Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v24.80.03 ~ v24.93.46

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.41.50. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also the next scenario after Armonia - Leaders of a New Era update:

  • Removed falling monster animation in Bloody Navy mission.
  • Fixed issue with Judgment Day: Leonele's Call scenario quest.
  • Modified some skill tool tips.

  • Added new characters - Lynn and Silver Flare Lynn .
    • Added Protect Weapon Ring and Imperial Guardian skill rings to Ring Box of Genos.
    • Silver Flare Lynn is available via Lyndon Box
  • Added new Viron scenario quests. Trigger quest mail by moving to town after completing Judgment Day scenario.
  • Added Recruit Lynn quests. Trigger quest mail after completing the new viron scenario quests.
  • Added new map - Lucifer Castle, Great Hall of Oblivion.
    • You can enter from Lucifer Castle Banquet Hall. Montoro's Curse applies.
    • Kill a certain amount of monsters to generate Generay Ray/Shadow Phantom.
    • Phantom monster stats rises according to kills. Hm, I guess it is similar to Breeze?
  • Added new raid boss - Tessra Farhel (aka Tessera Farrel), which spawns after Phantom dies (?).
  • Added new daily mission - Lucifer Castle Great Hall of Oblivion.
    • Available from NPC in Lucifer Castle Entrance. Loot includes Montoro Energy items.
  • Added new story memoir for Lynn, which can be obtained via quests or monster drops in the new map.
  • Modified some stances/skills. See table below. All skills are Lv.10 unless otherwise stated.
  • Modified Upgraded Doll Dream Ring to allow enchantment for DEX and INT as well.
  • Started Enchantment Province Event and Lynn's Gift Event .

Cannon Shooter Before Change After Change
Stance Basics Physical RES +10% Removed RES.
Flare Shot 10m radius, cancels Invincible status. 8m radius, removed cancellation.
Cannon Ball Charging 10m radius 8m radius
Cannon Shell Falling 12m radius 10m radius
Reasoning Journalist Before Change After Change
Freeze!! (Lv.11) Paralysis 100% Paralysis 50%
Note Scatter 13m away, Slow 70% 10m away, Slow 50%
Section Firing 10m radius, cool 28s 8m radius, cool 30s
Eagle Claw Before Change After Change
Claw Backstab Range 1.5m Range 2m
Blitz Rage Range 1.5m Range 2m
Sand Dive Cast 1.2s Cast 1s
Gorgeous Before Change After Change
Turning Force Range 1.5m Range 1.75m
Massacre Range 1.5m Range 1.75m
Reverie Range 1.5m Range 1.75m
Beast (Lv.11) ATK vs. Wildlife +20% ATK vs. Wildlife +20%, Movement Speed Limit +15%
Illusion Garde Before Change After Change
Illusion Straight 1.5 x damage on target with Mortal Wound 1.5 x damage on target with Mortal Wound or Love, 3 x damage for both
Illusion Mirror 1.5 x damage on target with Mortal Wound 1.5 x damage on target with Mortal Wound or Love, 3 x damage for both
Show Time! Extra effect for 12/24 PCs nearby Extra effect for 6/12 PCs nearby
Marionette Before Change After Change
Helena/Sasha Control Cool 10s Cool 5s
Puppet Master Before Change After Change
Might Victor Control Cool 10s Cool 5s
Crown Lloyd Control Cool 10s Cool 5s
Lady Sasha Control Cool 10s Cool 5s
Aye Ma'am Gather or scatter dolls over 20m Range 10m, inflict Doll Curse 100% chance
Nightmare - Increased damage from SEN (?)
Catherine STR/DEX/INT Before Change After Change
Doll Dream Duration 110s Duration 250s, inflict Doll Curse 10% chance
Tornado Blow - 1.5 x damage on target with Doll Curse
Set Shoot - 1.5 x damage on target with Doll Curse
Diamond Spear - 1.5 x damage on target with Doll Curse
Status Before Change After Change
Burning Wave Fire RES 75, Max HP -25% Fire RES -5, Max HP -25%
Lightning Dispel Reduces Lightning RES Removed Lightning RES reduction
Death Chopping Before Change After Change
Present AR/DR depends on skill level AR/DR depends on summoner's AR/DR
Creacion Before Change After Change
Espaccio Duration 10s, Unmovable 10s Duration 5s, Unmovable duration based on AR/DR difference of caster/target, ends when caster dies
Sorang Before Change After Change
Detect Dodge if damage is more than HP once Can dodge 3 times
Andre Before Change After Change
Fantastic (Lv.11) No DEF Rating DEF Rating +1

  • Added item id display in Game Options.
  • Added new daily quests in Lucifer Castle Entrance, which may reward Devil's Dream and Clockwork Doll of Oblivion.
  • Added new artifacts, which require Clockwork Dolls of Oblivion (acquired from new daily quests or monster drops in Great Hall of Oblivion).
    • Old Truman's Watch = ATK +5%, ATK Speed -10%
    • Truman's Watch =  ATK +10%, ATK Speed -20%
    • Elite Truman's Watch = ATK +15%, ATK Speed -30% 
    • Old Truman's Staff = ATK +5%, Casting Time +10%
    • Truman's Staff = ATK +10%, Casting Time +20%
    • Elite Truman's Staff = ATK +15%, Casting Time +30%
    • Old Truman's Brooch = ATK +5%, Accuracy -10
    • Truman's Brooch = ATK +10%, Accuracy -20
    • Elite Truman's Brooch = ATK +15%, Accuracy -30
  • Added Armonia Blessings for Santo de Blanc/Santuario Metal Armor - DEF, Physical/Shooting/Magic Resistance, All RES, Immunity, Movement Speed, or Max HP.
  • Modified Armonia Blessings trade items from 1 Enchantment Chip Expert + 1 Holy Water of Armonia to 4 Holy Waters of Armonia.
  • Modified Pluton monster in Lucifer Castle Banquet Hall to summon every 70s (instead of 35s) which will be removed after 60s (instead of not automatically removed).
  • Fixed issues relating to Loretta, Lynn, and Silver Flare Lynn.
  • Started Fragrant Rose play-time event.

  • Modified Tigres Prison mission.
    • Added daily quest for the raid mission.
    • Moved NPC to create mission lobby from Kielce Training Camp (Night) to Kielce (City).
    • Reduced cost for 2nd entry from 1 Elemental Jewel to 3 White Gold Bars.
  • Modified Arsene's Secret Vault mission. Replaced Recipe - Elite Le Blanc with Recipe - Elite Trump Armor in roulette reward.
  • Modified Arsene's Circus mission. Normal monsters can drop Piece of Trump Card.
  • Started Enchantment Separation/Combination Discount Event again for 1 week, because they are #$%king expensive.