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Lynn's Gift Event

Europe server has implemented another event imported from Korean server, originally hosted for New Era Episode 1 update. Collect event tokens from daily missions, field hunts, attendance checks, and completed scenario quests. Trade the tokens to Event NPC for various event rewards, such as Evil Weapon and Yellow Dragon Pet (Europe).

Well, it seems like this is also the event Singapore server got for New Era Episode 1+2 Update. According to feedback, the pet for Singapore server was Yellow Tiger (Monster ATK +10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5, DEF +10, Critical +5, Move Speed +10%).

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xfd said…
Seems like the only diff between EU and sGE event is the "attendance check for 30x coupons daily", and the possibility of coupons dropping from mobs.

sGE only has 100x coupon per day for the missions
Anonymous said…
ahhh...idoing this event n i'm on lev 3...what the leter E of lever 4, i saw on Kge in lev 4 you reviece one 1 item look like leter E but dun know what effect of this :<
Sasau said…
Level 4 is evil weopon box of your choice