Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

USA Update: Armonia Episode 4

T3Fun has updated American server to Armonia Episode 4 (v23.41.50). See quest guides for Armonia Episode 4 scenario and Recruit Berthe & Charles. The last update was 5 freaking months ago - Nov 26, 2014. Also, Vigilar Weapons have been added to the client, so they should be coming soon to Lucky Shop and/or Lyndon Box.

Charles' Fab Time F/W Event Apr 29 - Jun 10, 2015
There is a play-time event for costumes... but most of them are already available from Dressing Room. They should have put costumes which cannot be purchased instead. You get 1 point for spending 3 hours in-game. A costume costs 30 points, while a hair/hat costs 20 points.

The file includes (mostly) English voices for Cadet Leonele, Elizabeth, Snow Montoro, Lorraine, Dolores, Berthe, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.

The file includes Korean voices for Lorraine, Dolores, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.


Some time ago, GM tried to sell Santo de Blanc (Scout) armor and recipe via a forum "event" - Tools of the Trade (Jan 30, 2015) . Bet T3Fun was disappointed that nobody wants to buy it for the obscene price...

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