[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Patch Highlights v24.62.02 ~ v24.76.25

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.41.50. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also the new preview site for the next update after Armonia - 새 시대의 인도자 (Leaders of the New Age) Episode 1 .

  • Added new character - Bane to Lyndon Box . Added skill rings (except personal skill) to Ring Box of Chester.
  • Added market ticker feature to tradable items.
  • Added new story book - Cracked Ground for Toubkal region.
  • Modified some skills. See table below. Skills are at Lv.10 unless otherwise stated.
  • Modified Time Piece - Arbremon mission. Boss regenerates HP (?) if moved more than 25m from spawn spot.
  • Added Storytelling skill rings to Ring Box of Chester.
  • Modified some MCC requirement for Recruit Bryan quests.

Maiden of Glacier Before Change After Change
Snow Storm Range 13m Range 15m
Icicle Range 13m Range 15m
Thorn Field Range 13m Range 15m
Ice Breaker Range 13m Range 15m
Selene Before Change After Change
Frigid Cool 10s, ATK +70% Cool 4s, ATK +100%
Lhote/Piracy Before Change After Change
Sacrifice Cool 300s Cool 60s, Crit damage +10%
Ancestor ATK +30% vs. Heavy armor ATK +50% vs. Heavy armor
Tranfix ATK 660% ATK 800%
Judgment of Thor ATK 1680% ATK 1800%
Top of Sail Range 3-5m, ATK 1800% Range 5m, ATK 2000%
Bone Crash ATK 2500% ATK 4000%
Hanging Guard Before Change After Change
Shell Breaker (Lv.11) No ATK Rating ATK Rating +1
Grandma Before Change After Change
Highlander Soul Cool 150s Cool 60s
Raven Before Change After Change
Trigger (Lv.11) Melee ATK +15%, Acc +10 STR +11, CON +11, Acc +11
Trigger (Lv.11) Shoot ATK +15%, Crit +10 DEX +11, AGI +11, Crit +11
Alejandro Before Change After Change
Cast Net Cool 60s, DR-1, cannot use move/skill/item. Cool 30s. PC: DR-1, Movement -90%, cannot use item/skill. Monster: DR-1.
Sniper Before Change After Change
Bullet Spear Cast 2.6s, Range 25m, Width 5m Cast 1.3s, Range 20m, Width 1m
Reboldeoux Soldier Before Change After Change
Tenacity Movement -50%, consumes 3 ASO. No movement reduction or ASO consumption.
Pio.Queen Grandma Before Change After Change
Endurance Cool 55s, Duration 45s Cool 30s, Duration 60s
Cano Before Change After Change
Mensa (Lv.11) ATK +1.5% per 10 INT ATK +2% per 10 INT

  • Overhaul of Viron scenarios.
    • Increased Combat EXP acquired from quests with Pioneer's Manual.
    • Removed some quest prerequisites.
    • Quest completion grants EXP to active characters in the team.
    • Removed Red Sunset Forest Pass.
  • Increased drop rate of quest items.
  • Modified story book. Arranged into tabs, added mouse-over tool tip.
  • Modified Bahama, Errac, and Viron field maps.
    • Increased EXP for Bahama and Errac scenario with Pioneer's Manual.
    • Increased monster levels. For e.g., Errac Land of Night Lv.110-112 becomes Lv.116-118.
  • Modified market price display function.
  • Started Leaders of the New Era play-time event for 4 weeks.

  • Added UI feature to collectively destroy rings using a search field.
  • Added School Look costumes to Armonia daily mission reward box.
  • Fixed some quest issues for Recruit Ludin and Brunie's Hidden Relics quest.
  • Monsters no longer drop Key - Occulta General's Room for Mufasa.
  • Added Master Guardian NPC to Kielce.

  • Reduced spawn cycle of Rose Spirits in Lucifer Moonlight Garden (Hard) mission.
  • Modified Repair Kit in Mad Auto Baron mission to not being moved to Cabinet when picking more than 1 kit.
  • Fixed Recruit Patrick quests regarding Cerebrates of Mady/Cray remaining in inventory.
  • Fixed Black Cloak artifact.
  • You can summon a family when within 70m of a colony.
  • Started sale of Blue Flame Ludin Package for 1 week.