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J.D's Secret

This sub-quest was added in v19.00.34 (Korean live server). This sub-quest reveals J.D's past and dreams after Veil has joined the family...
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You find J.D talking in his sleep. Heiran suggests using an improved version of Kano's mind-linker to reveal his dreams, since she is worried that J.D might also become a traitor like Kess.

In his first dream... Czerny Kielce, Kess' father, decided to surrender to Vespanola during the Three-Year War in order to avoid starvation of Bristia citizens. He eventually executed J.D's father, who served Kielce family for so long.

When J.D learnt that Kess will become the new governor, he decided to join General Renauld when he arrives for inspection. He intended to remove Kess from power as revenge for his father.

Kano joined the Blood Navy to stop his brother Kess from starting a war for independence. However, J.D was moved by the idea of national independence, despite having given up his name and nationality for his father.

J.D realizes that when Kess and Olivia met with him to talk about Kano, Kess merely wanted him to be less suspicious. When J.D remembers Kess' treachery in Red Hat Pub, he thinks himself a fool for believing in Kess.

You report to Heiran, who is now relieved and asks you to keep the dream intrusion a secret.

[120] J.D's Secret: J.D's Dream
Prerequisites: Completed Recruit Veil quests.
  1. Trigger quest mail by moving to Kielce.
  2. Trigger a non-combat mission ("Base of the Liberation Army") in Kielce (L3). The mission option is added to the list of locations available from the green arrow.
    • Talk to J.D within the mission.
    • Talk to Heiran within the mission to start the next quest below.

[120] J.D's Secret: J.D's Past
Prerequisites: Completed the quest above.
Reward: Veteran G EXP Card x3.
  1. This quest continues within the previous mission. Talk to J.D again to start another non-combat mission ("Past - Kielce"). This will consume Essence of Balance x15, Essence of Purity x15, and Essence of Corruption x15. If you do not have the essences, you can leave the mission and return again later from Kielce (L3).
  2. This will be immediately followed by 5 more non-combat missions ("Past - Training Camp of Bloody Navy", "Past - Training Camp of Kielce", "Past - Shelter of Resistance", "Past - Red Hat Pub At Night", and "Base of the Liberation Army").
    • In the last mission, talk to Heiran for reward.