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American Update: Armonia Episode 3

American server has been updated to Armonia Episode 3 (v22.80.01). See the quest guides for Armonia Episode 3 and Recruit Patrick. See also Patch Notes page for upcoming versions.

USA - Armonia Episode 3 (2014-11-26) 242 MB
This includes Jin, Loretta, and Patrick.

Patrick's Gift Event
Talk to Patrick (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux to start a combat mission. Defeat 3 monsters (2 demon, 1 undead) in 10 minutes, then talk to Patrick again for reward:
  • Experimental Weapon Ticket (30 days) x2
  • Soul Crystal (Event) x20
  • Pet Food x10
  • Sacred Green Pepper (Combat/Stance EXP +30% for 30 days) x1
Note that the timers for Experimental Weapons and Sacred Green Pepper are automatically activated upon reception.

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