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Grace - Imprisonment

This sub-quest for Grace is added in v19.00.34 (Korean live server). This covers the event after Recruit Veil quests, showing what happened to Grace during Bristia Scenario 2-3.

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At the end of Recruit Veil quests, Grace is confused by Kess' betrayal of Liberation Army. Heiran tells her to focus on the mission. Raven asks Grace to watch Government General, while he takes Garcia to "watch" the pub (LOL!). Grace half-heartedly fights off some Bristia Army soldiers, then decides to go to the pub after Raven fails to show up. When she arrives at the pub, Marchetti has captured Raven and Garcia, who find his disinterest in Kess' epaulet suspicious. Marchetti captures Grace as well, and locks them up in his lab.

[120] Imprisonment: Bad Feeling
Prerequisites: Completed Recruit Veil quests.
  1. Trigger quest mail by moving to Kielce.
  2. Trigger a non-combat mission ("New Mission") in Resistance Shelter (H6).
  3. Trigger a non-combat mission ("At Government General") in Kielce Night (I8).
  4. Trigger a combat mission ("Joining", 30 minutes) in Kielce Night (G3). Include Grace in the team.
    • Defeat Bristia Military Police Captain and his Bristia Army soldiers (Human • AR/DR 65).

[120] Imprisonment: Incomprehensive Action
Prerequisites: Completed the quest above.
Reward: Expert G EXP Card x5.
  1. Trigger a non-combat mission ("Intention") in Kielce Night (C7).
  2. This will be immediately followed by another non-combat mission ("Imprisonment").

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