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PVE Damage Test: Cannon Shooter

Cannon Shooter stance was updated in v23.07.18 . Basically, the stance's base attack was reduced by 18%, but her Still A Novice? skill was given ATK vs. Monsters +2% per level. How does Cannon Shooter Claire fare now against monsters after the update? 

I have waited a long time to finish this test because T3Fun took 5 freaking months just to update from Armonia Episode 3 to 4...

The character was tested once before and again after Armonia Episode 4 update. In both instances, Cannon Shooter Claire has the same offensive buffs, weapon, accessories, and family attributes. (The extra buff icon on the left is merely Premium Dungeon Pass.) The scarecrow also has the same statistics (DR 74, DEF 279, Immunity 50). All skills are at Lv.10, except for Cannon Swing (Lv.8).

  • The new Cannon Shooter Claire is stronger against monsters than her old self. 
  • Only Cannon Shell Falling skill damage remains unchanged. This is probably because this skill is classified as summon ("Build2") type, and therefore unaffected by the changes.
  • Her normal attacks and other skills are definitely more powerful than before.


NickG said…
awesome!! thanks for pointing it out