[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (ν‚€μŠ€). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

School Look & Play Time Events

A few new events starting this week for American and European servers...

[USA] School Look Event πŸ”— 3/29-4/12, 2017
Talk to Suspicious Veronif in Cite de Reboldoeux (E4) and trigger quest item acquisition in a randomly determined location for 2 School Look Tickets every day. You can acquire a total of 30 tickets during the event period.

Update: European server has started the same event for 3 weeks (9/19-10/10, 2017). See [EU] School Look Event πŸ”—.

[USA] Play Time Event πŸ”— 3/29-5/22, 2017
American server is having another Play Time Event for 55 days. The 4 featured rewards require a total of 5800 points, or an average of 106 points (18 hours) per day. Costume Coupon can be exchanged for a weapon costume from a selected list - see Event Added Mechanics πŸ”—.

[USA] World X PvP Tournament (April) πŸ”—
World X PvP (single fixed mode) offers bonus rewards (Strata Devil Weapons/Accessories, etc.) for top 30 players. All participating Families ranked as Knight and above will receive participatory items - Rose Wing (30 Days) Gift Box and 100 Pet Food.

[EU] Claire's Mission Event πŸ”— 3/28-4/11, 2017
European server is recycling Claire's Carnation Event from 2014.


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just to notify sGE will be closing ,27 Apr 2017..can check the fb
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