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Crystal Hogger Event

Yet another week of failure to update from T3Fun. Their repeated failure to update and refusal to give precise notice is causing me to run out of things to blog about. I can't write mission guides since they will change in Episode 5 with the implementation of rank system. I can't test the rate of Devil Dreams with Naraka Pieces combination. I can't make my Evil Weapons yet. I can't enchant some weapons since I'm waiting for Episode 5 to enhance them first... Sigh. Maybe I should just take another break from this game. T3Fun is clearly not putting in the effort to maintain the game. Nothing much else is happening in other servers these 2 weeks either.

Instead, there is yet another Shiny Crystal Chest collection event that rewards only 40 players out of the entire server. See here for a list of raid missions that give Shiny Crystal Chest as roulette reward. Is this even worth participating when most likely you will end up with nothing?

Notice that all the recent events do not require coding for the game client. They all involve submitting tickets and/or GM inserting event rewards into the players' accounts. There are a crap load of Korean-exported events that American server has been missing, but we are still not getting them. Did IMC refuse to do any coding for T3Fun because they are too busy with Tree of Savior?

By the way, Natalie's Summer Costume was released last year, as a play-time event for every player to get in Korea, Singapore, and Europe. Over here, only the top 20 players will get them...

Recently, Singapore server was forced to update to Bryan patch in order to resolve a bug involving Bane. (See Singapore Update: Armonia Side Episode for details.) Maybe this is the reason why T3Fun has been avoiding Lyndon Box? Releasing new characters (e.g. Silver Flare Lynn, Kevin) on an outdated client may cause the client to bug out.

And yes, the end date for Mega Sale has been edited again to last another week, listing now as Aug 12, 2015... which obviously means nothing now, since they will probably edit it again next week.

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dave said…

Sucks this game had to be released by so many horrible publishers who divided whats left of the community.
xViralx said…
JGE>KGE deal with it, JGE one love (: