[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Recruit Achievement Characters

Starting with New Era update, old premium characters will become available for free recruitment. A few of them are available via quests, while others (like the ones below) are rewards for the new achievement system. These are acquired via the Achievement window (Alt + L). For more on the achievement system, see Prestigio Mundial πŸ”—.

Queen of Pioneering, Grandma

Version: 25.50.87
Achievement: [General] Achieve 10,000 Achievement Points
Task: Accumulate 10,000 Achievement Points.


Version: 25.73.64
Achievement: [Quest] Viron Frogfish Hunter June Favor Rate 150
Task: Accumulate 150 Favor Rate for Frogfish Hunter June in Lucifer Castle Basement Laboratory by doing his daily quest.

Sniper Bernelli

Version: 25.94.03
Achievement: [Quest] You Have Mastered All Information
Task: Accumulate 10,000 Favor Rates for each of the five Kielce Favor Rates - Port Union, Merchant Union, Back Alley Poor, Government General, and Laboratory.

Spy Olivia

Version: 26.65.40
Achievement: [Misc] The Purpose of Being A Spy Is Just To Survive
Task: Activate all pages for Story Book - Spy Olivia x22 and Story Book - Coster Town x28. The pages for Spy Olivia are dropped by Breeze and common monsters in Bristia Scar. The pages for Coster Town are acquired directly into your inventory by clicking on Scroll NPC (up to 3) in Bristia Scar.


Version: 27.65.52
Achievement: [Misc] Everyone Was United And Defeated Viscount Montoro
Task: Accumulate 11 achievement counts by clearing Lucifer Twisted Spacetime Room mission using 1-3 characters that appears in Judgment Day scenario quest mission. Each related character grants 1 count (max. 3 counts per mission). The related characters are Edward, Selva, Gavin, Raven, Veronif, Leonele, Lorch, Grandies, Grandma, Andre, and Baek Ho.

Battlefield Claude

Version: 27.78.35
Achievement: [Misc] I Recalled My Memories Running Around the Battlefield
Task: Accumulate 5 achievement counts by participating in Clique Battles (Sunday 16:00-17:30) with Claude equipped with Younger Look Wig and Battlefield Hero costumes (available in Dress Room). Each battle victory grants 2 counts, while each battle loss grants 1 count.