[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Imperial Wheel S: 09/17-24, 2014

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for 09/17-24, 2014. Nothing special this time...

Recruitment Set - Blue Flame Ludin
Blue Flame Ludin Character Card + Armonia Fire Bracelet
Upgraded [Infernal Burn] Ring (x2)
Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (Fire Bracelet) (x2)
Kallichore Rumin x2

Recruitment Set - Gean
Gean Character Card + Armonia Dagger
Fox Mask (Face Costume for Ginn)
Upgraded [Hand Sign] Ring + Upgraded [Shadow Flash] Ring
Arche Rumin (x2)

Note: Gean is exclusively for Japan, but there will be an international counterpart (Jin ) to be released soon in Korea. The most striking difference is apparently her boobs...  See 캐릭터 소개 진 | 그라나도 에스파다 for Korean sneak preview.

Recruitment Set - Kess
Kess Character Card + Armonia Rifle
[Punisher] Stance Book
Upgraded Gun Master Ring + Upgraded Punisher Ring
Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (Rifle)
Arche Rumin x2

Pet Box (Diablo)
See Imperial Wheel S: May 2014.

Viscount Montoro's Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1

Strata Devil Accessory Set
See Imperial Wheel S: May 2014.