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Singapore Update: New Era Episodes 1+2

IAHGames has updated their client installer to v25.08.73. Uh, I think this means Singapore server has been updated to Leader of New Era Episodes 1+2?

I'm not even sure just by looking at their Face Book... There are no patch notes, no official statement about the update happening today, etc. No more website, no more forums, no Lyndon Box drop list, etc... and the teaser site still features Armonia Final Episode. Why do I keep getting the feeling that IAHGames only have 1 person working on the entire project?


Anonymous said…
they update to ep 1+2 n lydon char is code name L xD
Thats their stupid marketing strategy in LB. If you ask them the price list, they stay silent. Its like they telling you "spam it so you'll know it".
xrenxo said…
Totally agree. Extremely poor customer service too,
On a side note, do you think its possible for you to upload the latest jge voice pack? :)
xfd said…
This just seems to me that the game itself is dying.

Close all other assets that drain money (support, website, forum), and just focus on the aspects that provide income.

It's like they're squeezing every last drop of money, before the game closes.
von Bardy said…
i like to give some info that will pissed off SGE, some players missing items even my anis armor missing too.
Sanders said…
support site still around. here the link :

or you can find it from your passport page