[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Valentine's Event 2014

Another cross-regional event... Talk to Event NPC (Rosa) in Reboldoeux. She will give one random daily quest, which rewards 1 Valentine's Chocolate (not tradable). The random quests include:
  • Give 1 Cabosse Seed, available from Farm Merchant in Ustiur Farm.
  • Give 10 Cabosse, which are dropped by various imps or acquired in Ustiur Farm.
  • Give 100 Chocolate, which is sold by Lisa in Coimbra.
  • Give 500 Psychic Spheres, which is sold by various Potion Merchants, like Emilia. 

Valentine's Chocolate can be consumed to grant EXP +30% for 30 minutes. Moving to another zone will remove the buff. You can also exchange 3 Valentine's Chocolates for 1 Valentine's Gift Box, which drops random items (for Thailand servers):
  • Heart Chocolate x5 
  • Training Card G x5
  • Progressive Health/Soul Filler x5
  • Melee/Magic/Shoot Enhancement Ampule x3
  • Combat Manual (EXP +50% for 7 days) x1
  • Principal Ampule x5
  • Soul Crystal x5
  • Triumph Potion x5
  • Steroid Ampule x5

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[SG] Roth the Viking Event
Singapore servers are also having alphabet collection event. Completing the event quest 15 times will give Roth (aka Roht) Character Card. See link above for event details.

Also, Google Chrome seems to have issues with IAHGames website... Never mind, they fixed the malware issue.


Dustin Nguyen said…
one false info, instead of rosa; they put in Cherlyn in hear santa cheryln costume in cite de reboldeoux for the valentine event.
Ashardalon said…
Thai server, which is the earliest server to have this event, uses Rosa for event NPC. Maybe it's because they don't have Santa Cherlyn in their version yet.