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Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn

Several years ago, I got bored with Granado Espada and was checking out Dragon Nest . I briefly mentioned it in a family journal entry here. I got bored of the game eventually for several reasons... its frustratingly small inventory, could-have-been-better graphics, and Nexon's IP blocks.

Anyway, for those who did not already know, there was a movie called Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn released in 2014. While I got bored of the game and frustrated with its small inventory size, the movie is actually quite good. It covers the background story of the game, featuring some of the major NPCs like Argenta.

The movie is in Mandarin Chinese. You can also download the full movie (.mkv) here , or watch it online at the following sites:

According to Mili Pictures , there will be a movie sequel called Dragon Nest: Throne of Elves.

The sequel to Mili’s hugely successful Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn takes the story of the land of Altera deep into the territory of the Elves in an action-packed adventure with more of the drama, comedy, and excitement that made the first movie an audience favorite. The film will be released in 2016 and is directed by Soong Yuefeng, acclaimed director of the first movie.