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Jack & Magic Bean

First introduced as part of Ustiur Farm, this mission is based on the folk tale Jack and the Beanstalk.

Mission Information
Location: Ustiur Farm (Magic Bean)
Frequency: Unlimited?
Entry Cost: None
Participants: 1 (MCC1)
Duration: 5 minutes

To enter the mission, you must plant a Magic Bean in an Empty Land within Ustiur Farm, then wait for it to be ready for "harvest". Once ready, click on the bean stalk to start the mission. Magic Bean can be obtained via Gigante Secret Room mission roulette, Ustiur Farm daily free (random) item, or Farmer Box.

The mission map is a small room with treasure chests and a sleeping giant. The objective is to open as many chests as possible and loot them before the giant wakes up.

Click on a treasure chest to open it. It is not always successful, but you can try again with the same chest. Sometimes, your character will say what he suspects is inside the chest upon failure to open. Move on to a different chest if you do not like the suspected content.

The giant has a green gauge bar. When it is full, he will wake up and (usually) kill you. You can delay death by using [Invulnerable] skill and hopefully open/loot another chest before dying.

Known Rewards
Please leave a comment if you know of other rewards (and amount).
  • AR33 Empire Weapon x1 (also available from Clique/Alliance War Shop)
  • Le Scarce x1
  • Constellation Symbol x1
  • Weapon Crystal - Grade 33 x2
  • Rare Gem (e.g. Siren Scale) x1
  • HQ Gem x2
  • Ancient Relic Piece x2
  • Silver Bar x5

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Nick said…
Empire Weapon, are you sure? Seems too generous. :)
Kilmiel said…
I think looting table could changed (or can be different on different servers)...
But when I entered mission with giant.... I got:

No so gorgeous I think T_T
Ashardalon said…
Yes, Empire Weapon. Added screenshot.
XKR said…
Here is my result on this misison:
pirate said…
Magic Bean can also be obtained from the Ancint Magic Merchant that pops up randomly there.