[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Patch Highlights v23.02.97 ~ v23.19.34

The following highlights noteworthy points from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.43.79. For patch notes of other versions, see Patch Notes page.

  • Revised Blood Navy mission. Reduced entry cost from 20 to 5 Elemental Jewels. Improved rewards.
  • Fixed starting position of leader for Mad Montoro, Mad Kielce, and Armonia Second Holy War party missions.
  • Fixed some issues with Soul Crystals and Teleport Scrolls.

  • Revised some stances for World-Cross PVP. See the link above for table of changes.
  • Modified Priest of Fear mission.
    • Reduced duration to 30 minutes.
    • Increased Abyss Sorrow's HP, and nerf Crusader NPCs.
    • Removed minimum number of Crusader NPCs requirement.
  • Modified Market Manager and Cash Shop UI.
  • Modified Rose Spirit's Mantara summon to despawn after a certain time of moving beyond a fixed distance.
  • Modified Jane's debuff to stack with Rascel's debuff.
  • Started Roreta VS Pioneers event.

  • Modified Home Premium Service (aka Master Explorer Pack).
    • Combat/Stance EXP +40% → +50%. No change in drop rate +40%. 
    • Increased spawn rate and reduced drop rate in Ancient Castilla Temple.
  • Added new character - Roreta in Lyndon Box .
    • Added Eagle Claw related rings to Richard's Ring Box.
  • Added hard mode for Bounty Hunter's Guild missions, except for Sphinx, Minotauros, and Medusa.
    • Hard mode available only 1/day for each mission. You can bypass this limit with 80 Bounty Hunter's Guild Tokens or an active Home Premium Service.
    • Bounty Hunter's Guild Tokens can now be traded.
    • Enhanced monsters and "improved" roulette rewards. See [GE韓測23.09.86] 魔性副本困難模式 .
  • Modified Knight of Chaos mission.
    • Removed easy mode.
    • When the mission starts, gates will appear at both sides. Monsters will appear out of the gates regularly. The boss appears after you kill the gates. 
    • Modified Dullahan boss. AR/DR 83 → 81, DEF 255 → 229.
  • Revised rewards for inactive players who return to the game.
  • Improved target buff window tooltip.
  • Modified Ancient Abyss Sorrow/Gloom loot tagging to be based on cumulative damage.

  • Modified notification UI. Replaced mail box with notify me icon. Deleted mail icon at mini-map.
  • Added Event tab to Mission Info Center window.
  • Revised Armonia Degenerate Tutorial quest.
  • Added Berthe & Charles' sub-quest. Must have completed Thanatos stance book quest.
  • Revised some Armonia quests.
    • Modified Control quest (see Recruit Patrick) relating to quest items for Mage of Madness.
    • Modified Rest For Warriors quest (see Recruit Laura) to make quest items 100% drop.
    • Added Spinelles for Abyss Bear and Abyss Wolf for 10,000,000 Vis from Catherine (NPC) at Ustiur Base Camp.
  • Increased market trading limit from 100 billion to 200 billion Vis.
  • Revised drop rate of equipment in Ancient Castilla Temple slightly.
  • Modified Meteor Shower skill for Blue Flame & Student President Ludin in relation to Magic Enhancement.
  • Fixed some issues with Roreta and Mireille.