Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sariel & Abyss Sariel

Sariel and Abyss Sariel have been implemented in Japan servers. They use staff + cube as weapons. See 8/19アップデート情報 for details.

Sariel can be recruited after completing Armonia Episode 1 scenario. Abyss Sariel Card is available in 偽りの司祭 第2章 event mission roulette, as well as Imperial Wheel G 119 during 20-24/8, 2015.

The latest sound effects file for this version has been uploaded as This file includes Japanese voices for Kevin, Evil, Sariel, and Abyss Sariel.


Sariel and Abyss Sariel are voiced by Kaji Yūki (梶 裕貴), who performed in Attack On Titan (Eren Yeager), Accel World (Arita Haruyuki), Arslan Senki (Silver Mask), Guilty Crown (Ouma Shu), High School DxD (Hyoudou Issei), and Magi (Ali Baba).

Korean server has released Sariel & Abyss Sariel Preview . The latter is likely to be released in Lyndon Box.


really looking forward to the stance detail. hopefully it won't be japan exclusive rnpc.
Roman said…
Osvaldo, they won`t be.
EuroGamez already announced they ,so i think they`ll be available at all servers.
If we`re talking about their stance... At JGE their stance was awfully OP. With two buffs it`s like 150% monster ATK +4 AR +DEF+Immu+....
Thanks for sharing this. Gonna update mine :p
Hi Roman, glad to hear that and thanks for confirming. The difference in between the "sane" Sariel and the "insane" one lies only in their personal skill, isn't it? I do prefer to have the sane one though, in terms of design and sound set... hopefully his recruitment quest won't hard as hell.. Maybe, just maybe the LB version is more PVP oriented.