[DEU] Update v29.33.53 (Revised Colony War, Selene & Lhote) by end of April 2018.

USA Update: Armonia Episode 4

T3Fun has updated American server to Armonia Episode 4 (v23.41.50). See quest guides for Armonia Episode 4 scenario and Recruit Berthe & Charles. The last update was 5 freaking months ago - Nov 26, 2014. Also, Vigilar Weapons have been added to the client, so they should be coming soon to Lucky Shop and/or Lyndon Box.

Charles' Fab Time F/W Event Apr 29 - Jun 10, 2015
There is a play-time event for costumes... but most of them are already available from Dressing Room. They should have put costumes which cannot be purchased instead. You get 1 point for spending 3 hours in-game. A costume costs 30 points, while a hair/hat costs 20 points.

The file se_usa_20150429.zip includes (mostly) English voices for Cadet Leonele, Elizabeth, Snow Montoro, Lorraine, Dolores, Berthe, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.

The file se_eu_20150428.zip includes Korean voices for Lorraine, Dolores, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.


Some time ago, GM tried to sell Santo de Blanc (Scout) armor and recipe via a forum "event" - Tools of the Trade (Jan 30, 2015) . Bet T3Fun was disappointed that nobody wants to buy it for the obscene price...

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