Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Disaster of Lumber Camp

Under Revised Faction System, the faster the mission is cleared, the more faction activity points are awarded.

Mission Information
Location: Special - see Party Missions for details.
Frequency: 1/week
Duration: 30 minutes
Participants: 5-50
Entry Cost: None
Requirement: Must belong to the raiding faction.

You are recommended to use flying characters in order to move around the map quickly. You may also want to use Hermes Potion to increase your movement speed. Alternatively, you can use Ramiro, Cruz, or Asoka to sprint along the ground.

There are 100 Supplies boxes scattered throughout the map. When you click on a Supplies box, it will start a gauge bar. While the bar is filling up, the selected character cannot move, so you can select a different character to move in the meanwhile. Once the bar completes, the box will vanish and you have gathered 1 supply. A zone notice will eventually announce: Supplies gather rate: 1/100. Run around the map and gather 100 supplies to complete the mission.

The map is filled with various monsters (Lv.80 Wildlife AR/DR 40) of the types typical to Ferruccio Junction. The ones in this mission can inflict various movement-affecting statuses, such as [Web], [Panic], [Petrify], [Stun], [Paralysis], and [Slow]. But since their ATK Rating is low (40), any decent masters should be able to ignore them and avoid the statuses.

There are also 10 Scary Hill Giants throughout the map. You do not need to kill them.

Scary Hill Giant • Lv.120 Lifeless • Soft Armor • None • Large
HP 960,960 • ATK Rating 62 • ATK 2,520 • DEF Rating 62 • DEF 84
Penetration 200 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 80, Ice 80, Lightning 80, Mental 80

Once 100 Supplies are gathered, a zone notice will say: You have taken back all the supplies successfully. You cannot start the mission until next week. The roulette chest will appear at the same location as the last Supplies box.

Bonus roulette costs 1,000,000 Vis. The following roulette table is taken from American game client (v22.77.84). Under Revised Faction System, the faster the mission is cleared, the more faction activity points are awarded (up to 100).

GLimit_Tree_Party Rate
Elemental Jewel 0.10%
Portable Ancient Star Orb Box 8.15%
Shiny Crystal Chest 8.15%
Dragon Heart 2.04%
HQ Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (x3) 3.06%
Archangel's Heart/Siren's Scale/Rafflesia Seed 3.06%
Constellation Symbol 1.02%
Recipe - Dragon Heart 7.14%
Le Scarce 0.10%
Lv.92 Elite Armor 10.19%
Le Noir 9.07%
Kobold/Werebear/Dullahan Weapon 9.17%
Lv.100 (AR30) Weapon 9.17%
Lv.92 Elite Weapon 9.17%
Rare Book of Combat/Shooting/Magic (x3) 10.19%
Enchant Chip - Veteran (x2), Lv.100 (x3),
Lv.96 (x5), or Lv.92 (x10)

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