Japanese Sound Effects Updater - Command Line

This package contains the sound effect files from Japan's Granado Espada game client. It includes a command line updater, so you can get the sounds for newer characters. This is an alternative to the partial client updater, which may encounter download issues regarding broken zip files.

To set up, do the following.
  1. Download JapanGESECmd_101146.7z .
  2. Extract the .7z file using 7-Zip , PeaZip , BandiZip , WinRAR , etc.
  3. Right-click on japangese.bat and select Run As Administrator.
Make sure that your command line has Internet access. You can test it by running ping google.com in command prompt. Check your firewall settings, if it is blocked. Try again later, as the server may be having maintenance (usually on Wednesday).

The batch file will download and extract new patches (if any), compile the sound files into se.ipf file, and then (optionally) copy it over to another client and backup that client's original se.ipf file. To restore the backup file, simply rename se.ipf.bak as se.ipf in the client's game folder.

The default package has been updated to Patch 101146 (Aug 10, 2017), including sounds for Scavenger Yeganeh and Nena's [Violeta Fero] stance.

This has been tested to work on Windows 10 (x64). If there are any problems, please provide details on where the problems occur and error message. Don't just tell me "It doesn't work."

If download of patch list fails, check your firewall for Internet access and that the Japanese game client has not change its patch server. Open updater.config.xml file in Notepad and check line 4. It should read:
<url key="Revisions" value="http://hanbitueweb.nefficient.jp/hanbitueweb/ge/patch/">
If the URL differs from the one above, open patchurl.txt in Notepad and change it to the URL in updater.config.xml.