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Singapore Update: Armonia Episodes 4+5

IAHGames has updated Singapore servers to v23.97.53 (Armonia Episodes 4+5). The new event is basically 2015 Elation Event, already implemented previously for Korean and European servers during Lunar New Year.

Frankly, this is TERRIBLE! They did not even have the Upgrade Your Gears! event, which sells Enhancement Boosters and Imperviums at a discount, giving players a last shot before converting to the new bloody system. Both European and Korean servers had the discount event just before Episode 5 update.

This leaves American server lagging behind at Episode 3... I hope T3Fun is not going to do the same by skipping straight to Episode 5 and bypassing the discount event. But given their service so far in the past few months...

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2015 Attendance Check Event 23/4-07/5, 2015


jhonadan100 said…
That is if t3fun doesnt close the game... /flies away =3 =3
Think the reason why T3fun is avoiding episode 4 because they are afraid that the Blessing of Valeron patch will incur too much hate... Hence stuck in episode i dunno... :|
Ashardalon said…
Blessing of Valeron is part of Ep5, not Ep4. So there is really no excuse.