Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[NA] Update - Return to Orpesia

T3Fun has updated the North America server to B1.4.2. See March 06, 2013 Patch Notes. The new update will include:
The mercenary bug has been fixed! However, the various issues from the previous GEO Unofficial Fix are still persistent. You can get an updated unofficial fix at GEO Fix 2013-03-07.

Official Update Previews
  1. New Region Kielce
  2. Kielce Town
  3. Red Hat Pub
  4. Kielce Laboratory & Night
  5. Heroes Return Scenario, Marcheti, Barrol
  6. Heiran, Kielce Town Quests, Artifacts & Bristia Weapons
Related Links - Taiwan Update B1.0.7 and SG GE Update B1.0.7.

[Event] Spread the News! The Bristia Update Is Here! (Feb 28 - Mar 13, 2013)
As more people share the news via Facebook, new promotional codes will be revealed. Login to GEO website here, then enter the promotional codes. Each account can only claim each code once.

The following are the rewards and the respective codes:
  • Invariant Medal - "Indonesia" (expired)
  • Dignite (Elementalist) Costume (30 days) - "Return"
  • White Vent Costume (30 days) - "Orpesia"
  • Byzantikoh Costume (30 days) - ???
  • Master Card (Event) - ???
[Event] Blaze Through Your Level! (Mar 06 - 31, 2013)
Play in the new Orpesia server and get triple EXP rate, a 30-day medal, and a chance to win some T-Coins. 

[Event] Get New Bristia Items (Mar 06 - 27, 2013)
Obtain free Old Pioneer Pierce or Necklace in Kielce. There is also a play-time event for assorted free items. You accumulate 1 event point per 10 minutes in-game.

[Event] Lyndon Box (Mar 06 - 13, 2013)
The monthly casino now features Pioneering Queen Grandma Card, Peorth'light Dagger (AR 34), Cube (AR 33), etc.


Mauro said…
"B1.4.2" but since it's a "long file" (siwoo dixit) we onli got up to B1.2.1 we'll receive the rest "eventualy" (again, siwoo dixit. the fail is strong with this one)
Lucia Ferreira said…
how do you re-pack files into ipf format? the old method does not seem to work anymore
Luca d'Furaansa said…
code "Indonesia" was given because the server idGE already closed on March 4, 2013. The item will add all of your stat +1 and the item is permanent.