Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Update Preview - Armonia

IMC has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 아르모니아 .

 See Armonia teaser mini-site - 그라나도 에스파다 .

1. Holy City Armonia
Getting to Armonia requires donations to raise Kielce's zeppelins. The real-time status of the donation can be checked in town. This seems to be similar to the server quest to unlock Errac. A new scenario will begin, involving a memorial service hosted by Kess, which Armonian priests attend. Vincent will meet his brother, and learn that the pope has been murdered. There will also be friendship quests and a new storybook feature. New maps include Armonia City and Armonia Cathedral.

 The donation to unlock Armonia involves 1-100k/1m/10m Vis Purses, which rewards 1/10/100 Zeppelin Tickets. Pure Ores (any type) x200 or Essence (any type) x1 also rewards 1 Zeppelin Ticket. The tickets can be used to buy certain items, such as EXP Cards and artifact components (e.g. Vampire Heart) for 200 tickets. See 아르모니아 모금함  and [GE韓測21.51.77] 全民集資! 打造前往神聖帝國的飛船!  for screenshots.

2. Armonia, Latina & Armonia Underground
This new map was once a farm land that provide food for Armonia City. Now, it has been overran by monsters and tainted holy water... The monsters are Lv.120+ Wildlife, and features 2 bosses - a bear and a wolf.

The forces of Abyss have infiltrated into the forgotten underground city... This region consists of 2 maps, each with a respective Fragment of Abyss boss, i.e. Sorrow and Gloom. (Fragment of Abyss first appears as Madness in Bahama Episode 2.) The bosses drop new recipes and materials.

3. New Weapons & Armors
Elite Armonia Weapon series (ATK Rating 36) will be added, consisting of 31 weapons, including broom, tome, and large-caliber rifle. Enchantment is based on race, not armor type. The bosses can drop recipes for Piece of the Abyss. Other materials can be acquired from raids, missions, and dungeon hunts.

Abyss Sorrow and Abyss Gloom can drop robe and coat recipes for the new armor series (DEF Rating 34).

4. New Character - Sirius Rigel
Sirius was raised as a Knight of Armonia in the monastery to devote himself to God. To recruit him, you must have completed Armonia first scenario. He has a unique stance [Holy Shield] that uses a sword + shield, designed for PvE tanking. His [Holy Aura] skill is a buff that restores HP/second.

See Blue Moon Waltz - Sirius for character and stance details.

5. New Promotion Level - High Master
High Master levels will finally be introduced. Lv.10 (100%) Masters can be promoted to High Masters. Existing Lv.11+ Masters will be automatically promoted.

High Masters can be awakened in Armonia to gain ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, and Max HP +10,000. This requires the use of Sarah's Tears, a new cash shop item. Upon completion of Armonia first scenario, you will be given 3 Sarah's Tears.

6. EXP Buff For Continuous Attendance 
Players who login to the game continuously will gain EXP buff. If you login for 7 consecutive days, the buff will be EXP +30% and Stance EXP +20%. If you fail to login on a given day, then the buff is reset.

7. New PvP - Rumble Fight
Similar to World Cross PvP, this new feature can be played via a top menu button. A total of 10 players will wait before moving to the PvP map. You fight for Rumble Fight medals, which may also drop from monsters and objects. At the end, the medals will be converted to shop points, which can be spent in a new NPC shop.

8. Infinite Challenge
A new mission for Bounty Hunter's Guild... seems to randomize map and boss.

 You may challenge up to 5 times per day. Each challenge consists of rounds. Each round requires you to kill the boss in 10 minutes to move on to the next round. Each boss drops 5 Enchantment Chips, from Lv.88 to Veteran. Round 11+ requires payment of Shiny Crystals. See [GE韓測21.48.67] 魔性大廳新玩意 - 無限挑戰  for details.

9. New Character - Claire the Cannon Shooter
Once hailed as Lolita of the New World, Claire has since been out-loli'ed by newer characters, such as Ludin and Rachel. Introducing the new young adult version - Claire the Cannon Shooter. She has her own unique stance that focus on large-scale burst attacks with relatively short casting times. She comes with a temporary weapon... It is not stated, but who does not think she will come in Lyndon Pox?

Claire the Cannon Shooter may be coming out in an event... [Link ]

10. Old Quest Revisions
The older quests, from Reboldoeux to Viron, will be revised accordingly.


Matthew said…
Pretty sure she'll be Lyndon, but she comes in 2 version, Claire the cannon shooter and Cutie Claire? So the LB will be released with 2 versions of her? With same stat and stance, just different appearance?
I think that just her costume. Notice her hair and her eyes are different.
Matthew said…
I thought at first it was just her costume as well, but I don't think any char has had a costume that changes their eye color, maybe she might be the first.
And the patchnote says Both Claire the Cannon Shooter AND Cutie Claire, but again, they might refer to just a costume
Silfo said…
does someone know the names of the new songs (if there are any)?
Rosen said…
Silfo, names of the new BGM used in Armonia: