[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Patch Notes v25.77.46 ~ v25.86.30

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added new party mission - Viron: Regaining Time.
  • Added Spade Costume Set for Risky to Dressing Room for sale.
  • Added Sorang Card to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Fixed animations for Cherlyn and Snowflake Cherlyn.
  • Modified Clock Tower Basement mission to end after 3 minutes upon completion.
  • Fixed monster statistics of Fury Griffon party mission.
  • Fixed quest progression issue relating to Armonia El Templo.
  • Fixed quest condition issue for Najib Sharif's sub-quest.
  • Fixed Emilia's Gift quest for stance books where NPC does not respond.
  • Modified Baron state relating to stats reduction for Crescemento equipment.
  • Modified issue relating to luring Oscuras out of specified range.
  • Fixed auto-use of Healing in Keep mode.
  • Fixed display of viewing other family information.
  • Fixed critical damage output for Manipulation stance.
  • Fixed family attribute quest progression for party missions.

  • Modified some skills and stances. See table below.
  • Changed Spell Key purchase in Viron from dialogue to Shop UI.
  • Changed accessory materials purchase from dialogue to Shop UI.
  • Modified Personal Raid - Demonic Jurgen to always drop Symbol of Naraka.
  • Fixed respawn time of Man-Bear/Ape in Lucifer Secret Garden.
  • Fixed some AI issues of Abyss Sorrow/Gloom in Armonia En Celar.
  • Fixed Risky's Card Manipulation skill issue.
  • Started Authentic Growth Support Event based on family level and attendance for 3 weeks.

Rosa Secreta Before Change After Change
Corriente Estelar Drain 50% Removed drain status.
Reasoning Journalist Before Change After Change
Identified Status Jane avoids attack 3% (Lv.1) + 3% per level Jane avoids attack 20% (Lv.1) + 1% per level
Soul Bringer Before Change After Change
King Spirit Cool 85s Cool 75s
Crescendo Heavy armor 100%, ATK 2972% Heavy armor 125%, ATK 3380%
Blink Blow Heavy armor 100%, ATK 942%, Slow 50% Heavy armor 125%, ATK 1180%, Mortal Wound 50%
Soul Crash Heavy armor 100% Heavy armor 125%
Sniper Before Change After Change
Bullet Spear 20m x 2m width, 8 targets Range 5-20m, radius 4m, 8 targets, removed additional effects
Target Focus Critical +20%, no critical penalty for skills Duration 60s, Ignore DEF +6%, Reset cooldown 10% per sec.
Short Breathing (Lv.11) Reset cooldown 10% per sec. Critical damage +50%, no penalty on critical rate, removed cooldown reset
Long Breathing (Lv.11) ATK +110% ATK +165%, ATK Rating +1
Extreme Punisher Before Change After Change
Gun Slash - Extra damage when target has Mortal Wound status
Shooting Spree - Extra damage when target has Mortal Wound status
Bomb the Leaper ATK 1260% ATK 1460%, Ignore Invincibility
My Way! Skill ATK +12-50% Skill ATK +5-100%
Femme Fatale Before Change After Change
Bloody Dagger ATK 1140%, Ignore DEF 20, Lv.5 Pierced Wound 100% ATK 1560%, Ignore DEF 35, extra 10% damage per Pierced Wound level, removed Lv.5 Pierced Wound
Panning Blossom Lv.5 Pierced Wound 100% Extra 10% damage per Pierced Wound level, removed Lv.5 Pierced Wound
Strafe Charge (Lv.12) ATK 3476%, extra damage +10% per Pierced Wound level ATK 4136%, extra 10% damage per Pierced Wound level
Fox Hound Duration 100s Duration 200s
Dagger Polish (Lv.11) - Physical penetration +11, Enhanced Pierced Wound when skilling target has Pierced Wound
Enhanced Pierced Wound - Duration 15s, Bleeding damage proportional to level and skill damage: 1/5 for PVP, 1/2 HP Regen for PVE
Creacion Before Change After Change
Poder (Lv.12) ATK Rating +1 ATK Rating +2, domination buff: ATK +1% per level, penetration +1, duration +5s under Limite
Orden 9 targets 12 targets, Requiem 50%
Espacio Cool 40s Cool 30s
Limite (Lv.11) ATK Rating +1 DEF Rating +1
Royal Guard Before Change After Change
Basics ATK Speed +10%, Crescend/Great Sword Speed Limit 15 Removed ATK Speed bonus, and speed limit.
Martial Artists Before Change After Change
Job Skills Duration 60s, consumes 2 ASO Duration 120s, consumes 4 ASO
Rose Spirit Before Change After Change
Tierra Fertil 5 targets 5 squad members + 5 summoned monsters

  • Added Elemental Master stance for elementalists.
    • Book acquired from Master Guardian with Symbol of Pieces + 5 White Gold Bars.
    • Also available for Emilia's Gift quests relating to Secret Tower.
    • Rings are added to Ring Box of Chester.
  • Increased Baron penalty relating to ATK, ATK Rating, DEF, and DEF Rating.
    • Equipped non-tradable items (Evil Weapons) are changed to disappear upon death at standard rate. Items in inventory are dropped, not destroyed.
    • These will be logged in system messages.
  • Added solo raid missions - Lucifer Castle Cortes and Death Wraith at Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.
  • Modified UI relating to start location.
  • Modified 5 Elements - Otite of Wind quest slightly, relating to entrance position and Dr. Torsche's dialogue.

  • Modified Roulette Chest relating to situation when it is not clicked (?).
  • Fixed Equipment Preset function relating to wearing wrong item conditions.
  • Modified achievement rewards for Reboldoeux/Coimbra/Auch scenarios to Moon Stone x3 and Pet Food x10/12/15.
  • Custom Wing Coupons will ve moved to Premium Inventory window.
  • Reduced bonus damage of attacking skills for Manipulation stance.
  • Modified general attack output for Rosa Secreta stance.
  • Fixed issue relating to Magic Counterattack status of Ropera skill.
  • Fixed status not being triggered by Elemental Spirits skill.
  • Fixed Wiki Guide Link in Quest window.
  • Fixed entry count not being reset in Lucifer Castle missions.
  • Fixed some problems in Armonia maps.
  • Started Lyndon Box sale for old characters, such as Snow Montoro, Cutie Claire, etc.