[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Roht In Rosa's Summer Event

WAYI has started Rosa's Summer Event - 歡樂開學祭,好禮二重送! for Taiwan's servers. The event rewards are:
  • Kano's Marine Look Costume (3 Rosa's Notes)
  • Kano's Marine Look Hair (3 Rosa's Notes)
  • Gigante Mascot Medal (5 Rosa's Notes)
  • Roht Character Card (15 Rosa's Notes)
In addition, top up 2500 cash shop credit during event period to get a free Valeria Vendetta Card. Their new Lyndox Box also features Montoro Card + Experimental Rod, and Cherlyn's Desire Costume Set.

Compare with Rosa's Summer Event for other regions: