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Newly Installed Client Crashes

Recently, a few of my faction mates complaint that the game client for American (T3Fun) server crashes periodically when attempting to load specific characters, such as Patrick, Cadet Leonele, Lorraine, etc. Even after reinstalling the game client, the problem persists. When viewing the Character List in Barracks, the corrupted client display the following:

Attempting to enter Armonia Gloria map will also crash the game client.

I used Team Viewer to remotely check my faction mate's game client. By extracting the .ipf files, I found that the client is missing some files for 3D models, textures, portraits, sound, map data, etc. How did this happen? My guess is the following:

The installer from the official download site is of an older version, specifically v22.43.79 (Armonia Episode 2). Normally, after installation, the client will patch all the way to the current version (Armonia Episode 4).

But if some old patches (e.g. Armonia Episode 3) have been removed from the patch server, when the Episode 2 client updates itself, it will not get some of the files for Armonia Episode 3. This could explain why the affected characters are mostly released during Episode 3 - Cadet Leonele, Patrick, Lorraine, etc.

Because you are technically missing almost an entire episode-worth of files, you will have to replace most of the .ipf files in your Granado Espada\ge folder. Do the following:
  1. Make a back-up copy of the entire Granado Espada\ge folder, if desired.
  2. Download all 27 .ipf files from .
  3. Download and extract se.ipf from . If you prefer Japanese sound effects (se.ipf), you can get it from my MediaFire SFX Folder .
  4. Close the game client, if it is currently running.
  5. Move all 28 .ipf files into Granado Espada\ge folder. Overwrite when prompted.
If you are doing this AFTER the maintenance on Aug 12, 2015. You need to do the following as well:
  1. Open Granado Espada\updater.revision.txt with Notepad.
  2. Replace the number in the file with 221060. Save.
  3. Open Granado Espada\revisions_v2.txt with Notepad.
  4. Find the line which says, and delete all lines after that. Save. (The last line should read
  5. Start the game launcher to start patching.
The downloaded .ipf files are updated to Patch 221060. Steps (6-10) basically tells the patch server to download any patch after that.

The various files have been optimized using Game Client Optimizer. The dictionary.ipf file has also been modified to correct some spelling, phrasing, or text length issues. There should be 28 files in all, if you include se.ipf file.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to use the above solution, you must download and replace the files before the next maintenance (Aug 12, 2015)! This is because the maintenance may patch the files further, making them outdated. I will remove all files from my Microsoft OneDrive during that maintenance. I will delete the .ipf files whenever I need more space on my Microsoft OneDrive. They won't be online forever.

This fix works ONLY for American game client. If you are playing on a different server, this has nothing to do with you.

This is an unofficial fix. Do NOT post this in the official forums. T3Fun will need to either update their installer or ensure that the patch server has all the patches needed to update a newly installed client.


Crabby Ve said…
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tigs said…
I tried to fix my crashing problem for about 2 weeks and after trying everything I was considering quitting ge for good. Even tried a new OS. reinstalled everything many times but nothing worked and in certain areas I just kept crashing in the exact same spots. I did the steps above and voila I was finally able to go to the areas without crashing. You Sir are a genius and I send many many thanks. Now please tell Granado to fix their crap =). Glow family.
Unknown said…
Almost 1 year since you wrote this article to fix the crashing issues and T3Fun have not fixed it, but your fix STILL WORKS!!!

I just want to say thank you for having these files accessible, if your client is crashing in town & in specific channels, this will fix it.
MiB K said…
Could you please update all download links? They are broken and I can't fix my client (T3Fun still didn't update client download files)
Ashardalon said…
For those who still have this problem, T3Fun has fixed their installer. Get the client direct download HERE and reinstall the game client. Do NOT use the outdated installer from the torrent or mirror sites.