Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel S: Feb 2014

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for Feb 12-24, 2014. The online casino is open earlier this month. Last month introduced the new AR36 cash weapon series. This month, Strata Devil armor got thrown in as well... Other prizes include 10 Elemental Jewels, and Impervium +8.

Illusion Recruitment Set
Vigilar Rapier + Illusion Character Card + Upgraded Illusion Garde Ring
  • Rapier • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 225 • Penetration +5
Nena Support Set
Tyrant Halberd + Strata Devil Armor (Fig) + Upgraded Invertir Ring

Elementalist Support Set
Tyrant Bracelet x2 + Upgraded Elemental Belt + Upgraded Elemental Penetration Ring

Pet Box (Snow Golem)
Max HP +20,000, Immunity +15, Reduce Damage Taken 15%, Movement Speed +7%, All RES +15, Fast HP/SP Regen

Note: The Snow Golem pet buff for Japanese servers is different from the one in Korean servers. See Christmas 2013 for Snow Golem pet in Korean servers. Their Acorchado pet is also different. See Imperial Wheel S: June 2013.

Lisa Support Set
Tyrant Dagger x2

Viscount Montoro's Ring
ATK Rating +1 • DEF Rating +1