[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

[NA] Update v18.07.08

T3Fun has updated Granado Espada Online to v18.07.08. See April 10, 2013 - (J.D. and Cano) Patch Update PreviewPatch Note Update - April 10, 2013, and Patch Note Changes Update - April 10, 2013 for more information.
  • New Characters - J.D. (B1.4.0), Cano (B1.5.9)
  • New Quests - Kielce Scenario Part 3-4 (includes J.D. and Cano), Strengthening Selva's Arm (Jap), Angie's & Lorch's Research (Jap), Claude/Claire Kielce Sub-Quest (?)
  • New Map - Shelter of Resistance, Kielce Training Yard (Day)
  • Added 13th and 14th Barracks
  • New Artifacts
  • Lyndon's Box 3 (April 10-24) - Cano, J.D., Sniper Bernelli, Crystal Knuckles, Crystal Gaiters, Encyclopedia
  • EXP Event (April 10-30) - EXP Rate x3 (daily 1-9pm EST)
  • Play-Time Event (April 10-30) - Sorang (1200 pts; avg. 9-10 hours/day), Rascel

I realized that I forgot to make a new blog header when the game updated to B1.4.2 last month... So here is a new header for Bristia patch. Background image is taken from 工業革命,全新旅程即將展開, while other character renders are taken from DeviantArt: RyanReos.