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Ludin vs. Blue Flame Ludin

DPS Battle - Ludin VS. Blue Flame Ludin! The following is based on v22.19.56 game client.

The tests below uses the following:
  • Weapons: +7/+6 Evil Fire Bracelets (ATK + Wildlife)
  • Accessories: +8 Enhanced Will of Argus, +6 Crafted Necklace (INT+3), +6 Magic Belt (INT+3)
  • Artifacts: Fire Crystal (Fire Penetration +3, INT+5 for Ludin) vs. Eagle Eye (Penetration +5)
  • Buffs: Lv.12 Principal, Lv.12 Magic Enhancement, Lv.10 Fire Blessing

Their personal skills Fire Blessing are almost the same, differing only in casting time and action time. All skills are at Lv.10, except for the first skill (i.e. Lv.8 Flame Dance and Quick Boom).

The two stances have 3 similar skills, so I will compare them with each other: Flame Dance vs. Quick Boom, Flame Hammer vs. Flame Mallet, and Magma Storm vs. Meteor Shower. The 2 strongest skills will match each other - Breath of Flame vs. Flame Rampage and Fire Vrille vs. Summon Sekhmet.

Scarecrow is set to the boss in Time Paradox Sauterelle mission.
Scarecrow • Lv.130 Wildlife • Soft Armor • None • Small
HP 2,001,552 • ATK Rating 65 • ATK 0 • DEF Rating 74 • DEF 294
Penetration 0 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 40 • RES - Fire 55, Ice 55, Lightning 55, Mental 55

Infernal Burn skills deal more damage than Efreet skills, except for Meteor Shower vs. Magma Storm. Although Meteor Shower has no casting time, Magma Storm has only 1s casting time, so the difference might not be significant.

Another issue for Efreet is that Fire Vrille is a line effect, which isn't always easy to hit the targets. On the other hand, Summon Sekhmet is an circle effect auto-centered on the caster.

In addition to doing more damage, Flame Rampage (12s) has a much shorter cooldown than Breath of Flame (90s), making the former more spammable. Flame Rampage is a single target skill, similar to Ion's Frost Dust, while Breath of Flame affects a fan-shaped area.

  1. Blue Flame Ludin is stronger than Ludin in both normal attacks and most skills (except for Meteor Shower).
  2. Blue Flame Ludin's strongest skill (Flame Rampage) has a much shorter cooldown than Ludin's (Breath of Flame).
  3. Fire Crystal is a better artifact for Ludin than Eagle Eye.


Robert C. said…
Been waiting for this comparison XD thanks for doing it!
Sir said…
Ash you can test BFL if she is better with dual racial or can be better with AR+ racial?
Ahmed Elanani said…
how about student president ludin more 5 int points
Ashardalon said…
Of course Student Pres will be better than Blue Flame. They are the same except for INT.

Except for hybrid weapon types (e.g. Rachel's pistol+book, Paniflo's sabre+fire bracelet), dual racial is usually better.
Ahmed Elanani said…
would it be better than ludin and more damage than both of them?
Ashardalon said…
Of course, she has more INT. Pres > Blue Flame > Ludin.
dika said…
where i can get this blue ludin ?

Lyndon box or quest ?

because SGE is not update blue ludin yet