGE are also having it, although details may differ slightly. See sGE's Monster Race (Oct 29-Nov 19) and SNW's Semana de los Muertos (Oct 28-Nov 4).

See also Halloween 2009 blog entry for SNW/sGE.


Dragon Dagger (AR32), Shaggy Wolf Hair (m/sco), Lv.96 Elite Armor Costume (sco), and Explorer's Hat (any stock) have been added. See also Birds & Roses.


I was running through Gehenna Bridge out of boredom, and saw Gerero near the entrance walking around. Nobody was attacking it, and it wasn't attacking anyone. So I hit it, and it went the usual "Ugh. Ashardalon, I shall kill you!" Then someone else was also hitting it. He thought I was KS'ing him, and I thought he was KS'ing me.

So whatever, if you want to go Free-For-All on me, there's really nothing I can do about it. Whining and being vulgar in-game won't help, so I never bother doing any of that. Then he decided to start a broad drama over just a Gerero, I responded a bit before giving up.


Basically, of-Ibelin family claimed to have found Gerero, and tried to lure it to the entrance. But he didn't hold its hostility, so Gerero ended up walking around casually. So when I came and saw it walking around without anyone hitting it, I attacked it...

I define a Boss KS as attacking a boss monster when it is already attacking, or being attacked by, someone else. So there are basically 2 criteria.
  1. The boss monster is attacking you.
  2. You are attacking the boss monster.
So if you satisfy at least one of the above 2 criteria, I will NOT get involved. This means if you do not hold its hostility (i.e. boss is not attacking you), you need to be hitting it to claim the kill. But if the boss monster is just walking around casually without getting hit or hitting anyone (as is the case with this particular Gerero), then it is not a KS as far as I'm concerned.

Basically, if you attack the boss before anyone else shows up, it will usually attack you. This establishes it as your kill. For Gerero, this has the additional announcement of "Ugh. Family_Name, I shall kill you!".

If you stop attacking it and it stops attacking you (usually because you run off too far), then it is not your kill anymore. Luring requires you to hold its hostility; if you lose it, then you lose your claim and need to re-establish it before someone else does. Why should you hold its hostility? This is to let other players know that this boss is being engaged by someone already, and is thus "tagged". If you didn't even bother to keep the boss engaged ("tagged"), you are in no position to claim the kill.

If your entire team or squad is killed, you can't claim the kill either, unless you revive within the next 10 seconds or so.

If we find a boss together at the same time, I will bid with firecracker if you agree to do so. Otherwise, it will just be FFA. This includes being at the spawn spot together before the boss actually spawns (e.g. Barrow de la Muerte, Corridor of Assize).

The above is what I consider boss-KS, and what I avoid doing. Note that some players also impose a time constraint for you to kill a boss, but I usually don't.

Spot KS is basically attacking monsters within someone's range of attack when the latter is already in a relatively-static location (i.e. spot). It may be unavoidable for spots to overlap a bit in crowded zones like Fire Isle, but generally I will estimate the distance and try to leave some room for other players. Both criteria below must be satisfied before I recognize a particular spot as yours, in which case, I will simply go elsewhere.
  1. You are in that particular location first, and remain there without leaving.
  2. You are attacking monsters.
Basically, if you are there first, then it is your spot. If you leave the spot for whatever reasons (e.g. disconnection, return to town to reload bullets, run off to collect EXP card), then it is no longer your spot.

If you are just standing there without attacking (e.g. noob characters in Gigante Beach, shooters ran out of bullets), it is also not your spot anymore.

If your entire team is dead, then obviously you can't claim the spot either, unless you revive within the next 10 seconds or so after getting killed.

Unintentional spot-KS usually happens when someone is using a melee character, who has an annoying habit of running all over the place. For me, I usually try to lure the offending character away from my spot, rather than using spinelles right away. I might also just put up with it, depending on my mood.

So if you see me trying to lure your melee character off, take a closer look at the surroundings before you accuse me of screwing around with your character. Is it really where you left your melee character before you went AFK? Chances are it is your character who ran off and started KS'ing me while you were away. (IIRC, this happened with someone from Core clan inside Ancient Area once.) If my AFK melee character is unintentionally KS'ing you instead, feel free to lure the character away or whatever.

