[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Patch Notes v28.12.71 - v28.45.94

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v26.60.82, while European server is at v28.00.72. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

T3Fun's last update was Jan 28, 2017... It has been 6+ months, and they still won't update. 😩 So bored and tired of the game, just logging in for the event... barely doing anything else.

  • Fixed Submachine Shot skill.
  • Fixed Royal Road mission to display magic circle.
  • Fixed wait time for Sollaraion.
  • Fixed Violet NPC Shop during Recruit Joshua quests.
  • Fixed duration issue for Twisted Time: Imperium Arma.
  • Fixed amount consumed for Damaged Illier Empire Weapon. Modified refining time to 60 minutes.
  • Fixed Enchant Scroll - Valeron Weapon prices and tooltips.

  •  Added 5 new Illier daily quests.
  • Added path marks on world map related to Rio Albi and Deprimida Valley.
  • Fixed Bless issue for Daria's Equites.
  • Fixed Tornado Blow's minimum distance.
  • Added new character—Scavenger Yeganeh to Lyndon Box.
  • Added new mission—Imperium Arma Clearing.
    • Expert, Master, High Master difficulty.
    • 1/day free, re-entry 1 Elemental Jewel.
    • Rewards Sollarion, which can be refined into Shiny Sollarion by Violet NPC.
  • Added new item—Valkyrie Destroyer, used to attack Valkyrie Crushers.
  • Started Yeganeh's Repentence event.

  • Added new raid monsters to Distorted Time: Imperium Arma.
  • Added Illier daily favor quests.
  • Modified skill armor types for Scavenger Yeganeh.
  • Modified missions—Royal Road Siege, Imperium Arma Clearing.

  • Added squad buff system. A character can have up to 100 points worth of squad buffs.
    • 1 point = Lava Plasma, Chill Touch, Spiritual Shield, Intensify, Accelerate, Meditation, Cancion
    • 4 points = Shining Ballad, Hound, Cantabile, Maestoso, Drawing, Marksmanship, Gun Master, Indicacion, Leadership, Infiltration, Grill, Boost Magic
    • 10 points = Bolero
    • 15 points = Ranchera
    • 20 points = Communion, Tactics
    • 30 points = Magic Barrier 
    • 35 points = Spell Break Rhythm, Enduring Melody, Con Impeto, Animato
    • 50 points = Chemical Protection
  • Modified skill dodge to skill damage reduction for boots, artifacts, family attributes, MCC buffs, and skill buffs (Adriana's Tactics, Selva's Destino, etc.).
  • Modified some stances to replace Ignore Evasion with Increase Damage +1% Per Evasion—Furious, Royal Guard, Rapida Espada, Equites, Saber Tooth, Soul Bringer, Rapiere, Grim Rapiere, Dark Avenger, Bloody Feast, Cutlass, Vigilar, Wrath Guard, Peltast, Illusion Guard, Gaebolg, Rosa Secreta.
  • Modified stances/skills. See table below. Skills are at Lv.10 unless otherwise stated. See here.
  • Added Hermes and Queen Cerni Joshua to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Improved drop rates of materials in Imperium Arma and Twisted Time: Imperium Arma.

  • Added new barracks: 21 (7 slots per character), 22 (8 slots per character).
  • Added new Grade 6 alchemy items—Red Armonium Ore, Abyss Piece, Fragment of Forest, Rusty Insignia.
  • Added new alchemy reward—Sollarion (Grade 17+).
  • Revised field raid bosses.
    • Lucifer Hall of Oblivion: Removed White Gold Bars and Elemental Jewels. Increased amount of Devil's Dream and Expert Enchant Chips. General Shadow/Ray Phantom spawns every 1-2 hours.
    • Kielce Night: Reduced drop rates for all items on map. Thief Capri spawns every 1-2 hours.
    • Armonia En Celar to El Adio: Removed Elemental Jewels from raid bosses.
    • Talos, Auto Baron T: Replaced Elemental Jewels with Rusty Insignias.
    • Ruincruiger, Divino: Replaced Elemental Jewels with Fragments of Forest.
    • Evil: Removed Elemental Jewels. Increased amount of Devil's Dream and Expert Enchant Chips.

  • Added Nena's new stance—Violeta Fero stance book to Lyndon Box.
  • Added raid bosses to Distorted Time: Imperium Arma.

  • Added Rank 7 missions—Solo Raid Imperium Arma, Solo Raid Royal Road.
  • Added hard mode for all 3 Castilla missions.
  • Modified Nena's new stance slightly.

  • Added new summer costumes for Ramiro, Viki, Student Present/Blue Flame Ludin, Judith, Empyreum Judith.
  • Added reward for Baron's Future scenario.
  • Modified Distorted Time: Imperium Arma mission entry limit to Master.
  • Started Kaza's Store event for older summer costumes and new weapon costumes (e.g. Shark Cannon, Duck Shield, Octopus Bracelet).

  • Modified start point for Bounty Hunter's Guild missions.
  • Fixed Valeron's Earring Recipe.


  • Added 37 new unique artifacts. See here for details.
    • These are essentially composites of existing artifacts. For example, Selene's Dark Memory combines the effects of Elite Selene's Memory (SP Regen +160) and Elite Selene's Heart (Damage Received -10%).
  • Added 4 raid monsters to Distorted Time: Imperium Lex.
  • Added 8 Illisia daily quests.
  • Reduced power of some monsters in Imperium Lex and Distorted Time: Imperium Lex.
  • Fixed issues with White Wolf character.

  • Added new character—Kael and his recruitment quests, available after completing The Symphonia Episode 4 scenario.
  • Added Imperium Lex Recapture mission with 3 difficulty modes.
    • Free entry 1/day, 1 Elemental Jewel for 2nd entry.
  • Fixed pet issues in Imperium maps.