[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Update Preview - Olivia & Veil

Here are the 2 update previews for March and April 2013 - 업데이트 미리보기 - 올리비아 (Olivia) and  업데이트 미리보기 - 티그레스 수용소, 베 (Veil).


1. Bristia Scenario 2-1
New scenario quest continues with Olivia's betrayal and Caisse's disappearance. It triggers when you enter Kielce after completing Kielce Scenario. The Bristia Independence Front is suffering as they face off the Blood Navy. It is crucial to find the missing two leaders.

2. New Character - Olivia (v18.59.76)
You must complete Bristia 2-1 scenario to recruit her. Quest starts when you enter Kielce Government General with Bernelli in MCC team. She starts at Lv.100, and has unique stance [Combat Assault] using dagger + knuckle. It deals 4 hits per cycle, and has 2 buff skills and instant-cast attack skills. She uses leather armor (any type).

There is also a premium version - Spy Olivia, with [Shadow Assault] stance. She is made available via Lyndon Box.

3. New Field - The Scars
Added new field - Bristia the Scars, devastated by Magic Focused Cannon during the 3-Year War and now populated by ghosts. You can move there from Resistance Hideout after completing Bristia 2-1 scenario. Mobs are mostly undead, but after a certain number of monsters has been killed, the daemon boss will appear. When boss appears, more powerful mobs replace the normal ones.

4. Character Buffs & Sensation
Revised character team buffs. As long as you have 3 active characters, you get ATK Rating +1 and DEF Rating +1. In addition, each character grants additional buff. For details, see Character Buff 角色增益狀態介紹.

Charisma (aka Charm) has been revised to Sensation. It reduces casting time and action time when above 50.  It still affects summons (e.g. Catherine, Viki) as before. For details, see 新素質「感知」介紹.

Also, it seems you can reset the equipment enchantment back during enchanting process.


1. Bristia Scenario 2-2
Olivia has been caught. New scenario quest begins in Kielce. Garcia and Raven continues acting the goat to Marchetti in Kielce. General Renauld attacks the Government General.

2. New Character - Veil (v18.89.99)
As the captain of the Resistance, he became Colonel during the 3-Year War. He starts at Lv.100, and uses crossbow + crossbow. His personal skill buff increases movement speed. See Blue Moon Waltz: Veil for details.

Also added new stances - [Twin Sting] for Veil, and [Battle Medicine] for scouts.

3. New Map - Lighthouse & Tigres (?) Camp
After 3-Year War, the lighthouse was closed, then one day, witnesses saw lights flashing from it... It is a mission similar to Viron Clock Tower. The mission holds up to 12 families (MCC3), which must complete some quests in Bristia 2-2 scenario and complete Colonel Veil's quests. Kill the floor boss to get roulette chest, which includes artifact materials.