An example of me getting spot-KS'ed by another player... See here.

As far as I know, Succeed Reagents (aka Successful Subjects) have always been completely Free-For-All before I even started hunting them in Orpesia. Since they are neither bosses nor spots (i.e. hunters don't stay in one spot, they run around), there is no kill-claim whatsoever.

So just run around and kill whatever you see. If you kill it, it is yours. If not, just try again at the next spawn time. If you need to kill one for the quest, let me know if I happen to be there too. I will leave that one alone for you.

I have played in other servers where even the lowliest boss is FFA, so I usually try not to make too big a fuss about being KS'ed by others. But I won't back down just because someone publicly whine and complain in a vulgar manner, trying to play at being a victim.

These are simply my personal guidelines that I abide by when dealing with KS issues in-game. There are of course no universal definitions of KS, but I hope that mine is relatively fair to myself and to other players that I happen to interact with as well. You may or may not agree with them, but the point is that I do not simply kill whatever I see or want. If you can improve on my personal guidelines, please leave a constructive comment in this blog entry. I will consider it. Thanks.


Rhodolite is a varietal name for rose-pink to red mineral pyrope, a species in the garnet group. The name is derived from the Greek for "rose-like", but rhodolite itself is not officially recognised as a mineralogical term. It is considered a semi-precious gemstone. Chemically, rhodolite is an iron-magnesium-aluminium silicate, part of the pyrope-almandine solid-solution series, with an approximate garnet composition of Py70Al30.

Since Bear Hat (30-day) was expiring, Empedocles (m/ele) reluctantly gave up his Resident Pedo-Bear role. He dumped the hat into Costume Collection Chest and received Soul Regen Potion instead. Well, it's better than nothing.

The family bought some Quarter Slots to open up the 5th and 6th Quarters. The experts looted 2 Snail Shells while AFKing in Bahamar Marsh. The experts made 4 visits to Bellem's Relics, and looted Conqueror Cannon (FAIL), Elite Striform, and other Lv.84 elite rubbish.

Candide (Lorch) joined Anahita (f/sco) and Jack to form the new treasure hunting team, and found their 27th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2: Grim-Shout (FAIL AGAIN), Elite Rafael's Sabre, and Elite Muerte Balada.


Hoping to get Symbol of Aquarius, the family opened 10 Erracan Boxes and got the following instead.
  1. Lv.90 EXP Card (920k EXP) x6
  2. Earth Stone (10k feso) x2
  3. Strength Potion (10 hours) x2
  4. Lacquer +6: General x1
  5. Ancient Area Pass - 1 day x1
  6. Ancient Area Pass - 1 day x1
  7. Lv.92 Enchantment Chip x8
  8. Lv.92 Enchantment Chip x8
  9. Lv.92 Enchantment Chip x8
  10. Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x2

After saving Ania in the defense of Errac, the talk with Nar resulted in a client hang. Thereafter, I can no longer enter Errac. (See Cannot Enter Errac forum topic for details.) Since I still cannot link my G1 account with my Sword account (clicking on Profile leads me back to the main G1 page), I can't really submit a ticket either...

No access to Errac results in a lot of current and future content being inaccessible - expert stance, Nar, Ania, Arsene Circus quest/raid, Hellena, and Holy Water Chamber quest/raid. Is this family screwed for good or what? Meh. I hope it can be resolved, otherwise I probably will have to bring this family to an end.

Temporary costumes, hats, accessories, etc. (i.e. those available from Feso Shop) can be dumped into the Costume Collection Chest to exchange for a random cash shop item, such as Teleport Scroll, Soul Regen Potion, Boost Potion, Enchant Booster, etc.

So instead of letting those temporary costumes/accessories expire and vanish, you can trade them in for some random stuffs on the last day or even on the last hour. This should offset part of the cost of using temporary costumes/accessories. For example, a temporary hat costs 50k feso (i.e. about 2m vis in Orpesia). If you get a Enchant Booster (about 1.2m vis in Orpesia) from the chest, you have already been reimbursed more than 50% of the cost.

I got Soul Regen Potion... I suck.

Costume Collection Chests are situated near the Cash Shop NPC (Leticia) in Auch, Coimbra, and Reboldeaux.

China GE has a page dedicated for v3.5 据点风云 Update. Some of their stuffs are quite different from other editions of the game. IMC seems to allow cGE a lot more rights to customize content. There are too many things to translate, so I won't bother for now. I will just note some interesting points below.


Arsene Circus Raid
The Ringmaster's Key apparently can unlock the chest, which may drop Elite Le Blanc (DR30), Elite Le Noir (DR32), and Lv.100 Elite Weapon (AR32) recipes.

If Hellena dies, the reward is still Dragon Heart Recipe.

Colony War
Occupying certain instanced colonies can grant bonus drop rate and EXP rate. The leader of the occupant clan/faction can summon a specific boss on the map, which drops Lv.100 chips, veteran chips, and constellation symbols. The summon can be done once per day, but not during war period.

I'm not sure how much of this will be the same for sGE, which is due for v3.5 Update on Oct 22. See here.

Master's Martial Arts
This section seems pretty standard to what is already known.

Trump Weapons
Trump Weapons have ATK 30%, ATK Speed 20%, and ATK Rating +3, usable only by experts. (Yes, it is AR+3!) A failed upgrade results in a Veteran Enchantment Chip. The ticket recipe requires Ambrosia x4 and Mega Talt x200 instead. (No Mystery Powder has been mentioned.)

New Items
Crystal Wings has been added, along with Lv.96 elite armor costumes, and some accessories.

Misc. Patch Notes
Fishing mini-game has been deleted. The fishes can be bought from NPC instead.

The family recruited 2 new members to complete the Muscle Club (v3.2) team. Asclepius (Soho) was named after the god of healing and son of Apollo in Greek mythology. Bernstein (Gertrude) was named after the investigative journalist who broke the news on the Watergate Scandal.

Muscle Club (v3.2): DEF +5, DEF Rating +1, Max HP +1,000

Most of the week is spent making/buying Lv.36 chips, so hopefully the family will have enough chips by the end of next week. The veterans also AFK-trained a bit in Scorching Plateau, allowing Empedocles (m/ele) to reach Veteran Lv.2.

The experts made 5 visits to Bellem's Relics, and looted Bracelet of Ziz, Conqeror Cannon, Pizarro, Elite Graciegote, and other Lv.84 elite rubbish. Meanwhile, Swamp Angler is still giving me crap. I hate that fishie-thingy, and it hates me. Speaking of crap, look! Someone is selling poo in the market! Now, that's an expensive piece of shit! Hehe.


Taiwan GE has released two of their locally designed back costumes. For enlarged pictures, see here (JavaScript must be enabled). The event runs from Oct 19 to Nov 9, 2009.


Zodiac Boxes
Taiwan GE also has its own 2 types of Zodiac Boxes, available during Oct 14-27. See twGE Zodiac Boxes Part 2.
The first type drops Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Taurus, and Symbol of Gemini; while the second type drops Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Sagittarius, and Symbol of Libra.
Other possible drops are Socket Flux, Field Manual 7-day (+20% drop rate), Lv.90 EXP Card (920k EXP) x6, Warp License 15-day (+10 slots), Soul Crystal x4, Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x6, Quarter Slot, Sylph Wings 7-day, and Fairy Wings 7-day.

Dragon Weapons - Part 2
Dragon Weapons (AR32), first seen in jGE Coimbra Shuffle!!, have also been released in twGE. The current features of Part 2 are Dragon Polearm, Dragon Sabre, Black Cat Ears, and hair for male wizard. Dragon Rifle was previously released in Part 1.

Coming Soon...
There will be a Dragon Weapons - Part 3 as well as a Halloween "Happy Fun" Event. Further details are unavailable at the moment. The site has been updated, see twGE Halloween Event.