Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

UI Skin - Kandela

Added and updated Kandela skin for v24.47.18 game client. This skin was originally designed by ZeraST for Sword of the New World, the previous incarnation of American server under GamersFirst.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins.


All skin packs in the download folder have been updated to v24.47.18, which involves modifying button.bmp, hotkey.bmp, shopui.bmp, and button.tga. This post-Episode 5 version introduces the warp to town from world map buttons, and a few other things. Download and install the respective skins if you are using older versions. All skins are backward compatible.

 Oh, and Armonia Skin is also available for download in Hanbiton Screen Board for v24.89.71 game client. I will include them in my download folder only if I have to edit/update the skin files.