Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

T3Fail Server - Map Loading Bug

So not only did T3Fun fail to update their game after 4-5 months of nothing, their server is failing too... Map loading is messed up too frequently, making mission re-entry after disconnection difficult. This déjà vu reminds one of GamersFirst (G1) towards the end - lack of updates, lack of communication, and failing server. Whine about it in Fix your servers T3! forum topic.

Actually, maps like Armonia Apostadero are still accessible. You cannot warp directly there, however. For example, to reach Apostadero, you must warp to either Armonia Cathedral or Armonia City, then move to Apostadero via NPC.

When you warp to the city or cathedral, the map may be bugged (like the above screenshot). To rectify this, you can simply warp again to the same map (i.e. city or cathedral). You should then be able to move about normally. This does not work for mission re-entry however.