[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Journal - Demotivation

Nowadays, everything looks boring and not motivating. The new quests can easily be completed in 1-2 days. I don't care much for Veil. Kess/Caisse is pointless without his stance and heavy rifle. He is really a pseudo-cash character.

And Tigres Prison is just a waste of time... it serves nothing more than to dangle the stance book and heavy rifle to annoy you. The drops are rubbish. [Heavy Stinger] stance book is stupidly low at 0.01% (see Tigres de la Carcel Roulettes). Each boss drops only 1-2 Twisted Weapon Pieces, and you need to share it with the rest of the squad. Marchetti wants 8,000 Twisted Weapon Pieces for the weapon, so if everyone in the squad get 2 pieces per day, it will take...

10.9 YEARS 

... to finish the collection for 1 weapon. Feel the motivation yet? As I said before, it is not even a slow, feasible way to gain those items. They are merely designed to frustrate the players and push them to gamble with Lyndon Box.

Everything else is just Lyndon Box. It's like everything is just cash these days. Even the future versions in Korea has nothing worth looking forward to. It's like IMC doesn't even bother to design proper quests/raids anymore. Just make new characters and dump them in Lyndon Box. I don't even feel motivated to do the daily activities anymore... just AFK for the new Play Time Event and train the new stances.

Oh, and did I mention T3Fun still haven't restore the lost enchantments due to server transfer yet after so many months? Too busy making Lyndon Box for that, it seems...

A few new members have joined Ashardalon family, bringing it up to Lv.60+3.

Taranis - the Celtic god of thunder.
Shae - the whore who was spying on Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.
Xenu - the alien dictator of the galactic confederacy in Scientology.
Zaphkiel - the archangel who presides over the understanding in Kabbalah, and also the angel of Kurumi Tokisaki who wields rifle and pistol as weapons.

Before the latest update, I have been doing solo runs of Castilla Tower of Chaos once in a while, mainly for chips. The later bosses actually give good EXP for solo runs, especially the Tetrapod minions. It can probably serve as an alternative to killing Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers to reach Master Lv.10. Tesla Coil seems a bit more trouble than it is worth. I was told it can be solo killed easily with [Feast of Chaos] buff, but I'm not convinced it is worth spending extra relics on though.

I completed a few solo runs of Broken Time Paradox missions, with a buffer subsidiary (alt/mule) family. Hm. Not entirely sure if they are worth the trouble to solo though. So far, I have collected 1,200 Nephthys Time Crystals, but I can't decide what Evil Bracelets to get yet. Currently, I'm collecting Sauturelle Time Crystals to make Evil Lute, hopefully for Rosa... assuming I can even get her since she's probably gonna be in Lyndon Box.

After getting scammed by the Artifact Exchanger so many times, I finally got enough Moon Pieces to make Elite Selene's Heart. This should slightly off-set the new tank nerf, which is terrible. Previously, you get up to damage reduction -60% against magic-using bosses, now it becomes -36% only...