[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

More Sky Altar Updates

Singapore servers has been updated to Bahama Episode 2 (v20.67.61) on April 17, 2014. Since this is before v20.81.80 , players on both Singapore and Europe servers can still solo raid Time Piece - Cortes mission easily using the tank-in-the-corner trick. Also, Battle Colosseum will be deleted in v20.91.18 , so players from both servers might want to farm more Elementium before the map is removed.

There is no UI skin update in this patch, so you can still use skins for v20.38.22 without any issue. See UI Skins for download links.

Taiwan servers were updated to Bahama Episode 2 (v20.91.18) on April 9, 2014. Taiwan servers are also having Rosa's Notes Event again. The event rewards include Pet Box (Snail), Rascel's Black Scorpion Hat, Summer Costumes for Grandies/Beatrice/Mary, and Roht Character Card.

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