[KR] New cash costumes for Leoneles and Teen Rachels. ☆ [EU] Synodia (v28.94.65) update delayed to Jan 23, 2018.

Europe Update: Armonia Episode 4

Europe server has been updated to Armonia Episode 4 (v23.07.18). See Patch Notes page for upcoming versions. The skin packs at UI Skins page should still be compatible. Leave a comment if there is any issue.

Meanwhile, it has been almost 2 months since T3Fun last updated, Europe server had 2 updates since... T3Fun staff needs to wake up and start patching. Still no update this week. Game is getting tired and repetitive.

External Links
Armonia Episode 4 Feature Site
Armonia Episode 4 Update Details
Gift from Berthe & Charles Event 11/18-12/09, 2014
Pioneering Family VS Loreta Event 11/18-12/02, 2014
5 Character Packages 11/18-11/25, 2014


Cleo Lyonnel said…
Name of the song/ost on the feature site? (http://www.granado-espada.eu/en/Update/Armonia4). Of course it's not "Granado_Espada_Armonia.mp3"...
Ashardalon said…
Dunno. Extract all mp3 files from bgm.ipf from GE-EU client using IPF Extractor, then try out one by one.
Cleo Lyonnel said…
Found it... "Pray for Soul" by S.F.A.